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Who’s That Board Game? is a fun and interactive party game for family and friends. Players take turns guessing which hidden person or character is on the game board. To play, each player chooses their own character card, then takes turns spinning the wheel to determine how many points they will score by correctly guessing who’s behind the mystery character. Clues can be given in order to help players figure out the identity of the mystery person, but time limits may be imposed in order to increase difficulty levels and encourage strategic decision-making. The first player to accurately guess all of the characters on their card within the time limit wins. This board game promotes social interaction and encourages a competitive spirit as players compete to match as many personalities as they can before running out of time. It’s an ideal game for group gatherings, holidays, road trips or just for fun!


Who’s That Board Game is a guessing game that has been around for decades. It was originally created in the 1950s by Idea Craft Inc, but has since gone through various iterations and different companies have released their own versions over the years.

The basic premise of Who’s That Board Game is to guess the mystery person or character presented by the other players. Much like similar games such as Guess Who, players are presented with a grid containing different characters, each with distinguishing characteristics and faces. Players use wisdom and observation to eliminate possible candidates until they’ve figured out who is actually being depicted on the board.

Over the decades, Who’s That Board Game has become increasingly more sophisticated and complex while still remaining easy to pick up and play. For instance, some modern versions feature additional components such as memory cards, and themed decks specific to certain subcategories such as TV shows or movies. In fact, some companies even have apps that can be used instead of physical boards in order to allow people to play their favorite game without having to buy physical copies.

Who’s That Board Game is still extremely popular today due its fun combination of quiz elements, exciting challenge and strategic gameplay ” making it a great choice for both adults and children alike. Whether it’s played with friends at home or online against strangers from across the world – this classic guessing game will certainly keep you guessing who’s who!

Setting the Scene

Who’s That Board Game is a fast-paced game for two players that requires quick thinking and strategy to win. To play it, you need two players with imagination and an Ethernet connection if you plan to play online. Before starting the game, the players choose a board of two different colors and randomly place seven tiles on the board. Additionally, they should decide who will be playing white and black.

The goal of the game is to be the first player to connect five tiles of your color in any pattern either horizontally, vertically or diagonally (like tic-tac-toe). The rules are simple but challenging ” each player has only three moves per turn and you can only move one space away from the tile’s current position per move. If a player cannot make any valid moves that would help them win, then their opponent automatically wins the game. Ultimately, it takes skill, strategy and a bit of luck to become victorious in Who’s That Board Game!


Who’s That Board Game is a fun and interactive game that can be played by two to four players. At the start of the game, each player receives an equal amount of counters (included in the box). They take turn drawing cards from a deck, each card featuring a different character, either famous or everyday people.

The first step is for each player to choose one card from their pile of cards and place it face-up on the table. This card will represent their chosen character for the rest of the game.

Then all players have to guess who their opponents have chosen by asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions about the characteristics (such as age, gender, occupation) displayed on each chosen card. Players should not give away any answers themselves in this process ” they can only ask questions and rely on their instincts and deduction skills.

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If they are able to correctly identify the character belonging to another player, they can then move one counter forward three spaces on the board provided, while the person whose character was identified will lose three spaces. The aim of the game is to reach the end of board before other players do ” whoever reaches there first will be declared winner!

Skills Tested

Who’s That Board Game is a fun and interactive guessing game. Players must use their deductive reasoning skills to guess the identities of others from clues that are given. The aim of the game is for players to correctly answer as many questions as possible about their opponents in the shortest amount of time. Players need to analyze what type of clues will help them get to the correct answer quickly as this can be integral for success when playing Who’s That Board Game.

In addition to analyzing what clues may be helpful, players will also need to utilize their memory skills when playing Who’s That Board Game. This is because they will need to remember the clues that have been given in order to make an educated guess on who could possibly fit said description. As such, players should try and mentally store away any information they have found out so far in order to make quicker decisions when it comes time for them to guess who their opponent is. Furthermore, players should try not put too much emphasis on physical identification in order to guess who someone may be. Analyzing all the data provided by previous clues can often increase a player’s odds of success significantly due to the fact that it increases accuracy and reduces trial-and-error attempts at guessing who someone might be.


Who’s That Board Game is an exciting guessing game where players take turns to guess the identities of the people behind a fun selection of character cards.

One classic way to play Who’s That is for one player to be the questioner, and they pick up one of the character cards and show it to the other players. The questioner can provide clues such as age, hair colour, etc., but cannot mention any details that are already visible on the card itself. The other players must then try to guess who is on the card based on these clues.

