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Summit The Board Game is a strategic and social game that was created over three decades ago. It was designed by two friends, Rick Wetmore and Gray Richmond, during their lengthy car ride on an extended family vacation. They wanted to create a game that combined strategy and exciting opportunities for players. As they talked about the ideal board game design, they started what would become Summit The Board Game, with its unique layout of mountains and ridges that provide unique challenges and rewards throughout play.

Since its launch, Summit has become one of the most popular board games in the world with millions of copies sold worldwide. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages including family groups who come together to experience a memorable adventure filled with laughter, strategy, and joy. With each game lasting around thirty minutes the time seems to fly by as players strive to reach their summit goal – surviving all fifteen ridges before arriving at the final peak which leads them to victory!


Summit The Board Game is a tense and fast-paced strategy game for two to four players. Each game takes roughly 30 minutes to complete.

The goal of the game is to be the first player to accumulate 10 victory points through a variety of means including mountain climbing, creating trails, building lodges, and completing challenges.

Players take on the role of mountain climbers and they will take turns rolling dice and moving around the board in an effort to move their pieces up the many peaks that make up the board. Players can also use special cards such as resource cards or challenge cards which will require other players to move their pieces back down the mountains. They can also increase their victory points by making trails, building lodges on the side of compted peaks, and attempting unique challenges in order to becoming victorious!

Benefits and Advantages of Playing Summit The Board Game

Summit The Board Game is an interactive game for people of all ages. It helps to develop strategic thinking skills as players must plan their moves carefully in order to reach the summit first and become the victor. It also offers moments of friendly competition between the players while they strategize and take risks together. It encourages collaboration and communication between players which often leads to increased self-awareness and understanding of how different strategies can work together successfully.

The game also promotes problem-solving skills, as players must think through their decisions carefully in order to reach their goal. Players’ analytical skills are tested as they consider various tactics to arrive at the summit before all other opponents. They get a sense of accomplishment every time they successfully climb a step on the mountain board, leaving them feeling achievement when they finally reach the goal ‘summit’. Players also get to practice math and counting skills when calculating their dice rolls for particular paths throughout the game board.

In addition, Summit The Board Game develops critical thinking abilities as players learn from their mistakes or successes, allowing them to constantly adapt and adjust their strategies during play. Players are encouraged to experiment with different approaches and take chances instead of following a pre-determined route towards victory. Throughout play, everyone can stay engaged as each person takes turns claiming territory along with presenting obstacles for others on their path up the summit!


Summit The Board Game is a fast-paced, strategic card game. The object of the game is to accumulate the most points by either using your supplies to summit Mount Everest or by conquering some of its deadly dangers. Players can use their cards sequence-wise and obtain points both during play or at its conclusion. In order to win, strategies must be devised and executed accordingly in order to score the most amount of points.

Here are some proven tips and tactics to help you win Summit The Board Game:

1. Plan Ahead: Before starting a game, it is important for players to strategize their moves. Take time to study one’s hand and plan out what resources can be used and in which order. If a player has a dangerous mountain activity card then it will take priority over all other decisions.

2. Choose Right Supplies: It is important that players select the correct supplies for each adventure as each supply has different purposes and point values attached with it. For example, when confronted with an avalance danger card, choose equipment cards such as pickaxe, rope and ice axe as these are able to protect against avalance risks while also giving additional points if used correctly during an adventure sequence play or at the end of the game.

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3. Make Smart Risky Moves: Playing risky cards like ‘storm’ or ‘frostbite’ brings big rewards but winning these reward entails taking big risks on how best to utilize them in an expedition sequence strategy in weathering out these adverse conditions and still being able continue on your mission despite hindrances imposed by dangers posed by such hazardous weather conditions.

4. Watch for End-Game Bonuses: At the end of each game there are bonus points awarded for summit achievements achieved during play as well as scoring highest mountains during each round which provides you with a good clue on when to complete certain summits so that you can maximize any endgame bonuses available before the final scoring takes place at the conclusion of each game session!

Themes and Storylines of Summit The Board Game

In Summit The Board Game, players will take on the roles of world leaders and attempt to find a peaceful resolution to an environmental crisis. Each game is set in a fictional future world ruled by a corporate government. Players must work together in order to make the right decisions that could prevent planetary disaster. The game explores themes of global collaboration and resource management, challenging players to come up with solutions that benefit both their own countries and the planet as a whole.

The story arc of Summit The Board Game centers around the efforts of each nation-state during negotiations on how humanity can address climate change and other pressing global issues. Players must balance their interests in achieving economic or political gains with their responsibility for creating a livable environment for generations to come. During negotiations, each player makes decisions about technological advancements and megaprojects that are designed to advance their interests while also helping mitigate the effects of climate change. These projects have realistic consequences within the game which mirror potentially devastating real life outcomes if not managed properly in the real world. Through these large-scale initiatives, players work towards securing a better future for all nations involved while avoiding conflict between them at all costs.

