Pictureka Board Game


Pictureka Board Game is a fun, fast-paced game that encourages creativity and lateral thinking. Players are presented with a grid of pictures and asked to spot certain objects or items specified in their cards. Pictureka Board Game is suitable for all ages 4+, with no language skills whatsoever necessary.

The aim of the game is to find the picture-objects on the board as quickly as possible by looking from one card to another before getting caught out by surprise “Switchit” cards which allows your opponents to switch the board around without warning! The player who successfully finds all their picture-objects first wins!

With different levels of difficulty, this game really keeps everyone in mind; whether you’re young or old, playing beginner or advanced settings will always guarantee there’s something available for everyone! There’s also an added Plus Pack that contains special Multiples cards, allowing players to find multiple objects instead of just one. For little ones it’s the perfect tool to strengthen their concentration abilities while having fun with friends and family. With its easy yet addictive play pattern, Pictureka Board Game has become a favorite among family game nights around the world!


Pictureka is a fun board game that appeals to all ages! The goal of the game is simple: Be the first player to collect one card from each deck.

To start, every player is dealt four cards. Take turns drawing cards, peeking at them and either keeping them or discarding them in the draw pile. Once all four cards have been drawn, switch to another deck and repeat the process until you have one card from each deck.

The rules are very simple and straightforward – players will take turns drawing from any one of the five decks, peeking at those cards before deciding if you want to keep or discard them. If you keep them, they stay in front of you and you move on to the next player. If you discard it back into the draw pile, turn continues around the table until somebody finds a card match.

Objectives can vary depending on who’s playing! The object of the game is to be the first person to find a total of four matching images across all five decks ” this can mean 4 matches in just 1 deck or 4 matches made up of 1 image per deck ” it’s entirely up to your strategy skills!


Pictureka Board Game is an entertaining game for all ages. The game includes a board, four sets of picture cards, four pawns and dice, one score pad, and the game instructions.

The board itself features 96 squares separated into four different colors. On each square there is a unique number which corresponds to a picture card from one of the sets. The goal of the game is to get your pawn past all of the colored squares in order to reach the finish line.

Players take turns rolling their dice to move their pawns around the board while they try to find pairs of matching pictures printed on their cards. As players move around the board they can attempt to collect pairs of matching pictures or act as thief and steal cards from other players! If you manage to collect seven sets of matching picture cards, you win the game!

The game also includes two wild jokers ” these special jokers can help players complete their sets even faster by allowing them access to any set of images on their turn. Additionally, players can form alliances with other players in order to share resources on their turn, increasing their chances of collecting images quicker!

In addition to being fun and exciting, Pictureka Board Game helps develop logic skills as well as problem-solving abilities. It encourages cooperative play among all ages and allows everyone involved a chance to use strategy in order to race around the board trying to collect sets before anyone else!

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Get Ready to Play

1. Gather Materials: Before you play Pictureka, gather the following materials: the game board, four pawns, two dice, and 70 picture cards. The game is for two to four players.

2. Place Cards: Place all 70 of the picture cards upside-down and mix them around so their faces are hidden. Divide them evenly and place seven cards in each of the nine sections of the board.

3. Choose Pawns: Players should choose a color pawn with which they can play. Depending on how many players there are will determine who plays with what color pawn (i.e., if three people are playing each person gets one different colored pawn).

4. Know Objectives: At the start, it’s important to discuss what type of pictures you’ll be looking for during the game; this could range from animals, to food items or pieces of clothing. Set a time limit per turn so that everyone gets an adequate amount of time to look for matches without slowing down the game itself too much (usually 30 seconds per round).

5. Roll & Move: The first player rolls both dice and must move their chosen color pawn that number of rolls on the board until landing on a picture card – as long as it is available (i.e., not already taken by another player’s pawn). If a card is already taken, then it’s unavailable so you cannot land on those cards and must keep moving until you find one that’s free – if any remain! On the other hand if your roll exceeds the amount of spots remaining before reaching grid’s edge then your piece will stay exactly where it stands; this means an early opportunity for other players to jump ahead before your next roll!

