Stoner City Board Game

Demo Video

The Stoner City Board Game is a fun and interactive way to spend time with your friends or family. In this game, you get to be the mayor of Stoner City, tasked with helping it grow and become a prosperous town. To do this, players must build shops, hire workers and fulfill city requests for upgrades. As mayor, each player has their own resources to put towards these tasks such as cash, goods, and development cards. The goal of the game is to have the most successful city at the end of 8 turns.

Creating a demonstration video of how to play Stoner City Board Game is an important part of making sure players understand all the rules before starting a session. It should include an introduction to the overall mechanics of the game and cover more specific details so that each player can easily understand what they need to do in order for their city to thrive. The video should clearly explain how developments work, what goods should be purchased when resources are low, and how players can cooperate with one another in order to maximize their success. It should also provide examples of successful strategies so players know what works best in certain circumstances and how certain actions affect others in the game. Finally, it should conclude by going over any optional expansions or additional content so users can explore new avenues if they so choose. By creating this video, gamers will have all the knowledge they need to make Stoner City as booming as possible!

Attractive graphics

Stoner City Board Game should feature visuals that are both vivid and captivating. These graphics should be chosen carefully to create an exciting atmosphere for the players. Additionally, the illustrations should be dynamic to add further energy and detail to the gaming experience. It’s important that the artwork reflect the game’s theme and objectives — from edgy street art elements to classic comic book heros ” so that they immediately please the eye while providing context for the player. Animated sequences could also be used to further immerse gamers in the world of Stoner City by introducing characters, enemies, items, and more without dialog or exposition. Color choices should be utilized strategically as well, creating contrast between scenes or highlighting certain features of each level. By keeping visuals attractive and enticing viewers in all aspects of production, developers can ensure an engaging gaming experience like no other!

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Expansion Sets

Stoner City Board Game has two expansion sets. The first is “Cannabis Capital”, which adds new locations and competitors to the game, including dispensaries, marijuana farms and a black market. Players will compete for control of these new sources of income with each other as well as the government, organized crime and corrupt politicians.

The second expansion set is “The Green Rush”. It adds extra schemes and activities that can help players gain an advantage over their opponents, while also taking greater risks. Players can capture grow houses to produce large amounts of marijuana or join forces with underground organizations to keep prices high and profits soaring. There are also opportunities to increase revenues through trade deals and investments in the legal marijuana industry.


To promote the release of our new board game, Stoner City, we will be hosting a competition! All readers who join can win a copy of the board game. To enter, participants must come up with their own wacky rules in order to modify the game and make it as fun as possible. Then they need to snap an image or video themselves playing the game with those rules and post it on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #StonerCityBoardGame. The best entry will win a free copy of the board game! Make sure you include your platform username and #StonerCityBoardGame when posting your entry so we can easily find it and keep track of winning submissions. We look forward to seeing all your creative ideas!

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Q: What is Stoner City Board Game?
A: Stoner City Board Game is a game for up to 5 players where each player assumes the role of a stoner and tries to complete their 420-day challenge to win the ultimate high prize.

Q: What is the goal of Stoner City Board Game?
A: The goal of the game is to be the first player to complete their 420-day challenge and collect all 7 stoned items. Players must gather resources, perform various tasks and defend against anti-pot police raids in order to complete their challenge.

Q: How many players can play Stoner City Board Game?
A: Up to 5 players can play Stoner City Board Game at one time.

Q: What comes with Stoner City Board Game?
A: With your purchase, you will receive 1 game board, 5 tokens, 88 cards, 8 dice, 270 money notes, 4 piece pot plant puzzle and full rules and instructions.

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