Getting Deep Board Game

Introduction to the Game

Getting Deep Board Game is a fast-paced game of strategy and knowledge that tests players’ understanding of the depths of their subconscious. Up to six players can play this game, which requires each player to think and act quickly on his or her feet. It was released in 2020 and has become a popular choice for family game nights around the world. The design elements include an intricately designed board containing 86 cards. In addition to this, there are also 30 different deep symbols, 6 dice, 82 tokens, 1 bluff card, and 40 plastic pawns representing the players. To win the game, players must collect all 10 deep symbols by answering questions from the board and solving puzzles proposed by other players. These questions revolve around various topics such as riddles and literature with varying levels of difficulty so that everyone can participate no matter their age or experience level.

Benefits of Getting Deep Board Game

The Getting Deep Board Game is an educational and entertaining game that offers a variety of benefits for different types of players.
For younger children, the game offers an engaging introduction to strategy and decision-making. By playing the game, young learners learn to think critically about a wide range of topics and can make informed decisions in real life. As a result, their problem-solving skills are sharpened.

For teenagers, the game provides a fun way to explore human behavior and motivation. Players can appreciate abstract psychological concepts like Group Think, belongingness, loyalty and conformity through interacting with one another during the game play. The game also encourages thoughtful debates about complex moral issues like justice, economics and government policies.

Adults too benefit from the strategic nature of Getting Deep Board Game. It helps them build stronger critical thinking skills, enhance communication abilities between team members and manage available resources effectively which they can utilize in their professional as well as personal lives. Additionally, this unique interactive experience allows them to stay connected while having fun at home during lockdown periods or while travelling with friends during future getaways when travel becomes safe again.

Setting Up the Game

Getting Deep Board Game is a game that tests players on their understanding of deep questions from various categories such as philosophy, psychology, spirituality and science. It is an interactive board game perfect for gatherings of two to four players or more.

To set up the game:

1. Place the large game board in the middle of the table. Make sure all players can reach it easily.

2. Place a separate Play Deck board to the side of the larger board.

3. Shuffle the category cards and deal five to each player face down. Each player should place those cards in front of them on the table without looking at them. Remaining category cards should be placed in a pile back in the box and kept out of play for now.

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4. Each player takes one colored pawn and places it at START on the main gameboard. This will keep track of each person’s progress around the gameboard throughout playtime..

5. Set aside any remaining pieces such as additional pawns, question tokens, response tokens and wildcards..

6 .Once all of these steps are complete, you are ready to begin playing Getting Deep Board Game!

Depending on how many players there are, you have some options for different lengths for the game which vary between 30 minutes and 2 hours:
* If 2-3 players are playing, it will take approximately 30 minutes to complete one round (1 lap around).

* If 4-5 players are playing, it will take approximately 45 minutes to complete one round (1 lap around).

* If 6 or more players are playing, it will take approximately 2 hours to complete one full round (2 laps around).

Playing the Game

Getting Deep is a multi-level strategy board game for two to four players ages 10 and up. The goal of the game is to be the first player to assemble their collection of tiles from each of the five colors in a specified pattern (different for each level of difficulty).

To start, each player chooses two colors from different sets and arranges them on their board so that no other colors touch their chosen colors. Then, players are dealt seven cards that feature six pieces of colored tile and one wild tile which can take on any color. Players will take turns drawing cards, with the goal being to find pieces that match their chosen colors on the card when possible. After selecting a card, they choose one piece to claim and add it onto their color pattern on the board. If there are multiple pieces featuring the same color as either player’s chosen colors, they can only pick one at a time. During play, if a player draws a card with no opportunities to collect tiles, they must discard all the tiles and draw another card until they receive one which allows them entry into acquiring pieces in either pattern or color choice. All displayed cards are visible to all players so everybody can plan accordingly while strategizing moves based on their opponent’s map objective.

The game includes varying levels of difficulty from beginner to expert — matching beginner level players with more experienced players helps create an atmosphere that allows everyone involved in playing to have an enjoyable experience regardless of skill level or age. Beginner difficulty levels enable younger children who may not possess higher-level strategic skills yet still keenly engage in friendly competition necessary for social development during those formative years with friends or family members, who may supervise them during game play periods. To further accommodate different ability levels; some editions of Getting Deep offer “multi-player challenge pieces” allowing two equal teams face off against one another seeking victory together over two uniquely numbered boards!

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Tips & Strategies

Finding creative and unconventional approaches to winning the Getting Deep board game means thinking outside the box. Taking risks and thinking critically can give you the edge you need for victory. Here are some strategies that can help increase your chances of winning:

1. Plan your moves in advance. Pay attention to all the pieces on the board and map out potential strategic options that will enable you to complete objectives with minimal losses.

2. Make unexpected, unpredictable moves – actions that surprise your opponent and make them second guess their own strategies or objectives.

3. Think ahead a few steps – identify all possible obstacles that could disrupt or alter a plan in motion, and use this knowledge to plan in anticipation of changes on the board.

4. Encourage sharing of information amongst playing partners to form an effective team-based strategy, taking into account different opinions amongst players.
5. Exploit any obvious weaknesses presented by opponents – pick up on mistakes made by others and take advantage of them, such as failing to anticipate certain consequences from particular actions taken at earlier points in the game.
6. Establish relationships with other players through diplomacy – while not always necessary, this tactic can prove useful when attempting co-operation rather than competition within the game’s context or situation (i.e., trading resources).
7 Focus on versatility above all else – be able to quickly assess options presented by different scenarios/pieces placed on the board, and develop alternate methods for completing tasks if roadblocks appear due to changing circumstances throughout gameplay.


Getting Deep Board Game is a great educational and entertainment tool for people of all ages. The game encourages players to think deeply and creatively while exploring a range of topics, including philosophy, science, geography, history, literature and art. Its replayability ensures there’s always something new to experience; the board game can be played differently depending on the age groups of the players and their preferences. This provides an opportunity for families or groups of friends to engage in conversations about facts and knowledge from a range of subject areas. Through playing Getting Deep Board Game, learning takes place in an environment that is both fun and competitive. It gives people the chance to explore a vast array of topics through dynamic conversations that are both stimulating and inspiring. Getting Deep Board Game is an excellent way to challenge your mind while also enjoying quality time with friends or family.

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