A Dance With Dragons Game Of Thrones Board Game


A Dance with Dragons Game of Thrones Board Game is a strategy board game based on George RR Martin’s bestselling A Song of Ice and Fire book series. It was released in 1996, making it one of the first games based on the books. Players are given control of noble houses from the Seven Kingdoms and compete to gain control of the Iron Throne by warring, politicking, trading, and more.

The game allows up to six players and can take anywhere from three hours to multiple days depending on how complicated a game you play. The board map is made up out of nine regions made up out of 259 squares representing cities, castles, fortifications and villages. The game also comes with a variety of playing pieces ” banners, tokens, towers and characters representing all major characters from the books. The rules are intricate but easy to learn and follow.

Throughout its lifespan A Dance with Dragons has been through several updates since its initial release in 1996 so that it can stay as close to the narrative of the books as possible whilst also remaining an enjoyable experience for gamers. These expansions have had significant changes added including new characters that were not featured in the original game as well as additional playing pieces represented by new factions such as Dothraki or Ironborn from later books which can lead to even more strategic choices for players. Additionally rule revisions have been made throughout which help keep strategies fresh between playthroughs by changing how you interact or wage war against others players playing pieces or cards allowing for users to be constantly challenged throughout each session.

Overview of Game Mechanics and Objectives

A Dance with Dragons Game of Thrones Board game is a strategy game designed for ages fourteen and up. Players assume the role of one of the seven major houses competing to sit upon the Iron Throne. Players are challenged to maneuver through political intrigue, fight wars both on the battlefield and off, assess alliances and prepare defenses against their political enemy. Building an army requires careful management of resources, while taking into account the ever-changing allegiances and objectives dictated by fellow players.

The objective of A Dance with Dragons is ultimately a war between two or more groups in which each house seeks to become supreme over all others. To achieve this desired result each player must balance spending money on troops, cities, and kingdoms with diplomatic treaties, assassinations, marriages, alliances and betrayal to ensure survival

Each house has its own unique special ability that can give it an edge in certain situations; these advantages will require players to sometimes make desperate decisions if they are to remain competitive against their ultimate rivals. Additionally, certain characters within A Dance with Dragons can be used as either allies or enemies depending upon how a player choses to approach them ” this means some level of unpredictability is at play dependent upon the situation that arises. Through careful planning and negotiation each group can attempt to gain dominance over one another in this thrilling cat-and-mouse game of inter-house strategy.

Components Included in the Game

A Dance With Dragons Game Of Thrones Board Game includes a double-sided game board, 5 Houses, 7 plastic figures (representing key characters from the books and show), 48 plastic tokens, 132 cards for making your own story lines, 8 wildling neutral figures, 4 card storage boxes, detailed instructions for play and setup. Expansions available include ‘Blood and Gold’ which adds new Houses and objectives to the core game, ‘A Feast For Crows’ which adds more characters and challenges to the story line of the original game. The Iron Throne edition adds elements such as dragons, minor houses, and an additional side board with castles while the Deluxe Edition upgrades the quality of components such as thicker cards, heavy duty tokens and larger player pieces. Furthermore there are three Solo or Co-Op expansions adding a distinct level of difficulty to manage with less players as well as multiple expansions that add new houses thus giving players increased choice over their path of play.

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Key Moments from the Series Are Included

A Dance With Dragons Game Of Thrones Board Game lets players recreate the story of this beloved fantasy series. The game board covers all the iconic moments from the entire series, plus new material and surprises for first-time or experienced fans.

Players choose their favorite characters, such as Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, then battle it out to survive and win the Iron Throne. Along the way, they will encounter various characters, fight in epic battles, solve dangerous mysteries and take part in thrilling adventures. From traveling across Westeros and making alliances to discovering hidden secrets and unraveling ancient mysteries, gamers can experience intense drama while still enjoying lighthearted humor.

Through rule-based strategy such as territory control, alliances and combat, along with negotiation tactics and cooperation with other players, a whole new side of George R.R Martin’s A Song of Ice And Fire saga is revealed ” creating an exciting adventure for those invested in its characters or curious about its events. Furthermore, new storylines are included that are not present in the books – Discover secret allies and explore uncharted areas – allowing both old fans direct access to their favorite characters’ stories as well as providing new players a chance to explore what makes this world so captivating for so many people around the globe. Will you be crowned ruler of Westeros or fall into ruins? Get ready for a game that everyone from family members to business partners will be hooked on..


A Dance with Dragons Game of Thrones Board Game allows players to become a ruler of Westeros and compete against their friends to achieve dominance of the Iron Throne. Players take turns trying to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other through strategic moves based on the book series by George R.R. Martin. The game is designed for two to six players, but can be adapted for up to eight players in an alliance setting.

