Monopoly Super Electronic Banking Board Game


The Monopoly Super Electronic Banking Board Game is the perfect way to experience the world famous board game in a modern format. First released in 1935, this timeless classic has been a fan favorite for generations and continues to be one of the most beloved and recognizable board games around the globe.

Reading through the rules, you will find a variety of ways to play; as you build your properties and hotels, you can secure loans from the bank without card swaps or even buy property directly from other players using your bank cards. The touch-technological system combines all elements of the game into one easy form that any player can understand. Integral to this game are fifteen iconic tokens such as a Scottie dog and the classic racing car. With all these familiar pieces, it’s like playing an old favorite but with a very new twist. In addition, there’s plenty of trivia related to this iconic staple in pop culture – since its introduction nearly 85 years ago, over 750 million people have experienced Monopoly within their own homes, which resulted in more than 2 billion people playing across 111 countries worldwide! Now, with Monopoly Super Electronic Banking Board Game – get ready for hours of entertainment!


Strategy: The main strategy in Monopoly Super Electronic Banking board game is to create a monopoly by buying all the properties of a single color. This gives you the chance to build up hotels and houses which increase their rent value. You can also trade properties with other players or even sell them later on as they will become more valuable during the course of the game. As some players may have trouble accumulating money, look out for auctions that take place with certain property related cards which could be beneficial for you.

Gameplay Tips: Track your progress throughout the game, continuously update your what financial position (assets and liabilities) you hold each turn & try to spread out where you are investing your money between different types of investments/properties so it’s not all going into one type like hotels which are expensive and limited in number. Try negotiating deals with other players and make sure you don’t ‘buy’ from the bank that property which someone is already mortgaging, this’d delay your progress, or vice versa don’t get too ahead of yourself and mortgage something that someone else wants!.

Common Mistakes: Don’t forget to bring all of your counters cause it’ll slow down gameplay if people have to look around for missing pieces at the start, also forgetting to buy a property before another player can get it is a common mistake. Additionally, keeping tabs on your opponents’ money flow & assets is important too as they might be able to flourish before you know it. Finally beware of making too many risky investments as you’re likely to lose more than you gain if it goes south!

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The Monopoly Super Electronic Banking Board Game is an exciting new way to play the classic game. Using electronic banking technology, players can buy properties, pay rent and collect money quickly using their device. This enhances the game drastically as it speeds up gameplay significantly. It also adds convenience – buying and paying rent no longer requires a physical bank and counting out paper notes or coins – everything is managed electronically through the use of a small electronic device that handles all payments on behalf of players. Not only does this help make playing easier, but it also creates a more immersive experience as you exchange virtual funds with your opponent. Additionally, since transactions are made digitally and with total accuracy, there’s far less room for mistakes when it comes to determining who owes what.

Fun Factor

The Monopoly Super Electronic Banking Board Game is a modern classic that appeals to people of all ages through it’s cutting edge design. Common misconceptions about Monopoly are that it’s too long and confusing, however the introduction of electronic banking has made the game much easier to understand and speedier to complete. With this new features, players can use bank cards with an electronic reader to quickly process payments and keep track of their own finances. The cards also record players’ assets, automatically deduct fines and rentals, and calculate players’ total wealth throughout while playing the game.

The Monopoly board game is usually seen as a classic tabletop game for adults or teenagers, but the makers behind this version have designed it with family in mind. Introducing an electronic banking feature has added bright colours and lighthearted music which appeals for younger children age 8+. It has simplified money transactions during the game which simplifies the complexity of playing classic Monopoly making it more suitable for children. This new style board game encourages older generations such as grandparents to teach the young ones about money, without having to worry about losing coins in messy piles or transaction errors caused by human errors.

Overall, Monopoly Super Electronic Banking Board Game promotes enjoyable game play for all sorts of ages due to its modern technological advances combined with nostalgic classic board gameplay that helps create a unique gaming experience for everyone.

Pros and Cons

Pricing: The Monopoly Super Electronic Banking Board Game can be expensive depending on the retailer and which edition. The game costs around $40 and up.

Components: This Monopoly board game includes a power-up button, 4 electronic banking cards for credit/ debit action, an introduction guide to help explain the rules of banking, as well as playing pieces, cards, board and dice.

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Educational Value: By using modern technology such as electronic cards for banking activities in this game, players will learn how debit cards work and simple concepts of economics, from basic budgeting to stock investments. It will also help them understand how to follow the steps of traditional monopoly while having an extra element of surprise thrown in with everything being digitally based!

Engagement Factor: Players have the ability to purchase one-time use coupons that come with different advantages when used during their turn. These coupons add an exciting twist to the classic game and make it more interactive. Additionally, players also have access to a digital bank account on their smartphone or computer where they can check/manage their money throughout gameplay.

Replayability: Unlike many other Monopoly boards games, this game has increased replayability due its modernized options that come with buying and selling stocks online (or via the app). Players can turn regular houses into corporate buildings miles away from the actual player space through investments or tax deductions without ever having to physically move across the board!


The Monopoly Super Electronic Banking Board Game is a great option for families looking to reconnect and build lasting memories. It’s easy-to-learn rules and modernized banking system make it a fun and accessible game for all ages. It allows the players to come together in friendly competition, settling debts, trading properties, and dealing cards. Players can also customize the game by setting different difficulty levels, allowing them to experience an ever-changing field of strategies and tactics. Furthermore, the Monopoly Super Electronic Banking Board Game works with traditional sets as well; making it easier for families with multiple versions of Monopoly at home.

The game can help bridge generations as young savvy Monopoly champions show their grandparents some digital tricks! And because of its electronic banking system family members may be able to share gaming experiences even when miles apart. The fun doesn’t stop there though; families may also create traditions around the game such as having family members add in personalized cards from their past adventures or giving out wrong answers on purpose causing others to giggle just before they break into laughter while sliding across the board towards ultimate victory!

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