Arkham Horror Call Of Cthulhu Board Game


Arkham Horror: The Call of Cthulhu is a horror-themed cooperative adventure board game published by Fantasy Flight Games. Taking place in the small and dimly understood city of Arkham, Massachusetts, the game plunges players into a dark world of mystery and horror where they must work together to uncover blasphemous rituals and cosmic evils lurking throughout the ages. Players can choose from more than a dozen unique investigators as they battle cultists, monsters, and madness all while searching for ancient artifacts to save the city from an impending doom.

The game’s exploration of Lovecraftian horror makes it truly unique compared to most other board games. Its characters are based on a variety of mythos works, featuring familiar figures such as Dr. Henry Armitage, Mandy Thompson, and Ursula Downes – all of whom attempt to unravel cryptic mysteries in a bid to save Arkham from an unavoidable apocalypse. It is also story-driven in its own right, as each character’s journey can be customized according to their personal objectives or goals. From researching clues about doomed occultists to traversing horrific dimensions, there is no shortage of threads weaved together from various mythos writers that take up elements from speculative fiction and suspenseful horror novels alike. And if you’re so inclined you can even create your own scenario with house rules or use cards from expansions such as Curse Of The Dark Pharaoh for even more insanity!

Player Experience

Arkham Horror: Call of Cthulhu is an intense and immersive experience for players. Players team up to investigate mysterious events of a supernatural nature, taking on the roles of everyday people who have unwittingly been thrust into a world of terror and suspense. During the game, players must explore the streets of Arkham, while searching for clues and uncovering dark secrets in order to ultimately confront the ultimate evil before it engulfs their minds and souls forever. Players will traverse dangerous locations and discover monstrous creatures lurking in shadow, as they slowly unravel mysteries that lead ever closer to a final confrontation with unimaginable horrors. Chasing down leads, researching arcane lore, and overcoming ancient cults are just some of the things that make this game so exciting. Players need to both think on their feet and work together with their fellow investigators if they are to survive their investigations. With its unpredictable story lines, unique themes, and unpredictable outcomes” Arkham Horror: The Call Of Cthulhu board game is sure to thrill any eager gamers looking for an intense gaming experience.


Expect the Unexpected: Players should expect the unexpected and adjust their strategy accordingly. Things could happen that were not anticipated such as monsters spawning or changing location, or other players reaching a goal before them.

Plan ahead: It’s a good idea for players to plan their moves in advance. Think about what actions will best help them reach their goal and determine how many turns it might take them to get there.

Cooperation: Teamwork can be key in Arkham Horror and Call of Cthulhu games. Players should use each other’s strengths and attributes to create an effective team, able to more easily complete tasks, protect each other from enemies, and locate important items needed during game play.

Focus on Weaknesses: Each player will have a unique set of custom weaknesses that they need to overcome in order to move forward in the game. Focusing on individual weaknesses can lead you to victory and players should strive to come up with creative ways around or over these challenges.

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Adapt Strategies: As new threats arise during gameplay, players should learn to adapt their strategies according your specific situation at any given time. If a monster appears close by, then you may not be able to head straight into the enemy’s stronghold like planned ” you must instead find another way around while still taking advantage of opportunities it offers.


Arkham Horror: The Call of Cthulhu board game is an expansive, cooperative tabletop roleplaying experience. Each scenario in the game has a different level of complexity, making it suitable for a variety of players. For those looking for a challenge, some scenarios offer deep and complex storylines that require strategy, planning and great problem-solving skills. These types of scenarios are better suited to experienced players or those that want a real challenege. On the other hand, there are lighter scenarios available which offer simpler puzzles, shorter stories, and less intricate components. These are well-suited to newer players or even children who may be more new to role-playing games. No matter your level of experience or preference for complexity, the Call of Cthulhu board game offers something for everyone!

Solo vs Group Play

One of the best parts of the Arkham Horror Call of Cthulhu board game is the ability to play solo or with a group. Playing solo can be very enjoyable and immersive, as the player must take on the role of multiple investigators. The experience typically requires more strategy and thought, but allows the player to move through the game at their own pace without needing to worry about others.

