Pittsburgh Monopoly Board Game


The Pittsburgh Monopoly Board Game is a classic game that has been enjoyed for generations. It was first created in the 1930s by Antony S. Mullett and William Darrow, both of whom were from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The object of the game is to make the most money by buying and selling properties throughout the city of Pittsburgh. Players must work their way around the board buying properties in order to advance their standings within the game which ultimately leads them to victory.

The historical significance of this game is that it captures the true spirit of entrepreneurship and wealth-building as well as featuring an accurate representation of what life was like at that time in Pittsburgh. This makes it an important part of American culture and history – not only for those who lived in that particular city, but also for Americans across the country who delve into its unique flavor. Today, many newer versions have been released but they still retain some of its original qualities such as landmarks, streets, rivers, local favorites and more – making them incredibly nostalgic pieces for fans old and new alike.

Player Perspectives

Anna, 23: “I recently bought the Pittsburgh Monopoly Board Game and it has been a blast to play with my friends. My favorite part is being able to buy local landmarks such as PNC Park or the Strip District. It’s like a mini tour of Pittsburgh while playing! We also have a friendly competition going on to see who can buy up all the properties first.”

Cory, 31: “My wife and I love playing the Pittsburgh Monopoly Board Game because it’s brought us closer together. It’s something we can spend hours doing without getting bored or feeling annoyed. Plus, for us native Pittsburghers we get to learn about new places in our city that may be unfamiliar to us. We enjoy strategizing our purchases and trying to outwit each other as well!”

Karen, 55: “Playing the Pittsburgh Monopoly Board Game is quite fun for me…it takes me back to when I used to play this game as a kid with my siblings! I love collecting properties while exploring my hometown – our city has so much history and there are some fascinating buildings to discover along the way. Of course, winning an entire row of houses is always pretty exciting too!”

Local Businesses

The Pittsburgh Monopoly Board Game is a great way to promote local businesses in the city. Players can buy properties such as The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, Kennywood Amusement Park, and Key Bank Pavilion instead of buying properties named after streets or railroads. Other local businesses benefit from this Monopoly game as well since it allows them to reach an even larger audience. For example, players can buy The Andy Warhol Museum of Art, Duquesne Incline, Heinz History Center, and more. Local entrepreneurs will receive recognition for their achievements as players land on their spaces and are given the option to purchase their businesses with in-game money. Additionally, some of the Chance cards feature other local businesses that participants might also be interested in patronizing. Through this board game, both local small business owners and larger corporations can benefit from the rise in popularity and recognition of their products or services.

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Unique Features

The Pittsburgh Monopoly Board Game is a great way to experience the Steel City. It has some fun and interesting features that make it stand out from other versions of the game.

One of its most notable features is its custom board, which contains a variety of iconic landmarks in the city. Instead of squares on a traditional Monopoly board, each corner piece represents a famous Pittsburgh landmark such as Heinz Field, PNC Park, or Point State Park. The properties are also reimagined – they feature local attractions such as Primanti Brothers and Incline No. 2. It also includes cards drawn from its unique location – “Go To Best View From Mount Washington” instead of “Go To Jail”.

The game also includes multiple special tokens that tie into Pittsburgh sports icons including Sidney Crosby’s hockey stick, an Andy Warhol art can and Franco Harris’ shoe throw from the 1972 Immaculate Reception game.

The Pittsburgh Monopoly Board Game adds local flavor to the classic board game and makes it a more enjoyable and interactive experience for any Steel City fan!

Creative Strategies

The classic board game, Monopoly, is a great way for people to challenge each other’s critical thinking skills and learn how to generate wealth. The Pittsburgh Monopoly board game takes the traditional game to a whole new level with its unique properties based on cultural landmarks and attractions of the area like Heinz Field, Market Square, Station Square, Roberto Clemente Bridge, and PNC Park. This special version of the classic game allows users to explore landmarks they may not have been exposed to before as well as enhancing their knowledge on Pittsburgh culture.

Players can take advantage of unique strategies while playing this version of the game and increase their chances at winning. Some common creative strategies include focusing on building hotels early on in the game since rents become increasingly higher as monopolies develop. Additionally, players can benefit from avoiding too many repeated trades or auctions within one round as this may lead to an accumulation of debt that cannot be recovered from. Players should also look for opportunities to purchase inexpensive properties with high rental prices as these can help build profits in a shorter amount of time compared to having multiple mid-level priced properties. Furthermore, investing smaller sums often yields greater returns than infrequent large investments. Lastly, paying close attention to Community Chest cards and Chance cards can provide extra advantages throughout the game depending on luck or strategy.

Social Media Movement

The Pittsburgh Monopoly Board Game has spurred a social media movement that celebrates the game and people’s favorite features. Since it launched, internet users have embraced the game by creating posts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Hashtags like “#pittsburghmonopoly” or “#lovetheburgh” are commonly used by online influencers to join in the discussion of the game. Players share photos of themselves playing the board game along with positive reviews. They use emojis and colorful captions to express the joy they get from playing this unique version of Monopoly.

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Fan accounts post pictures of favorite pieces and customized boards tailored to match player’s styles. Others post scoreboards or epic stories of games between their friends or family members played at home or in their cafés. Groups organize events at local venues such as bars and pubs for larger-scale playdates where everyone takes part in an exhilarating game competition for rewards.

This influential movement, fuelled by creative content all over the web, has taken traditional gaming experiences to a whole new level. People forget what is outside their windows as they get deeply absorbed into intense downtown business real estate battles that pay off when players enter free parking….or do they?

Local Events

Theme nights in which the Pittsburgh area plays Monopoly have become very popular in the city, with large groups of family and friends gathering at local bars and pubs to celebrate the game. Many of these events offer exclusive boards created especially for Pittsburgh players, featuring some of the city’s top landmarks, neighborhoods, and attractions in place of traditional features like Atlantic Avenue or Pennsylvania Avenue. These meetups often draw a large crowd looking for a relaxed way to spend an evening out with friends.

The host venues join in on the fun as well, holding ticket giveaways for drinks or offering discounts for participants who show up dressed as any of Monopoly’s unique characters. The atmosphere at these events is always exciting, creating increased business for the locale and strengthening community bonds through a mutual appreciation for the beloved game.


The Pittsburgh Monopoly Board Game is a classic board game and an entertaining experience. It celebrates the rich history of some of the most iconic landmarks in Pittsburgh, while also remaining true to the traditional rules of the game. With its blend of nostalgic memories and ongoing fun factor, it has potential to be a long-term hit among families and friends alike. The nostalgic feel and unique design of this adaptation will give players the opportunity to reconnect with their city’s past in a meaningful way, as well as helping new generations discover Pittsburgh’s cultural charm first hand. For these reasons we can honestly say that playing the Pittsburgh Monopoly Board Game is an engaging and worthwhile experience that could have future success.

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