Take Off Board Game

Introduction to Take Off Board Game

Take Off Board Game is a quick-paced action game for two to four players. It challenges the players to find their way back home with only their wits and the occasional roll of the dice. Each player receives an aeroplane token, which they must move through a series of airport runways located around the game board. Unlike other board games, Take Off doesn’t involve any chance elements ” instead, its focus is on geography and strategy.

Players move around the board, pairing up cities before they’re allowed to land in them and make connections until they reach their home city! When you make a connection to another player’s city, that player must pay you toll tokens (which are money). The first person to connect all the cities together, or returns to his or her original starting point, wins the game.

Q: What age range is this game suitable for?
A: Take Off Board Game is suitable for ages 8 and up.

Q: How much does it cost to play?
A: The cost for each player is typically around $19 US dollars (USD).

Q: How long does it take to play?
A: Usually it takes about 45 minutes – 1 hour to complete a full game of Take Off Board Game.

What Makes Take Off Board Game Stand Out From Other Games?

Take Off is an engaging and unique board game that sets itself apart from other games due to its innovative take on an airplane-themed strategy game. Players must construct airports, bid for passengers in order to gain money, and improve their own airports whilst simultaneously attempting to hinder their opponents. The player who has the most money at the end of the game is declared the winner. What makes Take Off stand out even more is that it’s a collaborative game which requires cooperation between players and encourages creativity as you attempt to come up with the best strategies. The levels of interaction are impeccable allowing each individual player to make choices regarding investment, loans, and fare prices based on airline competition as well as world events. The two decks of cards provide a wealth of opportunities when it comes to constructing your own airport, ensuring no two games are ever quite alike. These elements all come together to create what is a truly amazing game that requires titanic levels of strategy in order for you to reach victory.

A Look Back at the Development of Take Off Board Game

Take Off Board Game is a beloved classic that has been around since the early 70s. It was created by the iconic board game company, Milton Bradley. It quickly became a favorite out of their many other offerings and remains just as popular today. The game is particularly unique as it combines strategy and luck to keep players engaged and having fun while they play. It also relies heavily on player interaction so it works as a great anxiety-free icebreaker or party game.

The development of Take Off Board Game began when Milton Bradley teamed up with the legendary Vince Milano in 1971. Together, they designed a new sort of board game that emphasized interactivity between the players – something virtually unheard of for board games at the time. They spent months perfecting the rules and putting together all of the pieces, such as dice, cards, aircraft tokens and even tiny airports. In 1972, after all the hard work had been put into it, Take Off Board Game was released to massive success!

Since its release almost 50 years ago, Take Off Board Game has gone through multiple iterations over time to remain relevant and popular with young people and adults alike. The board has been updated to include modern cities such as Tokyo or Hong Kong rather than those based in North America, making it easier for those living outside the US or Canada to play. Its extensive fan base remains active through online communities where they can buy special accessories or share stories about their best victories while playing the game together.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Playing Take Off Board Game

1. Assign each player a color: Before beginning the game, choose your favorite colors and assign one to each player.

2. Place game pieces in Starting grid: Each player should take their corresponding game piece (in their assigned color) and place it in the starting grid at the top of the Take Off board.

3. Roll dice: All players should roll both dice simultaneously to determine who goes first, with the highest roller taking their turn first to collect their first check-in card. The other players then take their turns in succeeding order according to who has the next highest roll, so that everyone begins play at roughly the same time.

4. Move around the Take Off board: As each player takes his/her turn making moves around the Take Off board, they should continue rolling and collecting check-in cards for each valid move on the Take Off board until one of them has all four check-ins and can “take off” from their starting point back to head home ” but only after gaining all four necessary check-ins from stops along their journey!

5. Final Landing Zone: Once a player is near enough to home base with all four necessary check-ins from previous stops, they must make one final landing in a designated landing zone on or near home base before successfully completing their flight and winning the game!

6. Wall of Turbulence: On every valid move around the Take Off board, players will come up against a wall of turbulence – a row filled with dark, stormy clouds representing mildly bad luck that will require players to lose 1 valid progress move every time they encounter it on an unlucky roll!

7. Complete Home Base Challenges: To fly successfully into home base, players must collect all 4 check-ins by circumnavigating through different airports while completing various challenges based on real life test scenarios pilots must complete before flying! See accompanying instruction booklet on specific rules for such challenges during gameplay!