Expansion Packs and Accessories Available for Summit The Board Game

Summit The Board Game is an excitingly interactive board game that allows players to climb the highest peaks in the world. It is designed for 2-4 players, ages 8 and above. The game was created to challenge players, build camaraderie, and see who will be crowned king or queen of the mountain. Players must conquer mountains by advancing their pieces up the mountain cards while managing risk by traversing glaciers and avoiding crevasses. To add extra fun, Summit now offers a variety of expansion packs and accessories to enhance your game play.

The first expansion pack includes a new set of additional mountains such as K2 – the second tallest peak in the world – as well as Mount Elbrus, Annapurna I, Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua and Mount McKinley. Along with these new mountains come entirely new equipment stations available to purchase such as crampons, avalanche beacons and pick axes for mountain adventures. You can also enjoy four new characters with specialized skills such as increased Speed Points and improved Strength rating amongst others. This expansion also adds opportunities for side quests that include both mental and physical challenges!

Additionally, Summit offers a great range of accessories including player boards so you can track each climber’s progress on their respective mountain card; stands for all characters added to make climbing easier; special dice to simulate various weather conditions on each given day; this danger pack with random events to keep you guessing; backpack cards which alleviate your burden during long ascents; rescue helicopters in case you get stuck due to a severe weather condition; scaling pegs setting helps create difficult terrain features when folding boards into uneven shapes; and much more! With these high-quality accessories takes Summit The Board Game experience up another notch!

Setting Up Tournament Play for Summit The Board Game

A tournament is a great way to have a competitive and enjoyable game night with friends or family. Before getting started, there are some key points to consider when setting up for a tournament of Summit The Board Game.

First, decide on the type of tournament you would like to play. There are several different formats for tournaments that work well depending on how many players are involved and how competitive they want the game to be. Popular types of tournaments include Swiss System, Ladder system, Round Robin and Single Elimination play. When deciding which type of format works best for your group, consider factors such as the size of the group, ability level of players and available time.

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Another major consideration is setting up teams if playing in teams is desired. Teams can consist of two to four players each, with each team having at least one experienced Summit player and either an experienced or novice partner per team (depending on skill levels). Additionally, it’s important to set rules for a “Players Agreement” that covers expectations about things like strategy collaboration between teammates during games; this will help ensure fair gameplay for all participants.

Once players are organized into teams it’s time to create game boards! This is where things get interesting as every game board played must be unique so standard settings don’t apply in this case. Make sure to use included modular elements along with other pieces such as mountains and forests provided in the full retail box – choosing amongst these variables ensures varied setup possibilities between entries and creates an unparalleled experience! Lastly, establish rules regarding card management and turns throughout competition for added stability during gameplay.

With tournament style play it’s essential that all players feel their voice matters-if everyone knows what’s expected from them it’s sure to be an enjoyable game night!


Summit The Board Game is an exciting competitive board game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Players must explore a mountain summit and compete with one another to become the champion! To win in this game, players need to make strategic moves, form alliances and build their team to reach the summit before their opponents.

In order to become a Summit The Board Game Champion, players must use strategy and skill to win. First and foremost, they must develop a plan that will ensure they are the first team to reach the summit while also doing everything in their power to prevent their opponents from getting there first. Players should also look for opportunities where they can collaborate with other teams or form strong alliances in order to be successful. They should think through what resources each team has available so that their own team can benefit from it but make sure those same resources don’t come back around and hurt them in the end. Furthermore, players should always keep an eye out for potential dangers that could slow down their progress or put them at risk of losing the race against their opponents. Lastly, players must remember that even if they assume victory at certain points of the game; things can change quickly making it important for them to stay agile and resilient until they actual get declared champion of Summit The Board Game!


Summit The Board Game has seen much success since its inception and stands to become even more popular in the years to come. There are a variety of future opportunities available to enhance the gameplay of Summit The Board Game.

Expansion Packs – New levels, characters, storylines and challenges can be added through expansion packs as well as new items such as weapons, tools or abilities. This will help players stay involved in the game long after they’ve completed the main storyline.

Multiplayer Online Option – This allows up to four players to play head-to-head against each other online and use different strategies that could change the outcome of each game.

A Mobile App – A mobile app version would provide gamers with an opportunity to play on the go so no gaming time is wasted when travelling for work or during vacations. This can also allow players around the world to engage in global tournaments and compete for high scores.

Integrated Merchandise – In addition to board game related products, creating merch such as t-shirts, mugs, collectibles and more will create demand for the brand beyond simply playing the game. This can be offered both online and at physical stores around the world.

Premium Enhancements & Subscriptions – A premium enhancement feature offers exclusive abilities while a subscription model can offer periodic content updates as well as it provides players with a secure online presence in order to maintain their records of games played.

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