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Quicksand Board Game was created by James and Lucy Olson. Both avid board gamers, they first met while playing a Fantasy Flight game at a local board game cafe. After playing together multiple times, they began to chat about designing their own games. This dream eventually manifested in the creation of Quicksand Board Game.

The game is inspired by the misadventures of two siblings stuck in an alternate fantasy world, blindly searching for their way back home. The two had come up with this idea one day as they explored an abandoned amusement park located near where they lived. They could just imagine themselves walking along the cursed paths of some far away kingdom as they lost themselves in their own imaginations. With these experiences in mind, the Olsons created Quicksand Board Game to share this story with others through play.

Game Overview

The Quicksand board game consists of a board with various islands connected by bridges. Players take the role of adventurers who venture forth and explore the islands, trying to be the first person to discover four hidden artifacts. The game is for two to four players and can last anywhere from twenty minutes up to an hour, depending on how many participants are playing.

To set up the game, each player will have a colored figure (yellow, red, blue or green) that they’ll use as their explorer. The players will start on different islands (determined at random) and place four artifact pieces randomly throughout. Each player is aiming to be the first one to reach all of the artifacts before anyone else.

Players can move forward, backward and sideways across bridges between each island and along paths between quadrants within each island. At any point a player can try and cross into the quicksand area around the board which is fraught with danger – if a player steps onto it then they are taken back to their starting point! As you might guess from its name, there’s always a chance someone may find themselves in quicksand in this game!

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The winner is determined when one of the players retrieves all of their pieces without succumbing to quicksand traps!

Unique Gameplay

Quicksand Board Game is an exciting adventure game where players take on the role of a brave explorer. The object of the game is to make your way through ancient ruins and outwit dangerous creatures while avoiding treacherous quicksand pits. As the game progresses, you must also collect valuable artifacts that are scattered around the map in order to score points.

While exploring their surroundings, players use Action cards to make their way through narrow halls, secret doors, and challenging puzzles. During battle sequences, players must defend themselves with Attack cards and dodge the onslaught of creatures in order to survive. Alliances can be forged with captured villains along the way as well as monuments that offer new abilities.

As in life, strategy and planning are key for survival in Quicksand Board Game. Players or teams must carefully manage every turn as they explore what lies ahead beneath layers of shifting sand and stone with uncertain danger lingering around each corner. With luck and determination, ultimately they will find their way out of the labyrinthine ruins alive!

Special Features

The Quicksand Board Game is a strategic, fast-paced game of exploration and resource management where players compete to build the greatest structures and explore the most powerful magical artifacts. Each turn, players will draw cards and use them to build their structures. As they construct buildings, they can acquire resources that enable them to research powerful spells and activate magical artifacts. Furthermore, strategizing on placement of each structure will play a big part in long-term advantage since buildings placed near other players earn bonuses or upgrades.

With its diverse range of special features, the Quicksand Board Game allows players to experience creativity through building. Players can customize their playspace with each new building they add; constructing walls, towers and other unique features that provide additional benefits based on their setup. Additionally, potent enchantments from activated magical artifacts serve as reinforcements that can help tip the scales in difficult battles and reshape the gameboard as it evolves with new strategies/tactics crafted by players every turn. Intriguingly enough; with no two games being exactly alike, everyone who joins in on the adventure must be ready for anything!

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Benefits of Playing

The Quicksand Board Game is a fun and challenging way to develop your problem-solving skills. By playing the game, players will learn to focus their attention, think critically, develop strategies, and foster perseverance. The game also strengthens an individual’s ability to quickly process information and shift from one task to another. This helps when making quick decisions under pressure or resolving complex mathematical problems. Above all else, playing this game is about having fun! Players get excited as they test their logical deduction skills in order to progress through the levels and reach their goal of becoming the Master Quicksand Challenger. It even incorporates cooperation between family members or friends when competing against each other in a race to success.


In addition to the resources listed above, there are a variety of websites and forums related to Quicksand Board Game. These sites provide strategies and tips for playing the game as well as discussion forums where players can chat with each other in game-related discussions. For example, BoardGameGeek.com has a page devoted to Quicksand Board Game that includes forum threads, FAQs and downloads. Currently there is an online version of the game available on iPhone and iPad through Apple’s App Store, while Android users can find a version on Google Play Store. There are also several versions of Quicksand board games available for purchase on Amazon and other shopping sites. Finally, look for local gaming clubs or meetups when you would like to experience the game IRL (in real life).

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