Players choose which House they will lead and begin the game by placing their banners on each region (square) of the board – gaining control over that region Adjacency Bonuses are earned if adjacent regions are controlled or conquered. Control over regions also gives access to resources like coins, swords and ravens which can be used in various ways; coins can purchase allies like warriors or mercenaries, move fleets around Westeros, pay taxes or ransom prisoners; swords are used to reclaim regions; ravens are used to send messages across distances or build new castles in previously unconquered regions. Each turn players must decide how they want to use these resources strategically while trying to further the ultimate goal of taking control over all seven kingdoms on Westeros and becoming the victor at “A Dance with Dragons”!

Strategies for success include creating alliances with other powerful Houses, developing supply lines through a combination of diplomatic marriages and trading arrangements between Houses whilst keeping your own plans secret from your rivals; using raids and sieges efficiently to conquer or defend claimed regions; managing limited resources carefully as only those Houses that make wise decisions survive; understanding when it is advantageous to form alliances (and who will provide the most benefit); assessing when it might be worth risking opposing Houses on humanitarian grounds versus purely personal gains; acting in accordance with objectives from direwolves such as kings-in-waiting, ladies-in-waiting, wardens, marriage negotiations etc., carefully balancing diplomacy versus militarism ” sometimes even letting your military forces run rampant in certain areas creates greater security elsewhere. Finally always keep an eye open for potential traitors within your own House!

Players’ Opinions

Players of the A Dance with Dragons Game of Thrones Board Game love the immersive 3-dimensional game play experience. The characters, locations and situations in the game are all accurately depicted from the series’ books and TV show, providing an authentic adventure unlike any other board game. The strategic planning and cooperative elements make this a must-have for strategy gamers and GoT fans alike.

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Critics also appreciate the complexity of A Dance with Dragons Game of Thrones Board Game, covering a variety of themes pertaining to Westeros politics, alliances, enemies and more. Reviewers recognize that although there is some luck involved in each game, wit and foresight primarily dictate how well players will do. Many critics especially admire how the game sticks close to Martin’s source material instead of taking too many liberties with it: “Whether you’re a fan of George R.R Martin’s work or just enjoy incredibly complex games then A Dance With Dragons is worth considering,” says one critic from BoardGameGeek Magazine. Additionally, players who have stuck through long rounds agree that winning feels even better due to its challenge level: “A Dance with Dragons isn’t an easy win if you play it right,” adds another reviewer from Pocket Tactics.

Final Thoughts and Discussion of Popular Variations

A Dance With Dragons Game of Thrones board game has been loved by many for years. It follows the characters, storylines, and events of the hit HBO show ‘Game of Thrones’ and adds an interesting twist to it with the addition of strategic warfare. There are several widely-played versions that include: The Wall, Conquest, Diplomacy and Delegation. Each version offers its own unique strategy and tactics which makes it a very exciting game to play.

The Wall is a cooperative game where players must defend The Wall from White Walkers in an effort to save Westeros from being overrun by the undead forces. Players must use strategy based on resource management and combat to keep their walls fortified against the ever threatening white walker hordes.

Conquest is a similar verson but focuses more on negotiations among players instead of defending the wall. In this version, players win through their successful interactions with otherNoble Houses while controlling major cities with limited resources in order to acquire power over others and ultimately win the Iron Throne. Games like these tend to run longer than The Wall variation so they are better suited for those looking for something more thinky and strategic .

Diplomacy requires players to work together in orderworktogetherin order to manage resources effectively and gain control of various key cities in Westeros in order capture as much land as possible without going into full-scale warfare against each other. This style offers players more creative freedom than conquest giving themmoreoptions on how they wantto go about gaining power or territories while seecuritytheir diplomatic relations with one another.

Lastly Delegation works based around simultaneous actions instead of direct negotiations between players; here players will agree upon delegates who are charged with executing specific decisions while they simultaneously keep upwith actions between multiple factions at once. This version lends itself well towards implementation within large groups which require coordination within small teams thus issuingout objectives quicker than anyother mentioned variation thus making itfluid and fast-pacedplaystyleto enjoy over time for larger groups alike!

Overall, A Dance With Dragons Game Of Thrones Board Gameis definitely worth playing as it offers multiple variationsthat each giveplayers plenty of choices whenit comes down tomuchofstrategythey wish to adopt suiting whatever mindset fits best amongst them! Whetheryou picka cooperative mission like defending The Wall or competitive schemes like acquiringterritories throughnegotiations there sheer amount possibilitiesallowsfor long hours filled with excitement and mindbendingtactics that only amplifies further whenitcomes introducingideasof your own during gameplay sessions! Sochoosing a particularversion really depends onthe typeof experience you’re lookingforso be sure toycertainely take all optionsinto consideration before deciding what flavor you wanttotry before jumping rightin!

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