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The Silent Hill Board Game is a horror-themed game that takes players on a terrifying journey through the mysterious town of Silent Hill. Players will have to cooperate to solve riddles, explore the environment, and complete quests while also facing ferocious monsters!

Players will encounter all of the terror and mystery familiar to fans of the series, such as creatures like twisted nurses and floating phantom children. Fortunately for players, they can bring allies with them in form of up to 6 characters (all of which come with special abilities designed around their personality) from the game series including Harry Mason, Cybil Bennett, Lisa Garret and more!

Each time through the game is different due in part to 3 double-sided game boards that can be arranged however you’d like creating an entirely new experience. The components are top notch offering a variety of cards for events, items, monsters; counters for status effects and monster health; character sheets/tokens; beautifully detailed figures and 3D building tiles. The artwork captures the unique look of Silent Hill. Setup is fast and easy with everything you need right out of the box.

The Silent Hill Board Game brings all the iconic characters, creatures, locales and atmosphere into your living room! With gorgeous graphics, high quality components and a flexible set up allowing for multiple gaming experiences – it’s sure to provide hours of terrifying fun!

A photograph of an example setup could include two dimly lit game boards made up of puzzles tiles ” one featuring a three-level building surrounded by trees while another displays a suburban area overrun by creepy crawlies ” accompanied by colourful character miniatures ready for battle; cards strewn across the board depicting surreal events waiting to be encountered; colourful tokens representing both player actions and monster health points; miniature figures for action scenes where you’ll face some iconic enemies like Pyramid Head or Siam Zombies.
Diagrams outlining detailed character attributes such as special skills or increased life points might accompany this visual representation as well as helpful breakdowns on how health points are accrued/lossed or which rules govern battle sequences.


The Silent Hill Board Game is an exciting game of survival horror inspired by the mysterious town of Silent Hill. Players can assume the roles of familiar characters from the original game or create their own original characters to brave a series of puzzles, challenges, and encounters with monsters straight out of hell. It’s up to the players to explore, solve mysteries, and try to survive long enough to uncover the insidious truth behind Silent Hill’s disappearance.

To demonstrate how the game works, here is a short clip or video that shows a group of friends playing a round of the board game. The clip opens with each player creating their own character and deciding which abilities they wish to have in order to best deal with the challenges that await them. As they adventure through the fog-shrouded town, they must use their wits and skills as well as important items found during their journey to gain crucial advantages in tense confrontations against monsters and otherworldly forces. Through teamwork and strategy, players must work together for one ultimate goal; discover why Silent Hill has gone missing!

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The Silent Hill board game has a haunting atmosphere that brings the eerie horror of the video game series to life. Players explore a fog-filled town full of disturbing creatures and objects, as they attempt to solve puzzles and uncover important secrets that will help them reach their goal. With a mixture of physical challenges and psychological tests, you never know what surprises are lurking in Silent Hill or who might be watching your every move.


The Silent Hill Board Game is a horror adventure game designed around the Konami horror franchise. Players are met with a theme of psychological terror, as they take on the role of a detective sent to unravel the mystery behind Silent Hill. As they explore through the board, they must solve puzzles and battle monsters, in hopes of bringing peace to the town once again.

The game is divided into three major sections: Setup and Pre-game Activities, Exploration and Battle, and Finishing Up and Aftermath.

First, players work together to prepare for their journey by selecting characters and their weapons, gathering supplies for their mission, setting up traps and creating a gameplay strategy. The game master then reveals information about Silent Hill based on where each player is located at the start of their mission.

Next, players embark on their quest and are faced with numerous locations on which to solve puzzles or fight monsters. While running through mazes or abandoned streets, they collect clues that can help them gain access past locked doors or save them from dead ends while searching for items that may provide hints or pieces of evidence that can conclude an escape. They must also be cautious and aware of hidden threats or enemy creatures that could pose serious risks to their survival.

Finally, as players make it closer to solving the mystery behind Silent Hill they will be tested one last time in a final battle against an entity never before seen in horror games ” The Order’s Inner Demons (ODi). If successful in banishing these ODi forces from Silent Hill then peace may be restored but failure will mean eternal damnation for all involved in the investigation which includes the loss of sanity for all parties involved!

So join in on this adventurous endeavor within Silent Hill… Take your brain power along with courage because you never know what dangers lurk beneath!


The Silent Hill Board Game is an exciting and thrilling game for players of all ages. It takes the classic story of a journey through the eponymous, town of Silent Hill and creates an interactive, suspenseful experience that all fans can enjoy. With so many different possibilities and adventures inside every box, this game encourages readers to take part in polls, surveys, or discussion questions related to their experience playing the game. Have you been brave enough to explore the horror-filled streets of Silent Hill? Are there any creative strategies you have come up with that could make it easier to beat the monsters lurking around corners? Are there any special items or weapons you find while playing? Share your experiences with other Silent Hill fans!

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The Silent Hill Board Game can be compared to a number of other popular board games, including Dungeons and Dragons, Betrayal at House on the Hill, and Pandemic. In many ways, the game resembles classic dungeon crawlers like Dungeons & Dragons, where players explore a haunted house while finding treasure, completing missions and vanquishing monsters. Like Betrayal at House on the Hill, The Silent Hill Board Game requires players to cooperate in order to win against their collective enemies. And much like Pandemic, players are forced into making decisions that are often difficult due to a lack of resources.

The game is also similar to its video game originator. While Silent Hill Board Game does not feature puzzles or combat mechanics found in the original video game series, it does feature twisted corridors filled with malevolent forces that need to be solved and overcome as you traverse through it’s unsettling town setting. Much like its source material, Silent Hill Board Game features jump scares as well as sound effects from the iconic soundtrack creating an intense atmosphere overseen by a mysterious darkness that must be encountered but never trusted.


Q: What is Silent Hill Board Game?
A: Silent Hill Board Game is a survival horror board game set in the fictional town of Silent Hill, designed and produced by IDW Games. Players take on the roles of one of four protagonists, who must investigate a mystery related to the elements disturbing the eerie town and search for a way to leave it. The game is based on the video games series from Konami featuring psychological horror and paranormal activity, as well as other resources like movies or novels set in Silent Hill universe.

Q: How many players can play this game?
A: The game supports one to five players, although it is recommended that at least three players come together for a satisfying experience.

Q: How long does each game last?
A: The average length of each playthrough of Silent Hill Board Game ranges anywhere between ninety minutes and two hours. However, longer sessions are also possible depending on how lengthy are the individual players’ investigations and any resulting encounters.

Q: What kind of components are included in the box?
A: The core box includes 4 Survivors, 7 Evils, 3 Location boards with matching tiles and tokens, 6 dice (d4-d12), over 150 cards (both Action and Encounter cards), 4 Reference cards for quick rules reference, Rulebook and Quickstart Guide with Scenario. Additionally there 18 promo cards made available through real-world events to add an extra layer of depth to your gameplay sessions.

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