Jacking Off Board Game


Jacking Off Board Game is an adult party game designed to challenge players by testing their skills, speed and luck. You can laugh and be silly as you try to complete challenges like jacking off! Players draw cards and race around the board using skill, wit and boldness to outsmart their opponents. As you maneuver around the board, you’ll have to make decisions about when to use your cards, which direction to go and whether or not it’s worth it to attempt a daring stunts from time-to-time. It’s a wild ride full of hilarity as people tussle for control of the Jacking Off Board. Gather your friends and grab some snacks ’cause there’s sure to be plenty of jokes and laughter during this raunchy party game experience!


The Jacking Off Board Game was created in the year 2000 by two developers, Jon Ward and Jeff Brown, who were passionate about bringing an innovative party game to life. Initially, they tested out the game among friends and family with great success. Eventually, they decided to create a commercial version of their game, aiming to make it as entertaining and creative as possible.

Over the next four years, these two developers created and fine-tuned the board game so that it would meet their high standards. The rules and mechanics of Jacking Off Board Game are simple but flexible, allowing for hours of fun for both large groups and small gatherings. They even received recognition from their peers when their unique game was featured at GenCon 2001, where they won Best Original Abstract Play Experience of the Year. Since then, there have been a number of updated versions released along with official expansion packs such as The Challenges Real World Expansion Pack which added an element of real-world teamwork to the game. More than twenty years later, Jacking Off Board Game continues to bring entertainment to countless households all over the world!

Game Mechanics

The Jacking Off board game is a unique game played with players divided into two teams.

Each team receives jacking off cards, which contain erotic activities that players must perform upon other teammates when landed upon on the board. The first team to complete all of their activities and reach the finish line is declared the winner!

To start the game, each player will sit at one end of an elongated table, each side representing a different team. Inside the center of the table is paint chips on which are written numbers that represent specific squares in the game. Behind each chip is a different jacking off card containing instructions.

Diagram 1:
      Team A Team B
   Player 1 ————— Player 2

   Diagram 2:                   
                                              Round One Set-Up

   Player 1’s Pieces                   Player 2’s Pieces
  Start Line Chip 1     Start Line Chip 11axx6a Finish Line Finish Line xxx3b xxx7b

Once all pieces and chips are set up as per diagram 2 above, it’s time to roll dice to get started. On your turn, roll the two dice and move your chips counterclockwise around the board in accordance with whatever number comes up. Once you hit a chip containing a jacking off task ” follow its instructions! After completing each task, move ahead again according to the number reached by your dice roll, until you reach the finish line with all tasks completed. The first team to do so wins!

Fun Board Games For Families To Play


The benefits of Jacking Off Board Game on cognitive development have been the subject of numerous studies. Research has demonstrated that children who played Jacking Off Board Game exhibited higher spatial skills and improved concentration, problem-solving abilities and memory recall. Players are encouraged to think creatively to come up with solutions while offering an environment to practice various cognitive skills such as negotiation, strategic thinking, and critical analysis. Additionally, it has been found that when children play this game in a group setting with friends and family, their social skills improve as well. In addition to this, Jacking Off Board Game is also a fun activity for all ages, allowing children to have a great time while still learning from the experience.

Tips and Tricks

When it comes to the Jacking Off Board Game, it pays to know what you are doing if you want to win. The key is improvisation, social interaction, and strategic planning. To help everyone get the most out of their gaming experience, consider enlisting the expertise of professional players or experts in the field.

Find a few experienced players and conduct interviews with them to learn more about the game. What strategies do they use? How do they handle difficult situations on the board? What tips do they offer for achieving success? Expert advice can be invaluable when playing such a unique and challenging game. Additionally, ask your guests for their own personal stories about their journeys as Jacking Off Board Game players. These testimonies can unearth useful insight about tactics that may not have been considered before.

Knowing your way around Jacking Off Board Game doesn’t merely come down to memorization of rules and regulations either; it is also forged over conversations with others who have gone through similar experiences”which is why including interviews with professionals and experts will benefit players in developing skills and understanding how best to play the game. So don’t hesitate: start interviewing experienced players today!


The Jacking Off Board Game has taken the world by storm! Players young and old have come together to enjoy the game ” rated for ages 17 and up. Players take turns rolling the dice, drawing cards, and competing for the winning Jacks. It’s a great party game that is both entertaining and full of surprises.

It’s no wonder why this game is one of the top-rated board games of all-time! To incorporate more player reviews and feedback, you could set up an online interface for gamers to submit their reactions after playing different rounds. Invite customers to submit videos or photos of themselves during game nights as well, so other players can see how it looks in action. You can also create a forum page with customer reviews so they can share experiences with each other and let you know what they think about the product. This will help paint a bigger picture on how people across different ages and regions have reacted to playing Jacking Off Board Game.

Activity Ideas

Activity Idea 1: Create an obstacle course! Players begin on the starting square and move around the board rolling the dice or spinning the wheel after completing a physical challenge. Challenges can be anything from doing 10 jumping jacks, to answering a general trivia question.

Board Game Climate Change

Activity Idea 2: Truth or Dare. As players move around the board they must answer questions truthfully or take a dare. They lose a turn if they fail to complete their task.

Activity Idea 3: Hot Potato. When players land on specific squares, they must start playing hot potato by passing an object (like a ball) between each other until one person is left holding it when the timer runs out.


Written Q&A

Q: What is the Jacking Off Board Game?

A: Jacking Off Board Game is an adult-themed party game for four or more players that can be played with a wide variety of themes. The object of the game is to move around the board, attempting to “Jack” your opponents in order to win.

Q: Who can play?

A: Jacking Off Board Game is suitable for adults 18 and over. Players should be comfortable with sexual humor and language; some subject matter may be risqué!

Q: How do you play?

A: At its core, Jacking Off Board Game is a race against opponents to collect points and find an escape route off the board. Players move through various spaces on the board while being challenged by other players and competing in silly physical and mental tasks. The first player to Jack three opponents, collect all 10 unique items, and reach the finish line wins!

Q: What kind of challenges will I face?

A: Challenges range from creating hilarious puns, making funny faces, telling jokes, acting out something strange or goofy, creating outrageous songs – anything from basic trivia questions to game-changing scandals! Think outside-the-box and remember that anything goes when you’re playing Jacking Off Board Game.

Video FAQs

In this video, the creators of Jacking Off Board Game answer questions about their game. They discuss concepts such as audience/player types, objective of game play as well as recommended age ranges for individuals interested in playing this exciting new game. Additional topics covered include specific examples of challenges that players must complete in order to win and recommendations related to group size and type. This helpful video provides a great introduction into understanding how the game works before even picking up a copy of it!


We are excited to announce the release of our new game, Jacking Off Board Game. We’ve been working hard on this project and believe that it brings a unique and fun experience to players of all ages. With creative card and challenge collections full of exciting content, we can guarantee that no two games will be alike!

We plan on continuing the development process for the Jacking Off Board Game in the future by introducing special expansion packs. These expansions will include new decks, additional strategies, and custom challenges to keep your game fresh and exciting each time you play. We look forward to seeing what other great ideas come out of this as we continue to refine our gameplay mechanics! Keep checking back for updates on these upcoming developments or follow us on social media for more information.

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