Is Dark Souls Board Game Only For Backers


This blog post focuses on the Dark Souls board game and explores whether or not it is only available to backers. First, we will look at what backers get for their support. The backers of the Dark Souls board game receive exclusive rewards such as a special card sleeve with the Kickstarter logo printed on it, discounts on expansions and other goodies like art prints and limited edition figures. Furthermore, they have access to early releases and play-testing events which allows them to be among the first players in the world playing it.

When it comes to costs, there’s a stark difference between backers and non-backers when it comes to purchasing this board game; while backers are asked to pay an upfront amount that often includes a discounted base price (plus shipping) and exclusive rewards discussed above, regular customers can expect to pay full retail price when they purchase off the shelves at their local game store. All things considered, backing this project brings some significant savings along with special goodies that are only reserved for those who support this project from its development stage right up until launch.

Overview of Dark Souls Board Game

Dark Souls Board Game is a strategy-action board game based on the popular Dark Souls video game franchise. The game immerses players into the dark and brutal fantasy world of the game, featuring intense and strategic combat with challenging bosses. Players can explore sprawling dungeon environments that require tactical decisions to progress. It features characters, enemies, weapons, items, and magical spells from across the entire series.

The Dark Souls franchise is acclaimed for its challenging gameplay and immersive story lines, which have forged an incredibly devoted fan base. It began as an action role-playing video game with 2013’s Dark Souls released by Bandai Namco Entertainment for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Its 2016 successor titled Dark Souls III has become one of its most successful titles yet, selling over three million copies within just two months of release in April 2016. The platform-adventure board game turned out to be a true homage to the popular video game series when it first released in April 2017 through Japanese gaming giant Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

Yes, Dark Souls Board Game is only available to backers at this time. If you backed Kickstarter’s original campaign or bought one of its limited editions you now own a part of gaming history – something no other video or board games have done before!

Exploring the Rewards

The Dark Souls Board Game is available for backers who support its Kickstarter campaign. This game comes with various reward levels that offer exclusive content, bonuses and discounts. For instance, the highest reward will give players all of the core components, along with bonus items that are only available during the duration of the Kickstarter campaign such as special miniatures, exclusive tiles, a handbook of lore and much more!

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Additionally, backers can level up their pledge towards higher tiers in order to gain even more rewards. For example, reaching Tier 4 ($150), will unlock access to two special miniatures for iconic characters from the game’s universe such as Solaire of Astora and White Strafford Knight. Those who donate $400 or more (Tier 8) gain all components of the game, bonus content and four additional expansions included in the core box too! As well as complimentary copies of expansions not yet released on retail markets.

Ultimately, Dark Souls Board Game offers different rewards depending on what tier a backer chooses to receive. Each tier unlocks exclusive content that can only be obtained through a Kickstarter campaign pledge. Thus giving backers unique access to specialized and limited editions bonuses not found anywhere else!

Is It Worth It for Non-Backers?

The Dark Souls Board Game is a highly anticipated Kickstarter project that has already generated a huge following and a large backer-base. As such, the board game will most likely only be available through the Kickstarter campaign. That being said, this does present an interesting dilemma for those who did not back the project: Is it worth it to purchase the game as a non-backer?

On one hand, backers of the project will get additional rewards and higher quality components than what may be available to non-backers. For example, there are metal miniatures which are only available to backers. On the other hand, if you choose not to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign you may still be able to obtain high quality components at a lower risk if the project doesn’t make its funding goal. Furthermore, once it is released to retailers, likely at a later time after it gets backed on Kickstarter, you will have more time to decide if you want to purchase it or not.

Ultimately, this decision comes down to personal preference and putting your trust in developer/publisher’s Handsome Phantom Games that they can deliver on their promise of an awesome board game experience.

Comparing Campaigns

The rewards from the Dark Souls Board Game Kickstarter campaign range from a copy of the game plus all applicable stretch-goals for $99USD to copies of the game plus more perks for higher contribution levels such as custom dice and cloth maps. With over 13500 backers, the project raised almost 5x its goal amount at an impressive $5,000,000.

However, there are various other current Kickstarter campaigns related to the Dark Souls Board Game offering their own unique rewards to entice potential backers. The successful Satan’s Playground Kickstarer campaign offers exclusive items such as custom cards, dice and expansion tokens specifically designed for the Dark Souls Board Game while providing detailed instructions on upgrading existing units or summoning new ones during playtime – all at just $49USD. Another intriguing offering is Immortal Paths complete with a new map board, extra boss confrontations and self-contained scenarios at $125USD. Both these projects are bonuses that add interesting dynamics and extended playtime options that otherwise wouldn’t be available in the base version of the game only intended for backers.

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Final Thoughts

Dark Souls Board Game is a highly anticipated and immersive game experience that offers a variety of rewards for both backers and non-backers. The minimum pledge to participate in the Kickstarter campaign gives backers exclusive access to additional content, including character and enemy skins, extra weapons, armor customization options, and more. Furthermore, those who back are guaranteed all stretch goals that are unlocked during the campaign while non-backers must purchase these extras at full price individually once the game is released. Although the prices may feel a bit high for some, with its smart design, quality components, unique artwork, cooperative play style and alternate story paths, Dark Souls Board Game is sure to provide hours of epic adventure for all players involved. In conclusion, by supporting Dark Souls Board Game through preorder or backing it directly on Kickstarter you can guarantee yourself an amazing game experience with your friends while also helping to create a great product from amazing developers.

Call to Action

If you’re considering getting Dark Souls Board Game, then you may be wondering if it’s only available to backers. The good news is that the game is now widely available to purchase from retailers and through digital storefronts, meaning everyone can get in on the action! However, it’s important to note that those who choose to become a backer of the board game through crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter will receive additional benefits not available elsewhere. These could include: special pieces, exclusive versions of the game itself, access to limited edition collectibles, and other bonuses. Asking questions such as whether backers get more value than regular customers is therefore important when making an informed purchase decision. We strongly advise doing some research into these topics before parting with any money. To learn more about what sets backing the board game apart from buying it through traditional channels, take a look at our website or other online resources.

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