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Across The Board Games St Louis is the ultimate place to game. Whether you’re a board game enthusiast or just looking for some fun it can provide an unforgettable experience. Located in the heart of downtown St Louis, guests are able to escape into a world filled with creativity and strategy as they have access to hundreds of unique board games. From classics such as chess and checkers to lesser-known games from all over the world, Across The Board Games provides something for everyone. The friendly atmosphere and helpful staff offer assistance in learning and playing different games, making it perfect for entry-level players and experienced veterans alike. With events like tournaments and gaming competitions held regularly, this establishment will create memories that last long past the end of playtime!

History of Across The Board Games St Louis

Across The Board Games St Louis opened its doors to board game enthusiasts in 2009. Founded by two former teachers, the store was built with the goal of creating a space where families, friends and all kinds of gamers could come together and have fun over the many different types of games on offer. Since that time, Across The Board has grown from a small mom-and-pop shop to a popular local hub for game fans of all ages.

In its first few years, Across The Board Games St Louis mainly sold classic family favourites such as Monopoly and Scrabble, however in recent years they have greatly expanded their range to include titles from independent companies such as Bezier Games and AEG as well as designer board games like Terraforming Mars and Gloomhaven. They regularly organise events such as game nights and tournaments that bring people together to enjoy their hobby in a fun environment. Across The Board also provides a wide variety of educational resources such as strategy guides and how-to videos for new players who may not be familiar with gaming etiquette or the basics of playing board games.

Throughout the decade plus since its founding, Across The Board Games St Louis has faced challenges related to changes in the industry which can often be unpredictable; however due to their focus on providing excellent customer service, finding interesting new titles, organising entertaining events and being attentive to the needs of their community, they have been able to continue providing great gaming experiences for customers in St Louis year after year.

Features and Amenities

Across The Board Games St Louis is a unique and entertaining venue located in the heart of the city. The store offers a wide selection of exceptionally-crafted board, card, and dice games for purchase. Visitors to the store can also rent games of their choice on an hourly basis. If a group isn’t sure what game they would like to play, they can take part in regular game demos running throughout the day where they learn how to play a game before deciding if they want to buy or rent it.

Quite apart from its impressive collection of handpicked board and card games, Across The Board Games St Louis also stocks an interesting variety of puzzles, pastimes and strategy variants such as those related to team building. In addition, this speciality store regularly hosts various events including hobby tournaments and gaming competitions with other enthusiasts.

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To make the most out of your visit to Across The Board Games St Louis, it’s best advised to know what kind of game you’d like to play beforehand. You can choose from a range of classics or try something new from their ever expanding library. If you need help picking out your desired game or puzzle item, you can consult with one of the well-informed staff members who are always available for assistance on the shop floor. To round off the experience, note that students get 10 percent off select gaming items with valid ID cards so be sure to bring them along!

The Community

Across The Board Games St Louis is a popular board game store located in the heart of the business district, and has become a hub of community activity. It attracts an incredibly diverse set of patrons with its vast selection of games from classic favorites to modern day releases. There are people from all walks of life who come to visit the store. From teenagers to retirees, men and women, everyone finds something that speaks to them at Across The Board Games St Louis. The store’s staff provides quality service that ensures everyone feels welcome when entering the store.

The atmosphere created by this diverse array of people creates a unique energy in the store that can go from friendly competition among friends to passionate debates over strategy between strangers. Patrons often find themselves staying for hours discussing tactics and strategies with other customers or just enjoying the relaxed environment provided by owners and staff.

This sense of community generated by Across The Board Games St Louis has been integral to its success as a local business; it has built relationships between customers over shared love of games, enabled more meaningful socializing when meeting new people and made it so more customers keep returning time after time. This sense of camaraderie helps attract even more individuals to check out what this unique business has to offer!


Across The Board Games St Louis is a popular board game café, offering a variety of activities for anyone looking for a fun and interactive night out! Throughout the year, they host special events to create an even more unique experience for everyone who visits. It’s easy to be part of the action; all you need to do is check the calendar on their website to see what type of events are upcoming.

The events hosted by Across The Board Games St Louis cater to all kinds of different tastes. From game nights such as Werewolf and Sub Terra to educational evenings such as Nerd Company Talks, there’s something for everyone here. If you’re feeling competitive, you can also take part in their official Humans Vs Zombies tournaments, where teams of brainiacs battle it out until one emerges victorious! For those looking for something a little less intense however, Movies & Music Night offers a great opportunity to kick back and relax while watching movies or listening to live music.

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No matter what kind of event you choose to attend at Across The Board Games St Louis, you can look forward to having an enjoyable and valuable evening. Aside from being able to play games with friends or make new ones, attendees also have access to food and drinks including snacks and alcoholic beverages so that no one goes hungry or thirsty during their time there! With free Wi-Fi available for everyone, it’s the perfect environment for meeting up with old friends or making new ones!

Why You Should Visit

Across The Board Games St Louis is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the world of board games. With over 500 titles in stock and an ever-growing selection, you can easily spend hours upon hours exploring the diverse range of options. Not only are their games meticulously researched, but their friendly staff are always on hand to offer advice and guidance if desired. Many reviews have praised their excellent customer service and knowledgeable personnel.

Additionally, the store has been awarded a prestigious distinction of ‘Best Of’ by the River Front Times, solidifying its status as a popular spot for board gaming enthusiasts. The atmosphere inside is often described as being vibrant and inviting, with events being held regularly to bring together members of the community in a mutual love for gaming. Relaxed seating areas provide ample space for group play or solo exploration.

On top of all this, Across The Board Games St Louis offers special discounts throughout the year specifically designed to reward more loyal customers with bonus discounts or collaborations with other local outlets and businesses that makes it even more worth your while to visit them regularly!


Across The Board Games St Louis is a unique game store that stands out from all the rest. Located in the heart of St. Louis, it’s a wonderful destination for friends and family to come together and have fun. Across The Board has an extensive variety of tabletop games, card games, RPGs and much more for people to enjoy — plus the staff are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about the products available. And with special activities and events happening throughout each month including tournaments, role playing nights and more, there’s always something new to experience! With Across The Board Games St Louis you can make lasting memories with your friends that you’ll never forget.

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