When played as part of a group, there are a different set of considerations that need to be taken into account. Firstly, as several people will likely have differing ideas and strategies, there needs to be agreement on how each decision should be made taking into account all suggestions from each player. Secondly, decision-making may be slower than when playing solo as everyone must voice their opinions and reach a consensus before continuing with gameplay. Thirdly, it can often be more chaotic than when playing alone, yet that can add an extra layer of fun and excitement to proceedings.

Ultimately, both solo and group play have advantages and disadvantages depending upon individual preference”it all comes down to what kind of gaming experience you’re looking for!

Strategies for 2-4 Players

Objective for 2 Players:
The objective for two players is for each of them to race to become the first to open the Mysterious Gate that appears when Ancient Ones are awakened. To achieve this, you must work together to gather the necessary items and decode their mysterious properties in order to pass through it.

Win Condition: The player who succeeds in opening the gate first wins the game.

Objective for 3-4 Players:
The goal for three or four players revolve around helping defeated a powerful Ancient One, typically consisting of monsters, spells, and ancient artifacts, that have invaded our world. Each player’s individual objective is to contribute towards defeating these foes by collecting useful items and working together with other players inorder to hold off their attacks and recover the lost lore found on their cards.

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Win Condition: The players who successfully defeat all of the Ancient One’s minions will win the game!


Arkham Horror: Call of Cthulhu is an iconic board game first published in 1987 by Chaosium Inc. Despite its age, it has withstood the test of time and remains incredibly popular.

Since its initial release, the game has been routinely re-released in different versions, as well as numerous expansions. The appeal of Arkham Horror lies in its immersive storyline and engaging puzzle mechanics that challenge players to investigate mysterious occurrences for themselves.

The original game eventually released nine subsequent expansion sets: Dunwich Horror (2005), Kingsport Horror (2006), Innsmouth Horror (2007), Miskatonic Horror (2010), Curse Of The Dark Pharaoh (2011), Black Goat Of The Woods (2012), Final Hour (2015), Lurker At The Threshold (2016) and Path To Carcosa(2017).

In addition to these expansions, several independent gaming companies also released compatible, stand-alone expansion packs such as Sentinels Of Arkham Card Game Expansion Pack; Elder Sign Omen Card Game Expansion Pack; Forsaken Lore; and Masks Of Nyarlathoteph. Fans can also find plenty of fan-created or endorsed expansion modules on sites like

In terms of playability, all expansions have been designed to fit into the legacy design scheme without ever having to change core rules or adding wild stories. This has remained largely unchanged since the original game was published more than 30 years ago. Notably some of the latest extensions allow you store more than 1600 cards in special card boxes for easy sorting according enhanced gameplay quality – allowing users to engage more deeply with the enigmatic storyline behind this megaboardgame franchise


One alternative version of the Arkham Horror Call Of Cthulhu Board Game is the “Expedition to Antarctica” variant. In this variant, players take on the roles of scientists and researchers in a thrilling expedition to Antarctica. Players must search for lost artifacts, protect themselves against harsh weather and supernatural dangers, and ultimately discover what lies beyond the mysterious ice. Additional elements such as additional monsters and powerful Elder Gods have also been added to increase players’ challenges and excitement.

Another variant of Arkham Horror Call Of Cthulhu Board Game offers is known as “The Dreamlands”. In this new adventure, players take on roles from an alternate reality called The Dreamlands. In this strange realm, players must brave cosmic horrors, strange creatures, and ancient magic all while trying to keep their sanity intact.

The third variant is called “Dunwich Horror”, where a great evil threatens both the city of Dunwich and the world at large. This new scenario pits players against forces too frightening to comprehend as they work together to save Dunwich from destruction by unspeakable horrors banished long ago by powerful rituals. This version adds extra monsters and obstacles which offer a much more complex level of gameplay than earlier versions.

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