The Mole Board Game


Players of the Mole Board Game will face a series of challenges as they attempt to beat their opponents and win the game.

First, players will need to pay close attention to the questions asked by the game moderator as they try to answer correctly in order to rack up points. Second, they must be able to identify any attempts by an opposing player to sabotage their success. The Mole Board Game also has hazards which can cause players to lose points and jeopardize their chances of winning. These include traps that force players back or forward several spaces or losing an opportunity bonus. There are also physical tasks with chance elements which can give huge advantages, such as throwing dice or solving puzzles faster than your opponents. Finally, players must work together when possible to help boost each other’s scores in order to reach the target score set for them before time runs out.

Sample Game Play

The Mole Board Game is a fun and exciting game for two to four players. It can be played with children aged 8 years old and up.

To start the game, each player picks their own mole token and places it on the start space of the game board. The goal of the game is to make it around the board before any other mole by collecting points along the way. To do this, each player takes turns rolling a die and then moving their mole that number of spaces on the board.

On each player’s turn they may pick up point cards marked with either positive or negative points. Positive points help add onto their score while negative points subtract from their overall score. If a player lands on a special spot, they get to draw an action card which could contain rewards like an extra turn or additional point tokens.

Once all players have made it back to the home base which is marked as the “Finish” line, whoever has accumulated the most points wins! The first one there celebrates with a hearty round of applause from all competitors!

Pros & Cons


1. The Mole Board Game is an entertaining way to compete in simulated missions and puzzles that test your wit and writing skills.
2. It offers numerous levels of difficulty, ranging from easy to hard, making it suitable for both children and adults.
3. It can be played with just one person or multiple players making it perfect for family game nights or even a night out with friends.
4. Players must rely on strategy and critical thinking skills to succeed in the game, allowing them to practice their problem-solving abilities while having fun.
5. The game has simple rules, meaning anyone can learn how to play quickly, and playing the game requires minimal setup time.

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1. Some players may find the game repetitive as you’ll be doing some of the same tasks multiple times throughout gameplay.
2. If you are playing alone, the tension may not always be high enough since there is no real interaction between you and another opponent when playing solo (unless they are watching your progress).
3. The learning curve may be too steep for younger players as some puzzles may require advanced problem-solving skills in order to finish certain levels efficiently, making it difficult for new players to become familiar with the different elements of the board game without additional help/guidance from someone who knows how to play already

Advice & Resources

The Mole Board Game is a fun and exciting game that combines elements of strategy, competition, and luck. Players can select from different boards with different levels of difficulty, creating the perfect challenge for any age group. The goal of the game is to outsmart your opponents by strategically placing tokens on the board in order to win.

The Mole Board Game offers a variety of ways to play, including: solo-play, team-play, and online play options! Solo-play allows each player to take turns trying to collect as many coins as possible; whereas in team-play there is cooperation between players who can form alliances or attack opponents. There are also several versions of this game available for purchase, including standard edition, two-player version and an advanced version featuring tournaments and achievements. In addition, there are several expansion sets which offer new ways to enjoy the classic gameplay.

For those looking for additional tips and tricks on how to make the most out of their experience with this board game, the official website provides helpful advice and resource links related to The Mole Board Game. This includes strategy guides, tutorials on how to set up the board correctly, FAQs on commonly asked questions about the game’s mechanics and ruleset as well as information regarding purchasing expansions sets or hosting events where multiple people can join in on the fun! Additionally you can find various video clips featuring expert players providing detailed demonstrations on various strategies used while playing The Mole Board Game. These resources aim to help players belonging in all skill levels become more familiar with the ruleset while improving their strategic understanding of this enjoyable game.

Players Reviews

The Mole Board Game has been a very popular choice among a variety of ages. The objective of the game is to become the first player to catch the mole, so players need to be vigilant and good at problem solving. Players have described the game as using both cognitive skills, such as strategical planning, while incorporating elements of luck in order to succeed. Kids enjoy this game because it provides surprise elements that keep them engaged and interested.

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Additionally, adults are attracted to The Mole Board Game due their ability to use more complex strategies as opposed to winning based on chance. They appreciate its competitive features and also have provided positive feedback with regards to its simplicity. Most mention its ability to encourage team work and creative thinking along with healthy competition cooperation in classic format of ‘catch the mole’.

Overall, people who have played The Mole Board Game highly recommend it to others due to its charming theme, clever mechanics and timeliness when playing a couple rounds. Because the game changes each time you play depending on who you are paired up with or how strategies were used between two rounds, players feel like no two games will be exactly alike which adds an exciting element for them.

Designers Overview

The Mole Board Game is an intense, action-packed adventure where players must identify their mole among their group of 4 – 6 players in order to win. Players attempt to determine who among them is the Mole as they complete various tasks set by the game master. All tasks seem easy from the outset, but every move will be scrutinized as it could reveal the Mole’s identity. The ultimate task for each player is to decide who the Mole is before time runs out on them so that the winning team can claim their prize at the end.

The game can be enjoyed for up to two hours, and promises a thrilling experience for all involved. In The Mole Board Game, strategic thinking, deception and observation skills are key tools to help players identify who their mole might be; although often times these skills are not enough alone, making teamwork equally essential! Communication also plays a large role in this game, as everyone’s collective observations can lead to piecing together who may be lying or telling the truth. It requires great attention even when being deceitful, as one wrong move may make an individual stand out too much which could lead them on getting eliminated due to gathering too many questions correctly proving they are too intelligent to be real ‘mole’. The last player standing at end will ultimately win and receive the grand prize!

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