Who Dares Wins Lottery Board Game


Who Dares Wins Lottery Board Game is an exciting and innovative lottery-style game that puts you in control of your own future. It offers players a great way to test their luck and increase their chances of winning real prizes. The game utilizes a mix of gambling mechanics and technology to create an incredibly immersive experience. One interesting fact about the Who Dares Wins Lottery Board Game is that it has been designed by Gamology, a team which consists of experienced gaming industry veterans with over 25 years of experience combined.

Games Objectives

Who Dares Wins Lottery Board Game is a fun, interactive game for one or more players. The primary objective of the game is for players to collect as many lottery tickets as possible and redeem them for different rewards. To begin playing, each player takes turns rolling the dice, which will determine how many squares (tickets) they can move forward and collect from the board.

Players have the chance to collect a variety of rewards throughout the game, including bonus points, instant win tickets, grand prizes, and more. Players must reach certain squares on the board in order to be eligible for these rewards. Certain squares also provide extra ticket bonuses that are available to all players if they land on them during their turn.

At the end of each round of play, players may redeem any collected lottery tickets for awards such as cash prizes, special discounts or free products/services from special partners, vouchers, merchandise and gift cards from popular retailers or restaurants. Additionally, whoever collects the most tickets wins a special grand prize.

Game Components

Who Dares Wins Lottery Board Game includes a board, a cloth draw bag, five play cards, 75 color balls (in blue, green and red), five multi-colored stands, 12 round markers (with images of different jobs), 5 rectangular tokens for writing and erasing lottery numbers. The rules are included in the game box.

To start playing the game each turn must choose one of their five play cards with professions on it and deposit their chosen number of balls according to the profession on its stand. Each card is marked with a specific number of balls which is either three, two or one ball. After all the turns have finished selecting their profession and placing the corresponding number of balls on each stand then they must draw ten balls from the cloth bag and add them to their respective stands. They must then try to form four rows of three different colored balls reserving any extra balls to ensure that everyone can finish their four lines as efficiently as possible.

The objective is to get lucky enough to fill four straight rows; one for each colour ” blue, green, red ” using either the drawn or previously collected numbers only tossing out any unfit number. When a player has successfully created four straight lines of 3 same colored numbers from numerical 1-9 then that is called “a Lucky Win” which ultimately lands among several other winnings like; Most Numbers Win (player who has most number collected in total). Once all turns are complete, players count their points along with those they earned with previous wins at each turn and declare the winner!


The Who Dares Wins lottery board game offers players a fun and exciting gaming experience. To maximize the players’ chances of winning, they should focus on gathering as many tokens as possible while they move throughout the game board’s various spaces. Players should also look for opportune moments where they can utilize “Power-Ups,” which allow them to double their impacts on select areas of the board and boost their chances at walking away with more tokens than their opponents.

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In addition to collecting more tokens, there are a handful of creative strategies that players can explore to increase their odds at victory. For instance, when competing against other players, it may be beneficial to team up and share the collected game pieces among one another or strategically take rewards from certain spots on the board when advantageous. By being creative with how they approach different situations within the game, players can use unexpected tactics to come out triumphant time after time.

Fun Factor

Who Dares Wins Lottery Board Game is loads of fun for all ages! It’s a strategy game that rewards careful planning and luck. The objective is to collect the most money by competing against your friends in a bidding war for numbers from a lottery draw. Whoever takes the jackpot has the potential to become a millionaire!

To make it even more exciting, players can personalize the game rules to their own individual playing style. For example, adding house rules such as no swapping or trading of lottery tickets can turn up the intensity. Adding restrictions like limiting the number of picks for each player per round adds suspense, as does putting a cap on how much money each player can spend on buying tickets. Alternatively, upping the stakes by making payouts higher if luck strikes can lead to some intense competition.

No two games of Who Dares Wins Lottery Board Game will ever be alike ” so why not try it out yourself and see how much fun you can have?


Who Dares Wins Lottery Board Game was created in the United Kingdom by Goliath Games Ltd. in 2001 and released to overseas markets in 2003. It remains popular today, particularly with families who play together as a diversion from their regularly scheduled game night. The game requires players to select one of five sets of lottery numbers from which they can win money based on their score on a separate chart determined by dice rolls. Depending on the outcome of their roll, players can choose to pass or continue playing until they hit a winning number combination. In addition to the actual game and monetary rewards, players also enjoy special side-games and mini-challenges that change part way through each round for added fun. The game has been praised for it’s simplicity and ability to bring people together around whatever board it is played on; this quality has made it especially attractive among those who don’t usually like board games as an activity.

Social Benefits

The Who Dares Wins Lottery Board Game could prove to be a very valuable tool for social interaction as it gives players the opportunity to put their strategic skills and knowledge to the test. As they go through each round of the game, they must think creatively and come up with strategies that will put them one step ahead of their opponents, cultivating challenges and providing exciting learning moments. Furthermore, while they play the game together, they can bond over laughter and excitement as well as any problems encountered throughout the process.

Playing the Who Dares Wins Lottery Board Game provides many lessons that can be applied to other aspects of life, such as problem-solving capabilities, improved communication between partners, working in teams effectively and making decisions under pressure. Additionally it teaches players about risk assessment since each roll comes with both opportunities and challenges which have to be considered before making a move. Lastly, it can teach important life skills like budgeting money more wisely or even in planning for their future endeavors by understanding different kinds of risks associated with decision-making.

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Who Dares Wins Lottery Board Game should be played in a responsible manner. Players must follow all applicable laws, regulations, and rules of the game at all times. Cheating or fraud is a serious offence that can have legal consequences.

All participants in the game should also be aware of potential risks inherent with playing board games, such as injury due to tripping over boards or pieces, choking on game pieces, or any other kind of physical injury. Furthermore, children should never be left unattended while this game is being played.

Before beginning play, it would also be wise to review all instructions on how to play the game properly and safely, as well as any warnings about possible dangers associated with the game, such as fire safety when using materials like paper coins during play. Additionally, make sure there are no hazards in the play area that may injure participants or disrupt gameplay. Lastly, please ensure that no unauthorized attempts to access data related to this board game occur during any gameplay sessions by prohibiting non-players from distracting participants with questions regarding numbers and outcomes of the game.


The Who Dares Wins Lottery Board Game is a fun and exciting game which is great for family entertainment. The game challenges players to take risks in a bid to win money, adding an extra element of excitement. Whilst the game can be very entertaining, it does have its drawbacks. Players need to pay to play the game, so it won’t be suitable for those who don’t want to spend money on activities. There are also no options for solo players and one needs at least three other people to get involved in the game ” however; this could be seen as an opportunity for people to spend more quality time together.

To make the game even better, further customization options could be available such as different types of lotteries and increased values of prizes. Furthermore, virtual versions with automated systems could be created allowing solo-playing or even tournaments. There should also perhaps be less of a reliance on luck when playing this board game by offering additional levels or tasks that provide bonuses if completed successfully.

Overall, Who Dares Wins Lottery Board Game provides an engaging option perfect for groups of friends or family members who don’t mind taking risks in order to have a chance at winning good money! Players should bear in mind that there are some costs associated with playing this game which would need to factored into their decision-making process before buying it.

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