Monster Apocalypse Board Game


The Monster Apocalypse Board Game was created in 2015 after a crowdfunding campaign that far exceeded the goals set by its developers. The game was designed to be an experience where players worked together to stop monsters from destroying cities and save humanity. Players were also rewarded with points as they made their way through challenging and thrilling game modes.

Players would build custom teams of builds, deploy them on the board, and then maneuver their way to victory over the monsters. As they fought off the monstrous hordes, they could earn points by beating the enemies and meeting objectives, like finding survivors or constructing fragile defenses against invasions. In addition to playing head-to-head or cooperative matches against other players, there are exciting single-player story missions available. With puzzles, bosses, traps and rewards waiting around every corner – forcing players to strategize with each move – this board game was something truly special in its time!


The setting of the Monster Apocalypse board game is a post-apocalyptic landscape filled with chaos and destruction. The dominant terrain consists of sprawling urban cities, wastelands, marshlands, and forests. These different lands are constantly catching fire or submerged in floods, adding to the dangerous environment. In addition, there are numerous radioactive hot zones that have spawned bizarre creatures like humanoid heroes and horrifying mutants. A unique feature of the game is that many of the urban locations contain mysterious artifacts from ancient civilizations that can provide powerful bonuses to those who obtain them. As if this was not enough danger already, wild predators roam the land seeking new victims for their daily meals so everyone must remain vigilant in order to survive.

Player Characters

Monster Apocalypse Board Game allows players to take on the role of one of four characters: The Alchemist, The Mercenary, The Psychic, and The Scientist. Each character has its own special abilities and strategies that can be used to effectively defeat monsters and ultimately win the game.

The Alchemist is a specialist in creating magical concoctions. They have a mastery of both potion-making and alchemy. When playing as an Alchemist, players can utilize their arsenal of potions to give themselves or their allies special attacks and defenses in battle against monsters.

The Mercenary primarily focuses on fighting with physical force. Their most powerful weapon is their sword which can be upgraded by discovering different gems from monsters that have been defeated. Mercenaries also possess heightened reflexes meaning they avoid more damage in battles.

The Psychic uses superior mental agility to defeat monsters quickly and efficiently. This character type specializes in disrupting monster battlefields with mind games such as illusions, terrorsome orders, or subconscious manipulation techniques. As the battle progress they will slowly lose psychic power so they must choose their targets very carefully.

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The Scientist is more of a strategist than fighter but can still be effective against powerful monsters using research skills, especially when it comes to unraveling and executing complex plans quickly and effectively before other opponents become aware of them. Scientists rely heavily on gadgets designed for specific objectives during combat like smoke bombs or defensive shields that enemies cannot penetrate even if they know what is happening behind it.


Monster Apocalypse is a board game set in the post-apocalyptic world of monsters. The players are survivors trying to survive the disaster that has befallen humanity.

As the game begins, the players find themselves in a world overrun by monsters. In order to survive, they must scavenge resources and collaborate with allies in various settlements. As they journey through this dangerous world, they must face fierce battles against powerful monsters on their quest to build a colony safe from attack.

Players will face several scenarios as they advance through the game. Each challenge presents opportunities to improve their situation and advance towards a desirable outcome while managing scarce resources and making strategic decisions. Along the way, there are narrative mysteries to unravel which can help reveal the secrets behind why monsters are attacking and what motivated them initially.

At some point during the game, players have an opportunity to fight back against their monstrous enemies in an epic battle for control of their environment”including cities, abandoned military sites, forests and more. As new technologies are explored or obtained during play, it can shift the tide of battle and reinforce player’s defenses or offer new weapons for use against foes previously thought unbeatable. Will you be able to survive this intense struggle against formidable odds?

Strategies & Tactics

Forming Alliances – Players can form alliances with other players in the game, potentially combining their characters and resources to create a larger, more powerful cohort. This gives them a greater chance of success since it increases their chances of outwitting the monsters.

Utilizing Stealth – Employing stealth strategies is an effective way to approach challenging scenarios without alerting the monsters. Utilizing stealth can help players reach places that would otherwise be inaccessible or too risky to reach on foot. Additionally, it allows them to quietly gather resources or stake out areas before engaging in battle.

Ambushing Enemies – Sometimes it’s best to plan an ambush on one or more targets instead of directly engaging them in battle. Ambushing enemies has the potential reward of winning quickly with little effort expended on the part of the players. However, this strategy should be used only if all obstacles have been properly assessed and each step has been carefully planned out beforehand since surprises can backfire due to unforeseen factors.

Interactions with the Environment

Players can interact with the environment in Monster Apocalypse by collecting resources from fallen monsters, monsters they have defeated, or other players. Resources are used to construct bases which grant powerful bonuses and protect them against enemies. It is also possible to use these resources to build weapons, armor and vehicles that allow players to compete directly in combat with their opponents. As the game progresses, players can gain access to unique abilities and powers that allow them to customize their combat strategies as well as further their progress in the game. Additionally, players can recruit special allies such as monsters or robots to aid them in battle scenarios or work together with their friends in team-based objectives. Ultimately, with its richly detailed environments and vast array of customization options, Monster Apocalypse gives users plenty of opportunities for strategically engaging with their surroundings and achieving victory over their enemies.

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Special Items & Locations

Monster Apocalypse Board Game offers a wide range of special items and locations that players can visit or acquire during the game to gain unique advantages. One type of special item is an upgrade item, which provides certain abilities or powers that can be used against monsters or other players. Some examples of these items include energy shields for defense and boosters for increased offensive capabilities. Additionally, there are a number of unique locations in the game world where players can find helpful allies, powerful artifacts, and other rewards. These territories offer bonuses such as extra dice rolls to give players greater control over their fate in battle, or additional damage effects on monsters depending on the terrain they explore. Finally, there are hidden lairs located across the game board where players can discover cards that when used correctly can provide numerous benefits such as access to rare materials or protection from enemy attacks.


Monster Apocalypse Board Game lets you become the leader of an elite team, fighting your way through an intense urban battlefield all overrun by monsters. You have to outwit and outmaneuver giant beasts as you go from street-to-street rescuing survivors. Your goal is to restore security and reclaim the city for humanity. With multiple scenarios, plot twists, challenging objectives, and huge variety of monsters, no game is ever the same – providing a unique and exciting experience with every play! With some luck and judgment, you can defeat the monsters that threaten your world. Rush into battle with Monster Apocalypse Board Game today for an immersive gaming experience unlike any other!

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