Termite Towers Board Game


Termite Towers Board Game is an exciting game created by Snug in 2005. It was developed to teach boardgames-lovers the basics of building towers with small pieces. Players must use their thinking skills to create the tallest and most secure towers, which can be made up of various types of materials including blocks, beads and stones. The game supports up to four players, who take turns adding pieces until one player either gives up or the tower topples over due to insufficient stability. As something that relies on collaboration as much as it does competition, its popularity owes much to its ability to promote teamwork and help people get along with one another. As a result, Termites Towers has become a classic board game enjoyed by all ages ” from children learning problem solving skills through play, to adults having a fun way of interacting and planning ahead.


Termite Towers is a fun and educational board game designed for kids age 5-10. The goal of the game is to be the first player to build three termite towers. There are two levels of difficulty; beginner and advanced.

In the beginner level, players take turns placing pieces on their tower until it reaches three layers tall or until all pieces have been used up. The first person to build the tallest tower wins the game. In the advanced level, turns are taken in a clockwise direction with each player deciding which piece will be added to the other players’ towers. The game then ends when one of the players reach three layers tall or when all pieces have been used up. All players must work together in order to reach three layers as cooperation is essential towards success in this game.

The game comes with 64 custom plastic pieces, a 4-sided die and instructions booklets designed to teach basic math skills while having fun playing with friends and family. This engaging kids’ board game allows up to four people to play at once, introducing important life lessons like strategy, cooperative thinking & problem solving that can be valuable lessons well into adulthood.


Termite Towers Board Game comes with a board game that features four 3D towers, 52 colored building pieces (split into 4 sets of 13 pieces), and 96 number cards. The game also includes an instruction book. Additionally, expansion sets are available to align the game with different age levels and playing styles. Expansion sets include additional 3D towers, building pieces, and number cards.

Game Play

Termite Towers is a two-to four-player game based on packing and stacking. Each player starts out by choosing a color and collecting an identical set of 25 termites and 5 towers in that same color. You then take turns to see who can build the tallest tower when combined with one another’s termites”the winner being the person with the tallest tower.

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Here are the basic steps for playing Termite Towers:

Step 1: Starting from youngest player, each person takes their turn removing one termite from their set of 20 and inserting it into any available empty space on any opponents’ towers.

Step 2: The opponent must now take 1 tower or up to 3 connected towers and move them together, 1 at a time, to another empty square on the board. This action is in response to your added termite onto their existing towers. If there are no open squares, then they are out of luck! Be sure to remember not to move your own tower while you’re trying to create space on other’s.

Step 3: After each players have gone around once, whoever has created the tallest tower is declared the winner!

This is only a brief overview of playing Termite Towers; if you would like more instructions on setting up and playing this fun game, please refer to our official instructions page linked below. Enjoy!


The goal in Termite Towers Board Game is to be the first player to build the highest tower without exceeding the stack limit of 20 pieces. To win, players must develop a strategic approach and adjust their strategy as needed depending on their opponents’ moves.

Some strategies for winning include planning out your moves ahead of time and looking for opportunities to get an advantage over your opponents. You should also try to anticipate your opponent’s next moves and block them. Make sure you are playing with a steady hand, so that you don’t make any mistakes that could give your opponent an edge. Additionally, you should have a plan for how you will use special pieces and save them for when it is most effective. Lastly, try not to place too many pieces at once since it increases the risk of losing them due to another’s turn or being knocked off by other pieces during the game.

In addition to these strategies, there are specific tips that vary depending on what type of player you are competing with. When playing against a more experienced player, it may be helpful to take risks and make aggressive moves rather than waiting and allowing your opponent to gain an overwhelming lead. On the other hand, when playing against someone more inexperienced or younger players in particular, taking calculated risks can still be beneficial but having patience is essential ” inappropriate aggressive tactics often result in building a weaker tower which may later have trouble competing with stronger ones built by your opponents

Fun Factor

The Termite Towers Board Game encourages fun and enthusiasm in all players with its innovative game play mechanics. Players compete against each other to build the tallest termite tower out of blocks before it falls apart. The game includes a set of colorful wooden blocks that can be arranged and stacked together in any way you like. As the tower grows taller, so does the suspense and excitement, making it a great game to be enjoyed by all players, both children and adults alike. With varied levels of difficulty suitable for playing with different age groups, the game can spark some friendly competition amongst family members or friends who strive to become master termite tower builders!

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Other Considerations

The theme of Termie Towers Board game is a fun and interactive way to build a tall tower. The game has been designed so that requires strategy, patience and lateral thinking to be successful. It appeals to both younger children and adults.

In terms of demographics, the game can target a range of ages from 8-80+ year old players whether children or parents/grandparents, who like building things.

A tailored approach can take the theme in various directions based on the audience being targeted. For example, children could have more colorful pieces while adults could have more sophisticated pieces made from wood or metal. Alternatively, one version could feature characters that appeal to boys/girls or even another version with video gaming elements for older audiences who enjoy beat’em up games like Fortnite or Call of Duty. Also, adult versions could feature layers within the towers where certain levels are required for certain outcomes like diminishing points for wrong moves or bonuses for different levels completed such as multi-player modes or augmented reality options. The possibilities are endless and there is much potential in terms of tailoring Termie Towers board game to suit specific audiences.


Termites Towers is a fantastic board game that is suitable for all types of players. It combines the classic element of tower stacking with more modern touches like creative dexterity, strategic placement, and friendly competition. The game itself is easy to learn but hard to master. Its different levels provide a challenge for experienced gamers as well as beginners.

With its mix of physical skills and strategic planning, Termites Towers offers an enjoyable gaming experience for everyone. The rules are clear and simple and the pieces are highly interactive and engaging. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or absolute beginner, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment for your friends and family!

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