How Do They Get Hockey Boards Down For Basketball Games


Although the tools used to transform an ice rink into a basketball court may appear to be simple, there is a great deal of science and strategy that goes into converting a hockey rink for other sports. Many times it is necessary for organizations to switch from ice hockey to basketball, depending on the season and demands of their clients. The transformation process includes taking down the hockey boards surrounding the perimeter of the rink, which can be a time-consuming task due to their size, weight and complexity. It not only requires extra manpower but also specialized equipment such as picks, ropes, straps and man trucks. The estimated cost for removing the boards typically ranges from around $15-$20 per square foot and usually takes anywhere from two days to three weeks depending on the organization’s budget and timeline. It is also important that rinks take safety into consideration when transitioning between different sports in order to prevent damage or injury. Installing nets above backboards during transitions can lessen chances of personal injury by breaking falls, especially in regards to younger athletes who participate in various sports at one location.

Breaking Down the Hockey Board and Retractable Floor System

Hockey boards are made of a durable heavy-duty plastic material and are connected to the rink with a steel frame. One of the most interesting features of the hockey boards is their ability to be folded up and retracted away, allowing for basketball games and other events to take place at the arena.

Breaking down a hockey board system is no easy task. The first step is to access the metal frames which secure each panel in place and release them by disconnecting the screw connections one by one. Once all four frames have been unhooked, they are usually transported off-site before further dismantling takes place. One must keep in mind that typically weight counterbalance mechanisms are incorporated onto some boards, so extra caution must be taken when attempting to remove them as to not damage any components of the system.

Next, each board must be carefully cut into individual panels and then folded up one by one manually or with the help of mechanical lifting devices. It’s essential that, at this stage, professionals understand where all pieces go in order to properly store them for later reuse. Considerations should also be accounted for regarding measurements between boards when leaving gaps due to size differences between panels.

Once all pieces have been broken down and organised, each section may then safely be transported off-site for storage until reapplication happens at a later date for another game or event. Being mindful with how these boards are handled prior to folding or dislodging assembling can greatly determine their strength, lifespan, contour retention integrity and overall performance ” making an effort during breakdown unnecessary but suggested if ever asked upon by team owners or members heading up installations/transports globally

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Laying the Retractable Floor

The process of laying down the retractable hockey boards for a basketball game requires multiple steps.

First, it is important to ensure that the surface is leveled properly before any installation takes place. To do this, one must measure and mark the area accurately using tools such as a tape measure, spirit level, and chalk line. After that, other materials such as wood shims may be used to level the surface as necessary.

Once the surface is prepped, the actual installation begins with inserting anchor brackets into each corner of the floor surface (temporarily affixed with nails). The retractable boards can then be attached by drilling holes in them and screwing them into the brackets. Some models may use additional materials like bolts or nuts for extra reinforcement.

Finally, after everything is properly secured and the boards are in place, they should then be tested by moving them around to make sure they are secure enough. Once they are confirmed to be secure, they can be opened or closed in various positions so that smaller or larger games can take place as needed.

Creating a Basketball Court Surface

Painting is the most common way of creating a basketball court surface. The process involves using special paints to create a uniform surface. Different colors are used depending on the team’s preference and branding, and lines and symbols can also be added with tape or stencils in order to further customize the look of the court.

Using artificial turf is another method to bring down hockey boards for basketball games. This type of flooring provides a consistent surface but may need more maintenance if it tends to be exposed to extreme elements like snow or water. It’s often seen translated onto arena courts, where teams prefer its staying power during the season or tournament play.

Colored foam tiles are another popular way for teams to transform a hockey rink into a basketball arena. These foam tiles come in many different colors, some of which can mimic the look of other types of court surfaces such as tile or hardwood flooring. Unlike painting, these tiles usually require less prep work since no tape, tarps, or stencils are needed in order to mark out any playing lines. Additionally they offer more cushioning than their solid counterparts which can help prevent injuries resulting from abrasions due to falls or dives on harder surfaces like concrete or wood.

Guaranteeing a Professional Finish

The process begins with the removal of the hockey boards that are on the ice surface. This requires a team of experienced workers and special tools to ensure that they can be properly removed without any damage being done to the rink or basketball court. Once removed, it is important for workers to walk around the perimeter of the court and use dusters or hard-bristled brooms to sweep away any dirt and grime from where the boards were placed. Afterward, mops should be used to thoroughly clean the entire surface area in order to remove any remaining debris. Special cleaning solutions can also be used in order to help strip away all dirt from deep within crevices and seams that could potentially cause harm if left unaddressed for an extended period of time. Additionally, workers must ensure that They wipe down all nearby walls and fixtures with a damp cloth so as not to disturb or damage any interior workings that may be located there. Finally, drying fans should be applied to dry off all areas before allowing athletes on the court; this is important in order prevent slips due to excess water levels left on the ground after mopping.

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The process of transforming an ice rink to a basketball court is a major project that requires specialized tools and equipment. Safety precautions are a priority and professionals must be employed to ensure they are properly followed. The hockey boards must be taken down first and stored either permanently or temporarily, depending on the needs of the facility. Hardwood floor panels should also be removed from the rink, as well as any lines drawn for playing hockey. If needed, temporary anchor systems may need to be put into place in order to secure the boards together with special brackets. There is also the possibility of relocation of benches and walls, depending on what type of seating system is necessary for the basketball games. The ice can then be removed from the surface and dry flooring installed or placed over it. Once all those steps have been completed, the space is completely transformed for a basketball game. Professional tools and equipment will make this transformation process easier, faster and safer for everyone involved-from players to staff members needed in the preparation process.

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