Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Board Game Uk Instructions

Introduction to Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Board Game UK

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Board Game UK is great fun for all the family, with the chance to quiz each other in an attempt to become a millionaire! Both children and adults can enjoy playing and testing their knowledge.

This awesome game begins with each player taking the role of a contestant on the famous TV game show. One lucky player takes the role of host, who will read out from the included questions cards. The other players each in turn select a topic from three different categories to answer questions on. Each correct answer earns them money points – ranging from £25 up to £1,000,000!

The aim of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Board Game UK is for one player to climb the cash ladder and make it to a million pounds. To do this they must answer as many questions as they can correctly as they progress through 15 multiple-choice questions selected by the host or another player at random. Players will be awarded cash prizes at each level depending on how successful they are at giving accurate answers.

Players may also take extra risks if they think they know enough about a subject by playing the 50:50 and phone friend lifelines when available but don’t forget that these can only be used once per round! If a player does not feel confident about answering any question, then they have the option to pass and so keep whatever prize money earned so far for that round. There’s no need to rush into answering when you don’t have all of your facts straight!

History of the Show

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? first started as a British TV show created by David Briggs, Mike Whitehill and Steven Knight in 1998. The original format involved 15 questions of increasing difficulty, the last being worth £1 million, straightforward :

Each contestant was given the opportunity to answer the 15 questions which were each potentially worth more money than the previous. There were four lifelines (Phone A Friend, 50/50, Ask The Audience) available throughout the game that could be used to help when stuck on an answer.

The show quickly spawned its own genre of television game shows and became incredibly popular in both its UK and US adaptation hosted respectively by Chris Tarrant and Regis Philbin. It has also been adapted into nearly 200 other countries worldwide with local hosts and formats reflecting their country’s culture.

Since its original conception, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? has continued to evolve over two decades later with new rules such as three strikes while attempting the question leading to an automatic end of game and different lifeline alternatives.

Unpacking the Game

In the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire board game, everyone can have a chance at becoming a virtual millionaire! The board game comes with many features to make sure that the action-packed game play is as fun and interactive as possible:

When uncapping the box, inside you will find the game board which measures 53 x 38 cm when fully assembled. Also included are 4 playing pieces, 100 plastic money tokens (in 4 denominations; 10k, 25K, 50K and 100K), 24 lifelines cards specifically for double dip, ask audience and phone a friend. 100 question cards containing 400 questions (4 difficulty levels provided). Also coming along with this board game are instructions to help assembly the board and get you started.

To set up the game board follow these simple steps: On one side of the board there is an image of Regis Philbin. On the other there’s a clip on holder where you need to place your question cards. To construct this clip on holder you will need to click it in place by pressing firmly on each of its three sides until they click in place. Additionally four aluminum rods should be attached to both sides of the questions holders so they can hold up your lifeline cards – gently insert them into pre-defined holes placed around the edges of each frame bar. Once you have set up your game board almost all thats left it to pile up your money tokens and start playing!

The Rules

The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire board game is based on the popular, long-running TV quiz show.

Players answer multiple choice questions to work their way up the money tree in a race against the clock, using lifelines when they need help.

Questions come in three levels of difficulty with increasing amounts of prize money as you go up the money tree. If a wrong answer is given, you risk losing the amount of money associated with that question and if all three lifelines are used on one question, it will be considered an incorrect answer even if it was right.

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In order to start the game each player needs to choose their own character token for movement around the game board and also select one contestant counter for tracking progress through each challenge along with two ‘Lifeline’ cards ” these being ‘50/50’ and ‘Phone A Friend’ which deducts 10 seconds from your personal time limit for that particular challenge. Additionally players conditionally pick ten ‘Currency Cards’ which can be used throughout the duration of play to help progress further up the money tree or guard against unnecessary losses when faced with questions early in a new round.. You will also receive several orange Millionaire Question cards which includes 4 puzzles.

Questions must be chosen by answering either true or false or choosing between 3 answers marked A, B or C respectively towards earning points on every correct response ” questions will be drafted out by random selection taken from each category that appears at set points along the walled track of 16 rectangles. After revealing your winning total again at final handover you have only one more task ahead – to answer a multiple-choice question correctly in order to turn all those points into pounds sterling! The fact that most games run over circa 15 minutes encourages further replayability value should any players feel like revisiting the material and competing another time around!

The Point of the Game

The main objective of the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Board Game UK is to be the first player to reach 1,000,000 points. The game is played with three to six players and each person will have their own “report card” which they will add up at the end of the round; whoever has the most points is declared the winner.

To gain points, players must answer questions on various topics including history, geography, science, sport and general knowledge. Each correct answer earns a pre-determined points value and a wrong answer results in a deduction of points. Sometimes questions are accompanied by multiple choice answers; other times you will be asked to provide your own response. After each set of five questions there is a surprise Jackpot that can dramatically increase your score if answered correctly.

