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The board game Troke is a strategic and interactive game that focuses on exploration, decision-making, and relationships. The game is designed for 2-4 players, ages 10-19. It requires no real-life knowledge of either the game or its associated region, making it an accessible and entertaining game for all skill levels.

What makes Troke unique from other games is its concept and execution. Instead of having players conquer a wide landmass or fight others, Troke is about exchanging goods, building relationships through commerce and negotiation, and discovering secrets of the region as you go. As a trader you must obtain resources from other islands at the lowest price possible so you can then transport them around the region to make more money or spend resources on establishing your trading post while collecting victory points along the way. There’s plenty of strategy involved in determining how to meet these objectives while competing with other players, as well as when to use special cards that disrupt your opponents’ plans or uncover hidden discoveries that can help meet your goals faster. With unique challenges at every turn along with multiple paths to victory based on trade goods acquired throughout the game, Troke provides never ending fun with an ever changing result!


Troke is a historical two-player strategy game which originated in Ancient Greece. It was even documented in the writings of Aristophanes in his play Plutus, which premiered around 388″BCE. This evidence proves Troke was employed as an educational tool to teach tactical skills to young students.

The core objective of the game is for one player to move their pieces such that they protect their designated ‘troke’ while attempting to capture their opponent’s. The pieces used are commonly referred to as ‘trokotas’, and is composed of six wedges each with varying points of attack and retreat options. Each player is handed twelve trokotas which can be moved according to pre-defined rules, making traditional Troke a highly strategic but slow paced game.

Today, modern changes have been made to the format of the game for faster matches, such as allowing less trokotas per players or timing limit on each turn. However, it’s still unarguably a challenge and captivating board game beloved by centuries – attracting both youth and adults given its history and ability to sharpen anyone’s logical reasoning skills!


The board game Troke is a strategic game of chance, where players move their pieces around the board while attempting to land on squares corresponding to tasks they must complete in order to win. The main goal of the game is to be the first player to move their piece all the way around the board and back again, winning three toro coins along the way.

Gameplay typically involves two to six players taking turns rolling dice and moving clockwise around the board. Each space contains unique directions that corresponds with specific tasks related to physical activity, strategizing, problem solving, memory or knowledge-based skills. Players can accrue one toro coin per turn by completing activities like mastering quizzes, collecting four matching cards, or making a funny face when they land on certain spaces. When a player collects three toro coins they are declared the winner.

Components generally include 6 colorful pieces (representing various animals), 6 individual game boards (usually featuring colorful patterns/designs), 20 playing cards depicting duos of different animals, a pair of die and 36 Toro Coins (small coins made of wood).

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In addition to normal play variations also exist”such as longer timers for each move/task completion or fun extras like speed rounds wherein all players attempt to complete their turns within a specified time limit. Super Troke is an extension pack released in 2016 which includes two new boards and an even wider range of categories for task completion.


Troke is a strategic board game with elements of simultaneous bidding, risk management, and card playing. The game is an evolution from the classic Parcheesi, as it incorporates a number of different rules and mechanics to provide players with more tactical options than before. Each game consists of two teams of two or four players who compete on a board full of 20 fields. After taking turns in drawing cards and building Fortresses, players attempt to take one another’s territory by bidding on properties and constructing tunnels, traps, and bridges. While most of the rules stay consistent, there are several strategies that advanced players can use which involve bluffing and outguessing foes while understanding how to maximize their moves and win the most points at the end. These strategies include hiding pieces so opponents don’t guess whereabouts they are going; buying enough pieces so that no one else can build something in key locations; referencing previous games for clues about what opponents might try this time; building lines defending or controlling vital territories; selecting certain cards for specific reasons such as trading them for stronger ones after rebuilding fortresses; or pushing other players into unfavorable positions. Skilled professional players study these strategies intensely in order to gain an edge over competitors when playing Troke!

Fun Facts

Troke is a player-versus-player board game that was invented in 2002. At its core, it’s a fast-paced strategy game in which each player competes to collect the most points while sabotaging their opponent. It involves players moving small figurines of people and vehicles around on a 9×9 gridded game board. Each turn, the players can either move one of their pieces or use an action card to do something special, like make another piece unplayable for one round. Troke has become popular among strategy and science fiction fans alike due to its challenging gameplay and intricate world building.

Fun facts about Troke include:
1. All of the game pieces in Troke are named after different characters from Pagan mythology, including Freya, Odin and Thor.
2. The original design for Troke was much smaller in scale than the final published version; it had only four squares on each side instead of nine!
3. In 2008, Hasbro purchased the rights to create a video game adaptation of Troke entitled “The World of Troke”.
4. The creator of Troke also wrote two official novels set within the world, known as “The Shadow War” and “Death Deepens”.
5. There have been many different tournaments and leagues held internationally for expert players of Troke over the years since its release!


The Board Game Troke is a strategic game created by German designer Jürgen P. K. Grunau in 1982 and has seen multiple iterations since then, with the most recent edition dating back to 2017. The board game is widely praised as one of the most complex and engaging board games ever developed. The objective of the game is to cunningly manipulate the network of resourceful adversaries, outsmarting them and collecting resources before any other player reaches their respective goals first.

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Though it wasn’t an instant hit when it first came out, Troke saw an increase in popularity over the years as more expansions released by its developers added new elements to its world. It combines elements of traditional strategy games such as Chess and Go but also provides immense creative freedom to players during turns with its vast array of rules-based strategy options.

These multiple iterations have further strengthened Troke’s status as a classic board game despite evolving aesthetics across different editions; from physical maps that went unchanged for 28 years until 2010 when completely redesigned boards replaced them to modern animated landscapes where simulated armies move about autonomously uncontrolled by players in later editions. Despite its age, every iteration continues to offer fresh decisions for players each turn within a familiar yet increasingly complex world; offering budding strategists endless possibilities for development due to their imagination, knowledge off applicable rules and resourcefulness.

Expansion Packs

Troke is a board game that aims to recreate the real-life experience of trading stocks on the stock market, in which players must use strategy and wise investments to make a profit. Players take turns buying and selling stocks from various companies, as well as monitoring company performance and global economic trends. Over the course of the game, players can also invest their money in additional “expansion packs” which add additional rules, set-ups, and features for them to explore. Expansion packs may include advanced negotiation tactics, additional types of companies to purchase stock in, more complex economic simulations, or other enhancements that can change how the game is played. By adding variety through expansion packs, Troke allows players to customize the experience and stay engaged even after mastering the basics.


Troke is a groundbreaking board game which is changing the way we play board games. By combining elements of traditional competitive boardgaming with innovative technology and interactive features, Troke provides players with an immersive board gaming experience. Players battle against each other in fast-paced rounds of friendly competition in which they race against the clock to build their own ‘Trokian’ universe. During the game, players need to deploy their cards strategically in order to amass resources, expand their territory and build lush fortifications before their opponents overtake them. As the action intensifies during the game, challenges become increasingly complex as Troke requires players to stay one step ahead of their adversaries in order to win. With bright visuals, sound effects and intelligent gameplay mechanics, Troke offers a thrilling experience that has revolutionized how we think about modern day boardgames. As more and more people are discovering Troke’s unique brand of fun and engaging entertainment, there’s no doubt that this revolutionary board game is quickly shaping the future of board game entertainment for years to come.

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