What Is A Subscription On Board Game Geeks


Board Game Geeks is a popular online platform that enables board game enthusiasts to meet up and keep in touch. It also has an extensive store of board game-related merchandise. A Board Game Geek subscription unlocks special features, including discounted prices on select products and exclusive access to member-only content, including blogs and articles about upcoming releases. As a subscriber, you also have the opportunity to interact with other members, join forum groups, and get involved in exciting tournaments. With over one million monthly visits, Board Game Geeks provides an unparalleled array of resources for avid board game players.

Subscription benefits are tremendous; active subscribers have the chance to experience several unique benefits compared to non-subscribers. Players who go for the annual Premium Subscription enjoy full access to all premium content from third-party publishers, discounts on popular games as well as expansions and components after the first hour of playtime each day. Additionally, subscribers receive notifications about new releases before non-subscribers do and monthly subscription points that add up over time and can be used on games or even accessories like figurines or dice sets! Moreover, exclusive tournaments are open only for those subscribed while gift cards are offered every now and then as part of welcome packages or special events held by some Board Game Geek partners! Finally, subscribers can show off their custom avatars created on the BGG Avatar Creator which offers thousands of pieces of clothing so they can make a statement with your own fashion style!

Features of the Different Subscription Levels

Board Game Geeks offers three separate subscription levels, each with its own benefits and privileges.

Bronze Membership: This is the basic free membership and gives access to discounts, sales events, forum interaction, blogs, and access to more than over 270 games.

Silver Membership: This subscription level provides all the benefits in Bronze plus additional items including discounted shipping prices, 10% off select products, monthly Swag packages containing games and game parts, and access to premium content.

Gold Membership: This is the most advanced subscription level provides all of the bonuses from the lower levels including exclusive invitations to conventions around the world as well as special tournaments that feature prizes from Board Game Geeks. Additionally, Gold members will get their own dedicated event center for gaming. They will also be sent playsets for each new title released by Board Game Geeks before it goes on general sale.

Exploring the Subscription Pricing Structure

Board Game Geeks is a website dedicated to everything related to board gaming. From classic board games to elaborate card and dice-based games, Board Game Geeks provides reviews, news, discussion forums, and more for the global board game community. Through the Board Game Geeks Website and mobile app users can purchase unique items from their library of exclusive products as well as access rare find from around the world.

The subscription pricing structure on Board Game Geeks offers users an all-inclusive plan for exploration and discovery for the ultimate board game experience. A user’s subscription allows them to access the entire catalogue of board games; review lists; chat with other gamers; participate in tournaments; watch skill videos; get discounts on bulk purchases and even enter giveaways to win valuable prizes! The Subscription also provides premium support services that include expert advice on which boards games are best suited for a users play style. Ultimately, it offers an easy way to build a great gaming collection without having to spend hours of research.

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How to Sign Up for a Board Game Geeks Subscription

A subscription on Board Game Geeks is the best way to stay in touch with the latest developments and releases in the world of modern board games. With a Board Game Geeks subscripton, you will receive special discounts on new product releases and access to exclusive community tools like forums, chat rooms, and rankings. You can also find rules explanations, strategy tips, playthroughs, reviews, and interviews with top industry professionals.

To sign up for a Board Game Geeks subscription, start by visiting their website at www . boardgamegeeks .com . Once there, click on the “Sign Up” link in the top-right corner of the page. Fill out your name, email address and create your password for all future visits. From there you can fill out your payment information for whichever plan best suits your needs. Finally, check off any privacy settings you would like for your account before agreeing to the terms of service and completing your registration! Once registered you can explore all that Board Game Geeks has to offer!

Navigating the Subscription Content on Board Game Geeks

A subscription on Board Game Geeks is an online service where users can sign up and have access to exclusive content and discounts related to the world of board games. Subscribers gain access to everything from sneak peaks at unreleased upcoming products, to video streams of live game reviews, tips, pieces of advice and gaming guides. With a subscription, you also get featured deals for discounted purchases. As part of the service, each month subscribers also get access to exclusive downloadable content for a range of official tabletop titles including card expansion packs, rule books and entire guidebooks filled with information about various game mechanics in various genres. Furthermore, subscribers may join special community-driven tournaments or panels where they can learn all sorts of strategies from seasoned veterans. Finally, some subscriptions come with member rewards like points or currency which can be used towards digital Raffles & Prize Draws in the merchandise store.

The Advantages of Having a Board Game Geeks Subscription

A Board Game Geeks (BGG) subscription is an annual membership that provides a variety of convenient features to help make board gaming more enjoyable. This includes access to exclusive content such as reviews, game discussions, forums, and ratings from other gamers. Additionally, subscribers are able to create personalized pages with information about their favorite games and be given access to discounted prices on new releases and preorders.

Subscribers also have access to a digital library containing thousands of community-created components for almost any genre of game imaginable. Subscribers can use the library’s expansive searchable database to find the perfect pieces for their own custom boardgame designs. They also have the ability to print out or purchase these components online when they’re ready to build their dream game. Lastly, subscribers can take advantage of resources such as contests and tutorials hosted by BGG to finesse their skills in tabletop game design.

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Tips for Maximizing Your Board Game Geeks Subscription

A subscription on Board Game Geeks is a way to gain a wider range of access to exclusive content, discounts, and tools when online gaming. With your subscription, you can easily join and interact with others in informal gaming groups, get recommendations that align with your particular interests, discover rare items and collectible games available for shipping around the world ” plus many more privileges. To make the most of your subscription, here are some tips:

– Regularly check out new releases and special offers on the site ” these will change from time to time so it pays to be up-to-date.
– Take advantage of discounted downloads by signing up for newsletters. This can help ensure that you have access to games at minimal cost whenever something new arrives.
– Utilize the marketplace feature to trade or sell your unwanted pieces and games for reduced prices.
– Participate in chatrooms and debates about new products as well as rule clarifications. You could benefit greatly by gaining insight into how other players enjoying adapting rules to their preferred style of play.
– Make use of the Return Policy which offers refunds or exchanges if there are issues with payments or product quality.
– Use exclusive tools such as pricing tools and game comparisons to better evaluate all types deals offered through Board Game Geeks as well as individual vendors.


A Board Game Geeks subscription is an excellent way to deepen your knowledge and appreciation of board games. With a Board Game Geeks subscription, you will get access to exclusive information such as reviews, ratings and images of the latest board games. You can also post questions to the community or join forums and meet like-minded fans who share your passion. Moreover, you gain access to regular updates featuring upcoming releases and “hot lists” from users around the world on everything from classic strategy games to hot new family games. All these things make a Board Game Geek subscription worth it for anyone wanting to stay informed about the gaming world. Moreover, by joining this community, you become part of a passionate group of gamers who love what they do and want nothing more than for people like yourself to also get into it ” making it both a pleasureable experience as well as one full of sharing wisdom with others within the community.

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