Whoever reaches 1 million points first wins! So get ready to show off just how much you know in order to win this exciting game! Play along as host Chris Tarrant asks you: “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”

Show Off Your Skills

The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Board Game UK has everything you need to test your knowledge and skill in the classic TV quiz show – right from the comfort of your own home. It comes with instructions, game board, timer and cards, as well as questions modelled on the original game. This board game offers a fast-paced excitement that can introduce hours of entertainment while testing your skills in strategy, navigation and tacticsto become a millionaire. The various questions offered during the course of the game will challenge even the sharpest minds to see if they come out on top. With an abundance of categories and difficulty levels, this is an all round great addition to any home collection!

Strategies & Tips

The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Board Game UK is a fun and entertaining game. To win, you must use your knowledge smartly and come up with the correct answers to difficult questions. Here are some strategies and tips to consider when playing:

1. Use Your Lifelines Wisely – Don’t be afraid to use the ‘phone a friend’ and ‘50/50 lifeline’ options, as these can be really helpful when you’re getting stuck on a question. But also make sure not to be too reliant on them – if you’re stumped on an answer, it usually pays off to take an educated guess!

2. Work The Room For Answers – If you’re playing Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Board Game UK with friends or family members, utilise their knowledge of certain topics! This can help increase your chances of getting those tricky questions right.

3. Utilise Your Time – Remember that time is of the essence so make sure not to spend too much time prevaricating over complex questions. If you’re struggling with an answer then it’s best to move onto the next one sooner rather than later before the timer runs out!

4. Have Fun & Give It Everything You’ve Got – While it’s important to remember good strategies during the game, don’t forget it’s all about having fun! Make sure you give it your best shot and enjoy the experience along the way.

Adapting for Different Ages

The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Board Game has been adapted to be used by various organizations and groups of different ages. For example, the game has been adapted for use in elementary school classrooms. Instead of monetary prizes, children could win inexpensive prizes such as books or small toys.

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Meanwhile, many colleges have adapted the game so that students can earn points toward extra credit or a change at a scholarship or other prize. The questions may focus on specific aspects of their course of study such as history or literature questions. Some high schools have also adopted this system where students attempt to answer questions about the subject matter they are studying for a chance at extra credit.

The game can also be modified to serve as an icebreaker for corporate meetings and team building events. The questions in these scenarios often focus on topics like popular culture, current events, and general knowledge that would appeal to any individual regardless of age. This type of environment is also less competitive with no particular ‘winner’ or prize associated with it.


The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Board Game UK has some amazing variations and editions that can be explored. One great variation is the ’50:50′ edition, where players face off in an exciting game of jeopardy against their opponents. This allows players to pick one question between two sets of possible answers. Another interesting variant includes the ‘Fastest Finger’, which tests a player’s knowledge as they attempt to answer lightning-fast questions within seconds! The next special variation is the ‘Phone A Friend’ edition, whereby players are given the chance to call one of their friends for help with tricky questions. Finally, the ‘Double Dip’ version gives players two chances of answering difficult queries correctly. All these amazing variations aim to create a fun yet challenging atmosphere – perfect for any group of friends looking to compete together!

Bottom Line

The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Board Game UK version is an entertaining way to test your knowledge and have fun doing it. It features a full colour board and cut-out colored pieces that you can use to play the game with friends and family. The instructions are easy to follow, so even those not experienced with the Millionaire TV show will find the game enjoyable.

Pros: This interactive board game helps you learn about different topics including general knowledge, music, literature, history and more. It is a very fun game to play with both adults and children alike as it is engaging; plus, the challenge of becoming a ‘millionaire’ keeps everyone on their toes.

Cons: There is no single player mode available which may be less appealing to some people or give players who are too familiar with trivia games an advantage. Additionally, younger players may be unable to answer some questions posed in levels one or two if they lack world knowledge due to their age.

Overall, this Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Board Game UK version provides hours of entertainment for all ages; making it a great group activity for parties or family gatherings. In comparison to other board games such as Monopoly or Scrabble its given quiz style makes it stand out from the standard group activities comparing very favorably in terms of skill-building opportunities within its fun and teaching format.


The Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Board Game is a fun, educational way for families and friends to come together and enjoy the thrilling atmosphere of the television hit game show. It allows you to test your knowledge with questions from different categories such as music, sport, nature and science and bring out the contestant in everyone! With rules designed for up to four players, you can have exciting battles on who knows the most. The game also comes with Millionaire life tokens. This feature is to represent the real-life grand prize and adds an extra layer of excitement.

Overall, the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Board Game is a enjoyable way to pass the time with friends or family. It offers much more than just trivia questions – it allows players to interact and have a fantastic experience that encompasses all aspects of General Knowledge! Playing this game will surely bring out everyone’s inner contestant and guarantee some friendly rivalries. We hope that you have enjoyed playing this unique board game as much as we did creating it!

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