Creative Strategies to Take Your Play to the Next Level

Take Off Board Game is an exciting game of strategy that allows players to reach an anonymous destination. The objective of the game is to make it to the destination in a minimal amount of time by using a combination of luck, resourcefulness, and planning. To win, players need to use creative strategies such as taking their opponents’ turns and using empty seats in the aircraft wisely. Additionally, they must try to make educated guesses about the final destination without sacrificing too many resources.

Players can also use clever tactics to gain an advantage over their opponents. Examples may include making sure they get first dibs on upgrades which will provide extra funds or better routes, getting bonuses at airports along the way, and taking someone else’s turn if they are having trouble coming up with a plan. Furthermore, shrewd players are not afraid to use their opponents’ plans against them and will look out for loopholes in those plans that can lead them to victory. By plotting creative strategies on their journey and staying one step ahead of their competitors, players can come out victorious!

Expansion and Variation Sets for Take Off Board Game

Take Off is a thrilling board game that focuses on the excitement and challenge of airline travel. It brings out the strategist in every player as they try to be the first to take off with a full flight plan across the world. With an Expansion and Variation Set however, one is able to make this game even more exciting and unpredictable.

The Expansion Sets allow you to play the game with additional cities, airports, flight plans, airplanes, and navigation cards. This will give players ground for more intensive strategic thinking during their flights as routes have become complicated by more cities being involved in the game.

The Variation Sets bring about different such rules such as faster waypoints resetting, previously undiscovered hubs being found, allowing regional flights instead of international ones, air traffics causing delayed arrivals of planes etcetera to mix things up a bit from time-to-time when playing the board game. Alternatively one can opt for simpler modifications such as adjusting economic factors applied to specific areas or airport taxes increasing or decreasing depending on landing positions chosen for longer routing strategies.

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With either of these choices or combinations of both expansion and variation sets available for Take Off Board Game all seasoned pilots out there are sure to expect unexpected surprises every single turn they play going forward!

Evaluating the Pros and Cons of Playing Take Off Board Game


• Take Off Board game is an easy game to learn and play, making it perfect for family gatherings or game nights with friends.

• The game promotes positive competition and collaboration between players, as they all strive to beat one another while helping each other stay ahead of the competition.

• The game features an interesting set of board pieces, making the playing experience a bit more dynamic than a traditional board game.

• Plus, unlike many board games, how you progress in Take Off Board Game depends largely on your own skill and strategic decisions rather than luck.


• Take Off Board Game can become repetitive after a few rounds — especially if players are overly familiar with the tactics required to win.

• There is also the risk that some players may become frustrated if they are unable to keep up with their fellow competitors.

• Lastly, although playing the game requires strategy and skill, it has a limited scope of complexity which means that more experienced gamers may not find it particularly stimulating after some time.

A Primer on Finding Where to Buy Take Off Board Game

Take Off Board Game is a fantastic game for those who love aviation-themed games. Players take on the role of pilots and navigate virtual airplanes through the sky ” racing against time, or even each other ” to see who can reach their destination first. With hundreds of airports around the world, there are plenty of opportunities to experience different flight scenarios, while honing one’s flying skills at the same time.

If you’re looking to purchase Take Off Board Game, it’s easy to find online. Simply search online for various retailers that sell board games and type in “Take Off” or “Aviation Board Game”. You’ll likely see a wide range of retailers stocking this particular game with varying price points. You can also look up local stores or hobby shops in your area; they may have Take Off Board Game in stock as well. Shopping from a physical store allows you to check out the product in person before purchasing it, making sure you get exactly what you want for the right price. Additionally, some websites also offer reviews from customers about their Take Off Board Game experiences – be sure to read these as they can help inform your decision.


Take Off is the perfect board game for family nights. With its simple, but entertaining format, it’s sure to be a hit with the whole family. Players can pick up a plane and launch it off the tracks of the Take Off gameboard in hope of landing in an airport. Along their flight path they have to land on bonus squares and complete tricky puzzles in order to fly further! The further they fly, the more bonus points they will receive and higher their score at the end of the game! This competitive edge makes Take-Off an ideal family game night staple! The interactive design also promotes cooperative gameplay for all to enjoy. Families can work together to help each other out and support one another’s strategies- making this game perfect for developing teamwork skills among players! Additionally, kids and adults alike will love experiencing how far their airplanes can travel during playtime. With well thought out design elements such as cards that are full color illustrations and masterfully written questions, no two games will ever be played exactly the same-providing an engaging twist that is sure to keep everyone entertained. Everyone at home is sure to laugh hard and have a fantastic time playing Take Off so make sure you don’t forget it when picking up your next board game purchase!

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