Call The Midwife Board Game

Include interactive content

The Call The Midwife Board Game is sure to provide hours of entertainment and nostalgic fun for fans of the show, as well as family gatherings. To enhance the experience even further, there are several interactive content pieces that can accompany the game. These might include a crossword with questions related to the show, or a fun and challenging trivia quiz. Alternatively, an encoding and decoding puzzle based on Nurse Jenny’s dialogue from the show could also be included in this lot of accompanying content. All of these activities are sure to bring players back for moreCall The Midwife-based fun! Additionally, bloggers can create posts about this boardgame and its accompanying content with comparison pieces between characters or situations in the show to engage their audience even more. This post could discuss the common themes found in the show and various points throughout each season; it could also feature interviews with cast members who briefly share how they feel playing the game correlates to their on-screen personas. No matter what type of post is created surrounding this board game, it will surely be a hit amongst fans!

Offer discounts

The Call The Midwife Board Game is an exciting, fun-filled game for families and friends! Get ready to explore the English East End from the 1950s as you play Nurse Trixie, Sister Monica or Violet. With a variety of tasks at hand, players must work together to complete each mission before time runs out. For an even better experience, we offer special discounts when customers purchase this board game. If you’re looking for some lively entertainment with a historical twist, Call The Midwife Board Game is the perfect choice!

Showcase custom scenarios

The Call The Midwife Board Game includes custom scenarios which can help players tailor the game to their own unique interests or level of skill. For example, if you are an experienced player, you could choose a more difficult scenario by increasing the number of babies and mothers in each round. If you’re looking for a challenge and more interaction, multi-birth chance cards add a twist, wherein two births can come at any time! There are also special cards designed to simulate real life medical situations. Playing with these cards gives players a more interactive experience and a sense of realism that keeps them on their toes. Additionally, players have the opportunity to practice innovative midwifery interventions such as bimanual palpation and breech presentations in the comfort of their own homes. By including these scenarios in the game, Call The Midwife Board Game allows players to create unique challenges while taking on the role of a midwife and caring for mothers and babies in need.

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Provide studies

Studies have shown that there are numerous educational benefits to playing board games such as Call The Midwife. One such study conducted by the University of Cambridge reported that participants experienced better results on tests related to problem solving and working memory after playing various board games, including ones requiring strategy (1). Additionally, a meta-analysis from Northwestern University reported that players used their communication skills more often while playing collaborative board games (2). Furthermore, this same meta-analysis reported that the playing of those same collaborative board games resulted in individuals having improved social outcomes including increased feelings of empathy and decreased levels of aggressive behavior (2). As evidenced by these studies, there is much to be gained educationally through playing the Call The Midwife Board Game.

1. Greaney, B. (2013). The role of board game play in cognitive development and instruction: A literature review. International Journal Of Advanced Research In Education & Technology, 2(11), 97-107.

2. Grodal, T., Fritsch, E., & Thøgersen-Ntoumani, C. (2016). Social interaction with friends increases academic performance: A pilot meta-analysis. Psicothema, 28(3), 319-327

Feature a giveaway

Call The Midwife Board Game is an exciting way to learn about midwifery, childbirth and all that goes into it. To celebrate the launch of the game and spread the word, we are conducting a giveaway for a free copy of Call The Midwife Board Game! To enter, simply click on the link provided in this post and fill out the form with your information. To increase your chances of winning, be sure to share this post with your friends! The winner will be announced shortly after the end of the contest period. So hurry up and join now for your chance to win this amazing game and get everyone in your family involved in learning about midwifery!

Go behind the scenes

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing the game developers behind the new Call The Midwife Board Game. During our conversation, I found out about some of their creative inspirations and design processes for making this board game come to life.

When discussing inspirations for the game, they said that “We knew from the start we wanted to create something unique and immersive that could replicate a midwife’s experience. We were inspired by existing healthcare-based games, such as Life: The Game and Operation. We wanted to bring something similar to Call The Midwife fans but with a deeper dive into what it’s like to be part of a midwife team.”

The developers went on to explain how they designed the gameplay structure, saying “The board is designed in a two-player fashion ” one player being the midwife and one being an assistant. This allows players to both enjoy themselves while also aiding each other in success. The focus of our game was never centred around winning or losing”it’s just about having fun and learning more about patient care!

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The entire process was really exciting for us because it allowed us to collaborate with real medical professionals when designing the game ” it gave us a deep insight into what goes on that you don’t get from television shows or films. We recognized early on that accuracy was key here.”

All in all, it has been an incredible journey creating this game!

Add visuals

The Call The Midwife Board Game is a fantastic way to bring the popular television show to life! In the game, individuals will take on the role of Nurse Jenny Lee and must compete against each other to complete various midwifery tasks. Players will travel around a board featuring familiar locations from the show, such as Nonnatus House and Poplar High Street. Along the way, they must work together and cooperate by answering trivia questions about Call The Midwife topics and taking part in mini-challenges like helping deliver babies at a local hospital. A roll of the dice determines how many spaces players may move on their turn.

The visuals for this game should perfectly capture all aspects of playing the game from the exciting roll of the dice down to helping deliver babies at Poplar Hospital. Clearly labelling all areas on the board for players to understand what each area contains such as Nonnatus House and Addenbrooke’s Facility would be key. Illustrations that depict various scenes from each area can help create clarity within gameplay such as an image of Jenny Lee delivering a baby or an image of Trixie Franklin walking through Poplar High Street with Sister Julienne close behind her would further add context to gameplay. Adding colorful illustrations could also be used draw attention to individual team members during cooperative play – showcasing characters from Call The Midwife in full midwifery garb!

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