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Axis and Allies Zombies is a board game by Milton Bradley which uses the mechanics and style of play from its famous predecessor, Axis & Allies. In this unique spin-off game, players take control of one of five superpowers to combat the zombie menace as it unfolds around them. Players build and command armies in an attempt to survive the onslaught while simultaneously engaging their enemies in tactical skirmishes to gain territory and resources.

The all-new game offers a higher level of difficulty than other zombie board games on the market, with devastating effects that can rapidly turn the tide of battle. The terrain changes with each battle, meaning no two games will ever be alike – perfect for those who would rather engage in strategic approaches than simply adapting what’s already known. Additionally, an intriguing exploration element has been added as players collect data to gain knowledge on how to beat the living dead and achieve ultimate victory. Every choice must be thought out beforehand, or a mistake may lead to absolute disaster. With fast-paced game play coupling even faster decisions, Axis & Allies Zombies quickly separates itself from its competitors by providing gamers with a unique challenge rooted in strategy and quick thinking!

History and Background of the game

Axis and Allies Zombies is a board game based on the Axis and Allies series of World War II-themed strategic war games created by Larry Harris in 1974. It was first released in 2003 by Hasbro Games and Wizards of the Coast, and was designed by Steve Kelly.

The game combines the traditional all-or-nothing combat system with a new twist: play as either the Axis or Allied powers to battle against zombies. Players must cooperate in order to protect their bases, build defensive structures and fend off undead hordes coming from all sides. The game is strategy-focused and requires skillful planning to be victorious. In 2017, Hasbro re-released Axis And Allies Zombies as an updated version with new artwork, pieces, and rules.

Axis and Allies Zombies has become one of the most popular strategy board games since its release due to its unique combination of World War II strategy gaming blended with horror elements such as zombies. This combination appeals to both veteran players of the Axis & Allies line of games, who are eager for more challenge, as well as introducing newcomers into the world of wargaming who appreciate an exciting way to learn about strategic planning. Further contributing to its success are its production quality components in terms of polished artwork on cards and pieces; high replayability thanks to its multitude scenarios; and variations on game rules that allow for different types of play levels.

Unique Features

The Axis and Allies Zombies board game is a unique take on the zombie apocalypse genre. Players fight for control of regions as they go head to head with hordes of zombies, scavenging for resources, purchasing powerful new weapons and technology, and defeating their enemies in frenetic combat action. This game features a full complement of infantry units, aircrafts, tanks, naval fleets, and other weaponry that can be used against both enemies and zombies. Special abilities such as Leadership help players gain tactical advantages while random events keep everyone on their toes. The Dead Climb mechanic allows players to temporarily build an impenetrable zombie wall to protect certain positions while they make attacks elsewhere. With 50 different World War II era navy ships, 50 different aircrafts, 10 different tanks, multiple buildings to strengthen positions, 16 different Resource Centers to rally around, and a whole host of exciting Combat cards for upgrading units or throwing unexpected events into the mix – Axis & Allies Zombies ensures no two games are ever the same!

Rules and Gameplay

Axis and Allies Zombies is a great board game that involves two to four players. The object of the game is to eliminate all of your opponent’s zombies or collect five victory coins while avoiding having yours destroyed.

To set up the board, each player will choose a side (Axis or Allies) and place their zombie pieces corresponding to that side on the start space. Shuffle the deck of cards and place 5 cards face-up in the “discard pile”. Finally, take 7 cards from the deck randomly and place them on their corresponding locations on the board.

Gameplay takes turns with each player drawing one card from either the discard pile or deck per turn. There are three different types of cards: weapon, territory and object. The weapon card should be placed in front of you as it allows you to attack other zombies present in adjacent territories for free moves or defending your territory from an invasion. Territory cards move your zombies to other regions and Object Cards can also give you bonus movement, additional weapons or tools to attack or defend with.

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Once you have drawn a card, play continues as any zombie can now use their weapons and objects according to their abilities. To challenge another player’s territory they must roll a dice combined with the damage done by their weapon; if they succeed they take control over that region, otherwise they must retreat back to their original location. When one player has taken control over five regions they win victory coins which give them automatic wins if collected five of them by end of game play.

Finally, if one loses all of their pieces due to destruction then that turn automatically goes to the next player until someone runs out of pieces or wins according to victory coin criteria mentioned earlier; at this point, total points are added up accumulated from territories controlled, remaining units alive and amount of victory coins obtained granting the winner with highest number at end of round!

Strategies and Tactics

Axis and Allies Zombies Board Game is a variant of the popular WW2-strategy game. This new version features undead hordes as a funky twist on the original gameplay. Developing an effective strategy is key to winning at Axis and Allies Zombies and these tips can help players make the most of their experience:

1. Utilize Your Cards – In Axis and Allies Zombies, your cards give you resources or special abilities and can have a decisive role in determining victory or defeat for your faction. Make sure to read over all the available cards closely, know when to play them, and identify any combos that may exist between them.

2. Move Quickly – Zombification spreads quickly! The longer it takes for you to move each turn, the greater an army of zombie minions your opponents will have on their side by the end of the game. Try to stay one step ahead of your opponents, while also keeping in mind their own strategies and objectives so you can protect yourself from surprise attacks later on.

