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1. Catan: Rivals for Catan $19.95 – This is a two-player version of the classic Settlers of Catan board game, offering head-to-head competition in an exciting race to gain control over a rich, mystical island.

2. Betrayal at House on the Hill £24.99 – Players explore a haunted mansion filled with supernatural secrets and malevolent mysteries as they attempt to survive an inherently dangerous game of strategy and luck-of-the-draw.

3. Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island $44.99 – A cooperative game with players taking the roles of settlers attempting to build a settlement on a remote island full of strange creatures, surprises and disasters!

4. Adventure Island: The Board Game $24.99 – Inspired by Action RPGs, this fantasy board game offers each player the chance to customize their character from 12 classes as they explore an uncharted isle and seek out hidden treasures!

5. Everdell $50.79 – In this competitive strategy card game players will choose an animal tribe for their customized kingdom, following its growth from humble beginnings through to a fully fleshed out city teeming with vibrant citizens!

Expansion Packs

The Game of Thrones: The Board Game – Second Edition is an expandable game, which means multiple expansion packs can be purchased separately to add on to the base game for extra excitement and increased variety. There are currently six expansions available for this edition of the board game, each with its own specialties that enhance gameplay.

The first expansion pack is Mother of Dragons, and adds two new armies (the Targaryen forces) and new objectives and ways to win the game. The second expansion pack, City of Secrets, offers a new convoy system to transport supplies between regions and introduces Houses Baratheon and Tyrell. Thirdly, there is The Iron Throne, which offers useful tournament rules where players can compete in a mini-campaign as well as a faster game setup with only 4 players and fewer rounds per turn.

The fourth expansion pack is Of Snakes And Sand Snakes; it not only broadens the number of players to 8 by adding house Martell, but also offers an alternate win condition by capturing the most castles and strongholds in Westeros while remaining loyal to your family house. There is also Wolves Of The North which includes House Greyjoys who bring a unique warfare strategy with raids that quickly break alliances or change the course of battles. Finally, there’s Fury ofDragons containing powerful dragons capable of wreaking havoc on opponents across Westeros as well as other surprises such as Valyrian steel weapons you can draft for your army.

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For those looking for extra excitement out of their Game Of Thrones experience without compromising strategic tactics or making the overall session too long then purchasing one or two expansion packs may be ideal depending on how many people will be playing and what kind of experience they’re looking for Most experienced GoT fans will agree that purchasing either The Iron Throne or Wolves Of The North can make all the difference if you need more time management strategies as well as House Greyjoy’s raid feature if you want more action packed games!


“A Game Of Thrones The Board Game Second Edition was unlike any board game experience I have ever had. It was not just a passing hobby, but truly a unique strategy and social game that really got my family involved. We competed and cooperated during each round, witnessing the best plans succeeding while others failed. After days of strategizing and plotting, the end result was an incredible sense of victory and satisfaction.”

—James M., long time fan of the series.
“The second edition of A Game Of Thrones The Board Game is fantastic! With an entirely new rulebook and an updated house system using houses from throughout Westeros, it transported us to another world! The stories we crafted while playing this edition are something we’ll never forget!”

—Catherine C., game developer enthusiast.
“My friends and I hadn’t found a board game that kept us all interested for more than a couple nights until we discovered A Game Of Thrones The Board Game Second Edition! We were enticed by the detailed miniatures and artwork, but kept playing week after week due to the surprising depth of gameplay. This was no ordinary board game- it fit our adult lifestyles perfectly!”

—Thomas L., RPG enthusiast.

Video Resources

A Game Of Thrones The Board Game Second Edition on Amazon is a strategy board game for 3-6 players. Players will vie for control of the Iron Throne as one of the Houses in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros – Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, Greyjoy, Tyrell, and Martell. Through strategic maneuvering and diplomacy players seek to expand their influence by conquering territories, forging alliances and ultimately gaining enough support to establish their claim on the Iron Throne.

Videos related to A Game Of Thrones The Board Game Second Edition can be found on many professional gaming channels and playthroughs. These provide viewers with an in depth look at how to play the game and offer helpful tips and insight into strategies used by veteran players. Some notable professional gaming channels offering content related to A Game Of Thrones The Board Game Second Edition include Shut Up & Sit Down, Man Vs Meeple and Rahdo Runs Through. Videos found on these sites range from detailed playthroughs which takes viewers through a full game session step by step to quick overviews which provide an introduction to the game as well as covering some of the basic rules.

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Interactive Resources

Interactive Resources for A Game of Thrones The Board Game – Second Edition:

1. Step-by-step How to Play Guide: This guide includes game setup, playing the game, and game end scenarios. It outlines all player roles and objectives within the game, how to move pieces around a board, and what to do when certain circumstances arise. This guide is perfect for those who want to learn more about the game before they start playing.

2. Video Tutorials: Video tutorials are a great way to get up close and personal with how to play A Game of Thrones The Board Game – Second Edition. These videos provide an in depth explanation of setup, gameplay mechanics, and how various player pieces interact with one another on the board.

3. Player Rules & Regulations Manual: A detailed overview of each players’ rules, regulations and obligations throughout the duration of the game is available as part of this publication from Amazon. This document explain what actions can be taken by each player at different points in the game so everyone is on the same page no matter which character they choose to represent.

4. Expansion Packs & Add-Ons: To add additional layers of complexity (and fun!) Amazon offers expansion packs as well as several add-on components that can be purchased separately from the base edition of A Game Of Thrones The Board Game – Second Edition on their website or other popular online retailers such as Best Buy or Target etc.. Expansion packs increase both the size of each board tile and number of characters included in each player’s respective army while add-ons boost the amount of total victory points needed for overall win conditions plus many more things!

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