What Are Good Board Games For Families With Teenagers


Board games are a form of fun and entertainment that has been around since ancient times. They bring families and friends together, challenging them to think critically, practice problem-solving skills, and engage in friendly competition with one another. While board games have certainly evolved over the years with newer titles introducing innovative concepts and technologies, the classic board game format remains popular among many households”especially those who include teenagers.

When it comes to good board games for families with teenagers, there are a variety of exciting options available that can provide hours of entertainment for everyone involved. Games such as Pandemic Legacy Season 2, Codenames Duet XXL, Betrayal Legacy, Carcassonne Big Box 5 and Exploding Kittens are all great choices that offer interesting mechanics and an age appropriate level of challenge. Of course, more traditional games such as Diplomacy and Monopoly may also be suitable depending on who is playing. No matter what kind of game players prefer, it’s important to find something that works best for the whole family. Teenagers who enjoy playing video games might even find a few titles they recognize in board game form!


Board games are a great way to bring the family together and offer quality time. Not only do they often help promote conversation and allow everyone in the family to take part, but they also bring a sense of competition and fun. They can be a great way to break up the sometimes monotonous routine of everyday tasks and life.

In order for board games to work best for families with teenagers, it is important that each teenager is actively engaged by asking them for their opinions and suggestions when deciding on the game. It may also be beneficial to grab a couple of different games so that everyone can choose one or two that appeal most to them. Games such as Monopoly or Settlers of Catan can make for an involved game with many conversations as players collaborate together. Playing card games such as Set or Uno can be less intimidating yet still provide an avenue for strategic thinking and even some good-natured trash talking!

It is important to create a positive environment by encouraging everyone to participate freely in the game without judgement or worrying about making mistakes. Instead, focus on enjoying each other’s company while connecting through shared experiences while playing the game. Ideally, this will translate into conversations beyond just strategy here-and-there during play but blossoming into meaningful discussions about all aspects of life – past, present, future – offering newfound appreciation between family members at all stages of life despite being generations apart.

Types of Board Games

Strategy Board Games

Strategy board games challenge players of all ages to develop strategies, solve puzzles, and think ahead. Common type of strategical thinking includes area control and resource management. Popular titles like Catan, Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride are great for families with teenagers as they require strategic planning and quick decision-making. Players learn to forecast their opponents’ decisions and put their plan into actions.

Cooperative Board Games

Cooperative board games are a great way for family members to collaborate together and set goals. Players come together to fight a common enemy or achieve a common goal such as Pandemic or Forbidden Island. These types of games place everyone on the same team, creating a fun group dynamic that can be quite thrilling for all players involved.

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Role-Playing Board Games

Role-playing board games put players in character roles where they work together to accomplish missions, solve mysteries or even battle against each other. All roles are fictionally based with unique skills, objectives and obstacles along the way. Popular examples of role-playing board games include Betrayal at House on the Hill, Dungeons & Dragons and Mansions of Madness. These types of games typically require collaboration between different players so it’s a great way to bring parents and teens closer while solving puzzles or working through story elements together.

Trivia Board Games
Trivia board games provides an educational twist that tests player knowledge in various topics such as arts & culture, history, science & nature and more. Examples such as Trivial Pursuit or Scene It offer creative ways for teens (and adults!) to test out their cultural knowledge while providing amusing entertainment for the whole family at home game nights!

Top Picks

1. Catan – Catan is a strategy game where players race to collect resources, such as lumber, brick, ore and wool. Players use these resources to build roads and settlements in order to gain victory points. To play at home with everyday items, each resource could be represented by something different (e.g. paper clips denote lumber, coins denote brick) that family members take turns putting out onto the playing area representing the “island” of Catan.

2. Ticket to Ride – In Ticket to Ride, players collect cards in order to claim railway routes connecting cities on a map. Players have a limited number of actions that they can complete during each turn in order to make progress as quickly as possible towards their goal ” connecting one coast of the United States with the other. To play at home using everyday items, you could use small pieces (e.g. stones) or counters instead of trains or figures for locomotives and draw lines on a poster or easel pad for the route connections!

3. Carcassonne – Carcassonne is another strategy board game featuring tiles depicting regions, cities and roads which are placed on the table in order to create a map unique from game-to-game! If playing at home using everyday items then use counters or paper clips instead tiles – family members take turns selecting a counter and placing it across from any matching area already populated on the table-drawn playing area while trying to score points through connected cities & roads as they continue building it out!

4. Pandemic – Pandemic pits players against a virulent strain of deadly diseases are sweeping around different parts of the globe and threatening humanity’s very existence! Players must work together quickly by strategizing how best safeguard their species while simultaneously blocking the spread of diseases before they become too powerful and overtake everything else! To play this game at home with everyday items try having each family member pick a color-coded marker (stones/coins/counters etc) which corresponds with their region within the game world itself & build out markers using rolls of masking tape for connecting disease hotspots for greater coordination when trying minimize contamination’s explosive spread!

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5. Lords of Waterdeep ” A Dungeons & Dragons-inspired game! In Lords Of Waterdeep you gain control over various lands associated with an aspect like nature or war; players compete against one another by collecting gold pieces & buying influence accordingly in exchange for control over whichever land they need most at any given time during this intense game night competition! Playing at home with everyday items means drawing out cityscapes using large sheets writing pads or chalkboards & broken up into sectors representing merchants guilds military guard posts etc.. Then once outline is established each family member takes turns placing colored stones (or coins/counters etc) across designated markings along drawn 2D layout like chessboard; one stone per sector necessary exert tangible level power accumulating victory points once stockpiled enough ‘influence’ has been collected throughout course progression rounds taking place until single winner declared by team during endgame phase spirited match festivities had occurred prior its eventual close!


For families with teenagers, board games can be an excellent way to have fun together and strengthen family bonds. Parents of teenagers may worry that board games are too babyish or out of touch with their teen’s interests, but there are plenty of great board games that offer an interesting challenge while being appropriate for all ages. From cooperative games where players work together to reach a goal to head-to-head strategy games, there is no shortage of compelling game options out there. Some popular examples of good board games for families with teenagers include Catan, 7 Wonders Duel, Splendor, Ticket To Ride and Betrayal At House On The Hill.

These choices should provide hours of entertainment and help foster a sense of friendly competition while drawing the whole family closer together. To make the experience even more enjoyable, consider adding snacks and drinks, changing up the game environment by playing outside or inside and inviting friends over for a board game party.

For parents who want more ideas about what kinds of board games are suitable for teens, consulting online reviews is helpful as these resources often provide comprehensive details about the game mechanics as well as age appropriateness levels. Additionally, many local toy stores or hobby stores will stock a good selection of board games suited to teens along with knowledgeable staff who can offer advice about the newest releases and classic favorites. Lastly, boards gaming competitions often occur on national levels in many countries which can be useful in finding new titles as well as helping build interest amongst teens in playing larger tournaments with high stakes competitions.

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