My City Board Game Review


My City Board Game Review is an evaluation of the popular board game My City. This review takes into account all aspects of the game including its mechanics, design, and overall team playability. To provide a holistic look at the game, this review will include reviews and analyses from both professional critics and customers that have actually played the game.

Professional Critics – Professional critics have lauded My City for its innovative mechanics which require players to build their very own cities while working together online or in person in an effort to create the most successful city possible. These critics believe that this game offers an intricate yet simple system while still presenting meaningful challenges to players of all ages and skill levels. As such, they give it high marks across the board for creativity and fun factor.

Customer Feedback – Customer feedback has been largely positive when it comes to My City Board Game. They’ve noted that although it is a cooperative game, there is still a sense of competition between players as everyone works toward the same goal of creating a thriving city. Furthermore, many customers have praised its replay value citing how much time they’ve continued to spend with the game even after playing it multiple times due their enjoyment from the creative process involved with its mechanics.


My City is a board game for two to four players where each player takes on the role of a city planner. During the course of the game, each player must carefully craft their city by placing roads and buildings into a personal map. Players need to come up with creative solutions to unexpected scenarios that arise from the growth of their cities.

Scenarios may include: natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods, population changes including boomtowns and homeless encampments, public works like fire stations and water treatment centers, crime waves in certain parts of the city, business opportunities ranging from shopping malls to museums, or other emergencies caused by external events. For each of these scenarios, players must make decisions that will affect their city’s future.

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The challenge of this game lies in its ability to capture the unpredictable nature of modern-day urban planning while still rewarding competent strategies which ensure a prosperous future for every individual player’s city. Negotiations between players are also key when it comes to deciding the placement of specialized buildings that can only be placed if all players agree. Making sure one player doesn’t receive an unfair advantage could prove difficult – however with some diplomatic negotiations, everyone should come out ahead!


My City is an engaging and fun board game featuring plenty of customization and expansion options. Examples of customizations and expansions that can be added to the basic game include: new tiles for additional cities, buildings, and characters for different scenarios; extensions for varying levels of difficulty; more cards featuring new challenges, tasks, and activities; different rule sets to switch up the style of gameplay; a variety of replacement pieces to customize the look of the game; alternate objectives or goals to vary play experiences and strategies; additional devices such as dice, tokens, or coins to use with the game; special edition packs focused on a particular theme or feature. All these features allow My City players to keep refreshing their gaming experience each time they play so they never get bored!

Pros and Cons


1) With the online and mobile versions of the game, players can access the game from any device they have. This makes it incredibly convenient to jump into a playing session without having to find a physical board ready to be played.

2) Including an online and mobile version will allow for cross-platform play between different platforms. This means that players who own multiple devices or like different platforms don’t have to worry about owning multiple copies of the game.

3) Online versions of the game also offer new ways for gamers to customize it. Players can adjust graphics, textures, audio, and settings in order to create their own unique gaming experience.


1) Online and mobile versions may require subscriptions in order for players to access all features included in them. This may be cost prohibitive for some individuals who would otherwise enjoy playing a physical board game instead.

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2) Online versions of board games are generally more vulnerable when faced with hackers or malicious activity. This could lead to exploits that ruin gameplay for others who are trying to play fairly and make use of all available features as intended by developers.

3) Online versions may add an additional layer of complexity when compared to traditional versions due to added options which can often be overwhelming at times.


My City has been an overall enjoyable game experience. However, it should be noted that this game is best suited for larger group sizes, as the more players present, the more storypossibilities there are to explore. If one desires a game similar in setup to My City but geared more for smaller groups, then Digital Chronicles of Heaven & Hell could serve as an interesting alternative. It’s a card-based game of character and quest development with a strong emphasis on storytelling and player creativity, which can be enjoyed by solo players or whole groups. For those looking for a slightly different take on city building games however – such as SimCity – Catan: Cities & Knights might be a viable option. Like My City, it also plays well with three to four players and emphasizes cooperative game play from the very outset. Thus while My City offers plenty of replay value and is appropriate for a city building enthusiast, there are new takes on the genre – both digital and interactive – which could add even more variety to the gaming experience!

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