Is Nemesis Board Game Any Good


Nemesis Board Game is a semi-cooperative science-fiction survival game by Awaken Realms. It is a story-driven experience that offers exciting gameplay, as well as stunning artwork.

The game pits players against each other, while they’re also working together to survive an expedition in deep space. Players take the role of a group of crew members on an alien spaceship, with unique abilities and adaptable strategies. Amidst unknown dangers lurking in the cold vacuum of deep space, you and your team will explore dark corners and derelict structures. You must use every available means to stay alive as hostile forces are getting closer every millimeter of the journey into the unknown…

It was designed collaboratively by creativity experts such as Boxed Inspiration and board game enthusiasts from Awaken Realms”a leader in publishing innovative board games since 2010. It originally launched via Kickstarter on March 28th, 2018, raising over ,2 million from over 25K backers worldwide that funded the ambitious project.


Nemesis Board Game is an exciting cooperative play game that requires players to outsmart their opponents and solve intense puzzles. This game has many strategies depending on the players involved, which can include playing aggressively, splitting up teams, allocating resources, and constructing foolproof plans.

Playing Aggressively – Players may choose to be aggressive in order to quickly fill their board with blocks while simultaneously blocking their opponents. This strategy is effective, but can become risky if not monitored correctly as it can cause one side of the board to become blocked quickly.

Splitting up Teams – This strategy involves splitting up into two teams ” a planning team and an action team. Essentially, one team will stay behind to plan the moves out for each color’s turn, while the other team sets about executing the plan and creating opportunities for longer-term play.

Allocating Resources – Resources such as pieces and cards need to be managed carefully if players are wanting to win the game. To do this effectively it is important to prioritize certain functions over others in order to maximize resources efficiently ” such as setting higher values for moves that create a sustainable advantage instead of ones that merely create short term gains or damage opposing players’ positions.

Constructing Foolproof Plans – Constructing a foolproof plan isn’t easy but when done right can give you a significant upper hand in the game. It requires foresight to think ahead several steps which often results in making cleverly indirect paths in order to get where you want faster than your opponent by sitting them out round after round of play. By constructing plans like these you are less likely to run into unanticipated problems along the way or position yourself at a disadvantage compared with your opponents who don’t think analytically about their choices.

Team Play

Nemesis is an excellent board game that allows players to choose whether they want to play cooperatively or competitively. In cooperative mode, all the players are working together towards a common goal of completing the mission before they run out of resources or time. The game challenges the players to use their strategy, teamwork and problem-solving skills in order to overcome obstacles and outwit their enemies. Players can communicate freely with each other in order to work towards the common objectives and try their best to stay alive until the end.

On the other hand, in competitive mode, Nemesis can still be played by any number of players; however, rather than having a shared objective, each individual is trying to finish the mission ahead of everyone else on their own. This mode encourages strategic play and puts an emphasis on using effective tactics to gain an advantage over other players, as well as making sure your own survival is ensured at all times. To determine who has completed the mission first, whoever reaches “extraction” first before everyone else wins!

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Challenging Level

Nemesis Board Game is highly popular among experienced gamers due to its challenging level. Every turn of the game requires tactical decision making and players must utilize their reasoning and strategy skills in order to outsmart their opponents. The game presents various complex problems that require critical thinking as well, making it a great way for older gamers to test their problem-solving abilities. Additionally, the game has numerous replay options allowing gamers to choose different strategies every time they play. All this combined makes Nemesis Board Game a great choice for those looking for intense and stimulating gaming experiences.

Creative Aspects

Nemesis Board Game provides an incredibly immersive and unique experience for board game enthusiasts. It is highly customizable and allows players to choose different characters and play scenarios. Players can also customize their own games in some creative ways, such as customizing character names, choosing starting cards, and deciding on how difficulty levels should be set. They can even create their own storylines, which allows for creativity and a personalized touch to the game experiences. This helps give it a personal feel that ensures every game you play with friends or family members is different from the last one. So if you’re looking for something creative and challenging, then Nemesis Board Game may be just what you need!

Fun Factor

Nemesis Board Game is a cooperative adventure game that packs awesome components, unique mechanics and long hours of gaming fun. The game takes place in a sci-fi horror setting, where the group of players explore a derelict spaceship filled with dangerous creatures and unpredictable downfalls. Players must look out for one another and work together to solve puzzles, battle monsters and disrupt the nemesis ” an artificial intelligence system up to no good.