In addition to this classic version, there are many more ways in which you can enjoy playing Who’s That:

1. Head-to-Head: Two teams compete against each other in this variation by using two sets of cards ” one from each team ” and alternating between teams when asking questions.

2. Just in Time: Develop your time management skills with this quickfire version where each team has only 30 seconds per round to identify all characters correctly before moving onto the next card.

3. Beat The Clock: A single player takes a set number of cards from a shuffled deck and introduces them one after another until time has run out or all cards have been identified correctly! This is ideal for boosting concentration and reaction speed; perfect for playing solo while challenging friends at home or online.

4. One-by-One: Each round begins by revealing a single character at a time rather than showing the entire set of characters at once like classic Who’s That, making it more difficult (as well as competitive) since you don’t know who else you need to identify along with your chosen character!


Who’s That Board Game is a classic word guessing game where players must guess which word the other players are thinking of. The game was created in 2012 and has since become increasingly popular with its growing user base.

The popularity of Who’s That Board Game has grown rapidly as it is not only a fun family game, but also provides an educational experience for all ages. It encourages critical thinking, helps players improve their vocabulary and refine their verbal communication skills. People of all ages have enjoyed playing this game as it promotes healthy discussion while allowing people to bond over shared laughter and creative descriptions.

The success of Who’s That Board Game lies in its affordability; a single set costs just $15 compared to the average board game which ranges from around $30-50 per set. This allows families with smaller budgets to purchase multiple sets so they can choose between different levels of difficulty or simply play with more friends at once. Furthermore, there is no need to waste money printing characters, instructions or complicated components – everything necessary for the game has been kept concise yet comprehensive for quick understanding.

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Who’s That Board Game continues to gain momentum on an international scale as people discover how cost effective and enjoyable it truly is for all ages. From classrooms to business meetings and home family gatherings – individuals from different walks of life enjoy this intelligent yet silly pastime whenever they want.


Playing Who’s That Board Game can be a great way to challenge your friends and family in a race of wit. The goal of the game is to identify the mystery person associated with five clues. While the game is simple, developing strategies for success may help you become an unbeatable master. Here are some tips for winning at Who’s That Board Game:

1. Start by making an educated guess based on all five clues given. Chances are one of the clues will closely match the mystery person; if that’s the case, use that as your starting point when forming an answer.

2. When trying to determine who the character possibly could be from the given clues, look for common elements among each clue. Ask yourself questions such as, ‘Do any of these have something in common?’ or ‘What ties these details together?’

3. Consider any odd characteristics mentioned in one or more of the clues”such as a profession or nationality”and consider how they’re similar yet different from each other since this may indicate a pattern or a hint towards your mystery person.

4. Eliminate the parts of some clues that don’t seem to fit with those of others so that none of those items can negatively impact your guesses and guesses will then become easier and more intuitive as you progress through the game.

5. Think outside the box or list many different options for who might fit all given criteria; think about famous people, relatives and strong connections between personalities you know, etc., allowing yourself to consider any possibilities without ruling them out until you find yours!

6. Make sure you read all small print included before submitting your answer “some versions may include tricky secret information like names and dates which must be correctly guessed in order to win!

Following these tips should help immensely when playing Who’s That Board Game; though it requires strategy and deduction skills like any game, using these suggestions can help make sure that you come out on top!


Who’s That Board Game is an innovative, family favorite game. It’s a guessing game where players have to figure out which character is on the board. The board consists of multiple square-shaped spaces, each with a colorful and unique design. For each round, one player will spin a spinner to choose one of the characters to be guessed by the other players.

The goal of Who’s That Board Game is to guess who is depicted on a Hidden Character Card which corresponds to the same space as the character on the board. To do this, each player in turn will ask up to ten questions that can only be answered ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Sometimes’. As soon as a correct answer is revealed, the spinner will move onto another character, giving the other players another chance to guess correctly. Points are then given for each correct guess and whoever wins the most points at the end of the game is declared winner!

The unique ability of Who’s That Board Game is that it allows for different levels of difficulty depending on how many questions can be asked. It also encourages social interaction as players must work together as a team to figure out who’s hidden behind their cards! The bright and engaging artwork adds visual stimulation and helps make it even more enjoyable for children of all ages. Finally, since it requires no additional materials than what comes with it already, it’s easy to travel with – perfect for family vacation activities!

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