6. Find Matches/Score Points: Once your pawn lands on a spot, look at its corresponding card and try to find another card throughout all nine grids that matches that same image – whether you find one or not is up to you! Meanwhile each of your opponents have also moved their respective pieces across board searching for similar images in order to get points; whoever finds first out of everyone wins five points while also announcing “PICTUREKA!” loudly as signalized recognition amongst peers!

Different Ways to Play

Pictureka Board Game is a twist on an old classic that pits players against each other in a race to find hidden images. The aim of the game is to be the first to uncover all the “picturekas” on the gameboard. To do this, players have to search through a set of multiple-choice cards and spot the illustrations they contain.

One popular way of playing Pictureka Board Game is by being imaginative with it and introducing your own unique kinds of challenges. For example, you could come up with different categories such as colors, animals, shapes, clothing, or vehicles, and ask players to pick out three picturekas of either type in a row. You can also challenge players to look out for specific items on each turn and add rules about how many turns someone can take without finding something relevant.

Other variations on this game include adapting it for younger children by introducing simpler pictures and adding restrictions like forcing them to rely solely on their memory when looking for picturekas. With some creativity and additional incentives like friendly competition or winning points per round, Pictureka Board Game becomes an even more exciting game night staple!

Pros and Cons


1. Pictureka Board Game is a great way to entertain family and friends at parties or during family gatherings.
2. It encourages friendly competition, helping to break the ice between strangers.
3. Players are able to test their memory and observation skills.
4. The game can be adapted for different ages, making it an enjoyable game for young children and adults alike.
5. Pictureka Board Game helps develop logical thinking skills as well as cognitive abilities such as pattern recognition and categorization abilities.
6. Because it is played using cards, players can keep playing without needing a board or extra pieces to set up the game, making it very portable and convenient option for busy households or travelling players who don’t have a lot of space available.

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1. Younger players may find that they take longer time to identify the images on the cards, leading to long waiting times between turns which could become tedious if not addressed properly by the game’s controller or host.
2. If the cards are used too often over time, the images on them might wear out or gets damaged quickly, undermining the challenge of identifying them and ruining some of its fun factor for everybody involved in playing this game continuously over time period.

Final Thoughts

The Pictureka Board Game is a vibrant and fun-filled game suitable for all ages. The game encourages players to be resourceful in searching out hidden images on the board and card decks. Up to four players can compete against each other in a nail-biting race for time as they search for symbols and shapes, mysterious figures and tiny objects.

Players can either draw from a stack of cards containing wild pictures or look around the game board with its vibrant patterns, grids, drawings and designs. To win, they must work quickly to spot eight or more items before their competitors do. It’s an exciting way to develop fast thinking skills and short-term memory while having lots of fun at the same time.

Pictureka Board Game is an excellent choice for family game nights or team building days as it provides hours of entertainment in an engaging atmosphere. With its colourful design, both adults and children will also enjoy testing their eyesight and speed with this classic picture-finding game. Pictureka is sure to give everyone a great time filled with laughter and camaraderie!

Further Reading and Resources

Pictureka Board Game is an enjoyable family game full of challenges, strategies, and fun! Players are presented with many unique tasks ranging from identifying shapes and colors to finding matching items. As you progress through the game, the difficulty increases. The goal is to gather more cards than your opponents at the end of the game.

A great way to further explore Pictureka would be to visit the official website for tips on how to play and helpful hints for having a successful game. There are also online videos where experts demonstrate how different strategies can be used in order to win. There are also several forums available for asking questions about different aspects of the game such as card combinations or even sharing stories about experiences playing the game. If wanted, there is also merchandise related to Pictureka that can be purchased like t-shirts and other memorabilia. For those who prefer non-digital entertainment, there are live tournaments hosted by independent tournaments all around the world where one can meet new people and participate in a physical version of this board game. Besides these activities, it may be interesting and worthwhile to read reviews online from various sources which will give insights into how different people found playing this game. With so much to learn about this classic board game, there’s something for everyone!

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