As far as “fun factor” goes, Nemesis Board Game is definitely one of the most engaging and entertaining games out there! For starters, cooperatively exploring a spaceship full of dangerous incidents and enemies provides immense excitement. As players progress through the ship, they trigger different events: space battles, puzzles to solve or items to interact with; giving their opponents more chances to contribute by manipulating environment tiles or using special items during the encounters. These elements combine together to create even deeper strategic flair into the game; while also introducing cues from hidden roles that give it an extra layer of surprise (but not too much). Furthermore, since the game runs on 4 scenarios by default; it’s quite replayable, especially at higher difficulty levels. Finally, visually alluring art style brings the entire ambiance alive; making Nemesis Board Game a treat for both casual gamers and veteran players alike!


Nemesis is a science fiction board game that has won many awards, including the Spiel Des Jahres Special. In the game, players represent the crew of a spaceship who are fighting to survive an alien menace. Players will explore a derelict spacecraft and engage in thrilling battles against horrific creatures.

Many have praised Nemesis for its production quality, with detailed miniatures and cards that make for an immersive experience. The content has also been widely applauded, with reviewers commending the storyline and offering recommendations on different ways to play the game.

Videos highlighting players’ experiences with Nemesis have become very popular online, with plenty of videos uploaded by hobbyists detailing their thoughts and recommending strategies. For example, this video from Rahdo provides a comprehensive overview of the game and offers positive comments about the components and storytelling aspects of it:

This video from Boardgame Spotlight showcases game play itself. It features two experienced gamers discussing strategies while playing:

Finally, this playthrough from Watch It Played points out weaknesses in Nemesis as well as strengths: Clearly those seeking more information on whether Nemesis is any good should draw upon these reviews when researching the title further!

Pros and Cons


-Quick and easy to learn ” Nemesis Board Game has simple yet engaging mechanics that are easy to teach and understand. Even gamers with limited experience with board games should find that they can quickly pick up the rules of this game.

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-Strategic & tactical ” There’s plenty of strategy involved in mastering Nemesis Board Game, as players must choose their moves carefully while also trying to anticipate what their opponents will do. While luck is certainly a factor to consider, savvy players should have no trouble coming out on top.

-Full of tension and suspense ” With each roll of the dice takes danger and uncertainty in the game, creating a tense atmosphere right up until the very last die roll. This element helps keep things interesting for all players involved.

-Limited replayability ” Because of its high luck factor, it can be difficult for certain gamers to make meaningful choices from one session of the game from another. It may not be an ideal choice for someone looking for something more complex or strategic for multiple plays in succession.

-Randomness could lead to frustration ” Certain turns can end up feeling frustrating due to bad rolls on the dice, which leads to players needing to take risky actions or being unable provide further assistance during difficult situations . Though this is consistent with many strategy games, some gamers may find it too unpredictable at times.


Nemesis Board Game is a cooperative sci-fi horror game for 1 to 5 players and the game is said to provide an intense, cinematic, and challenging experience. Nemesis is set in a derelict spaceship in deep space and it tasks the players with exploring this abandoned ship while encountering deadly creatures and fighting off hostile boarders. This combination of traditional board/card mechanics combined with real-time elements makes Nemesis stand out among cooperative board games.

Nemesis can be compared to other popular cooperative board games such as Forbidden Island, Pandemic, or Survive Escape from Atlantis. All three of these are typically cooperative strategy games, but have different settings, mechanics, and stakes. Forbidden Island has a nautical theme that has the players working together to retrieve ancient artifacts before their island sinks into the sea. Pandemic asks players to contain an outbreak of several viruses around the world before it’s too late. And Survive Escape from Atlantis tries to recreate scenes from movies like Jaws as you guide your team away from an island doomed by tidal waves.

What makes Nemesis different from these other games is its intense real-time gameplay; you’ll never know when a new threat might emerge and surprise you at any turn. It also creates unique storytelling opportunities as a storyteller can use special rule combinations or unexpected enemy placements to introduce game-changing twists. As such, Nemesis isn’t just another generic coop board game – it’s a thrilling battle against unknown dangers in its own right!

Closing Thoughts

Nemesis Board Game is an exciting, sci-fi themed game that allows players to take on the roles of crew members aboard a spacecraft. It combines elements from horror, strategy, and social deduction games, creating a unique and thrilling experience for all involved. With each playthrough being different due to the game’s modular boards and event cards, as well as its intense team play component, Nemesis Board Game is sure to provide hours of entertainment for any group of gamers. Perfect for fans of horror and strategy board games alike, this title has something for everyone between its complex story line and unpredictable outcomes. If you’re looking for an engaging game with plenty of replay value, look no further than Nemesis Board Game!

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