3. Work As A Team – Every faction has its strengths and weaknesses; team up with your allies so you can leverage both yours and theirs together! By working together, you’ll be able to increase efficiency while taking out more powerful foes at once than if each were fending for themselves individually. It’s also important to find a balance between offense and defense depending on where combat is happening so no one member feels overwhelmed with responsibility at any given time.

4. Capture Structures – When capturing structures such as factories or safe zones, make sure to clearly define objectives beforehand by assigning roles among your team members such as resource manager or maintaining control over captured districts.. Victory points are scored for each controlled area so try not to lose too many before Zombification has been stopped!

5 . Know When To Retreat – If a situation is becoming too difficult for your faction to manage alone or if another group is closing in on a valuable asset of yours, don’t fully commit forces in hopes things will get better – plan an exit strategy immediately! Retreats allow you the chance to build up forces elsewhere without risking the majority of them being killed off completely due to overextending in just one location on the mapboard.

Key Artifacts

The Axis and Allies Zombies Board Game introduces you to a thrilling, intense experience as you progress through the game. In order to keep up with the action-packed storyline, there are a variety of key artifacts that can be located within the game. These unique items are essential for progressing forward and can provide great advantages throughout.

Some key items to be aware of include First Aid Kits, Lock Picks, Electric Torchlights, Grappling Hooks, Military Binoculars and Acid Bombs. First Aid Kits are essential for keeping your heroes alive throughout their journey using most of the available health points they have left in their life meter. Lock Picks help unlock sealed doors and lids which may lead to helpful supplies like weapons or even clues that guide towards solving certain puzzles during the game. Electric Torch lights generate a source of light to walk through dark areas during night time levels as visually locating certain targets without one can be difficult, but be warned as it will attract zombies at times too! Grappling hooks grant your characters the ability traverse long distances high above obstacles otherwise not possible by walking alone providing additional escape strategies when situations turn sour! Military Binoculars help extend visibility range to far out distances seeing threats from afar before getting close in such cases like zombies or enemy units who may be awaiting from further backlines. Finally acid bombs work well for hurting/slowing down hordes of enemies in one fell swoop provided you have enough space around you when throwing them for safety reasons given its close proximity area range damage effect!

Online Presence

The Axis and Allies Zombies board game has a strong online presence with in-depth reviews of the game readily available. Popular websites, such as YouTube, feature video guides and instructions to help players understand how to play the game, as well as provide tutorial videos on strategy and tips. Relevant subreddits also feature posts from players discussing strategies and tactics to be employed in order to win at Axis and Allies Zombies. Those looking to find out more about the game before committing can spend some time perusing these forums or watching the tutorials in order to make an informed decision on whether this board game is for them or not.

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Expansion Packs

Axis & Allies Zombies board game has been released to much critical and fan praise. Priced at under $50, it is one of the most affordable family-friendly games on the market. The game allows players to team up and repel a zombie apocalypse.

The core game offers players two play modes: Co-op for roping in friends to help out, or Solo to tackle the zombie apocalypse all by yourself. Additionally, the game allows you to customize your heroes with different looks and weapon combinations. With every possible combination, you’ll never get bored!

Since its initial release in 2018, Axis & Allies Zombies has wowed gamers with a series of downloadable content (DLC) and updates. Each update brings back more exciting ways to play and keeps people engaged every time they log on. For instance, there are new weapons packs available so that players can have access to powerful weapons against tough enemies like the Zombie Giant Cephalopods! New characters for play have also been released – some of which come straight from classic horror movies like Frankenstein or Dracula’s Daughter! These characters bring an added level of complexity and strategy that otherwise wouldn’t be available in the base version of the game.

In addition to DLCs and updates released so far, avid fans can look forward to an upcoming expansion pack with even more thrilling content: Scenarios 2-4 are available as a single purchase allowing for expanded play styles through story mode; custom zombie enemies can now also be created online giving gamers complete control over their enemies; more solo missions give plenty of engaging options for both experienced players as well as beginners; changes have been made making it easier than ever before for multiple players to battle zombies cooperatively – this includes camera synchronization!
Attractive discounts will be offered alongside rewards levels given according to progress made through solo campaigns providing even more incentives for dedicated gamers. As if all this wasn’t enough enticing already, there are rumors circling about potentially more expansion packs planned beyond this most recent one being released – but only time will tell what surprises Axis & Allies Zombies has in store next!


Axis and Allies Zombies Board Game is a popular strategy game that involves troops, resources, and fast-paced live action play. Players come together to battle against an undead horde trying to overtake the world. This board game is unique in its two-player or team-based cooperative play. As scorekeepers, players must collect objects from across the world in order to create decisive battles which determine the fate of the world. The thrill of conquering an insurmountable zombie horde has made this game an instant hit!

The innovative use of dice rolls and card distributions as well as equipment upgrades makes Axis and Allies Zombies board game a truly unique experience. Additionally, there is a wide variety of zombie types to conquer, providing long-term challenge for serious strategists.

Players need to do more than just dispose of zombies—they must also manage their resources so those “allies” can hold on when help isn’t available. A successful session requires strong planning, cooperation and communication between all involved players—both human and undead alike!

The strategic nature of the game, coupled with its fantastical elements, makes it appealing to both casual gamers and hardcore strategy enthusiasts alike. With its ever-evolving gameplay system, every time you come back Axis and Allies Zombies offers something new!

The best way to enjoy this game is get it right by taking plenty of time designing your strategies first before diving into hectic fights with the hoards of undead. Failing to plan ahead will leave your troops outnumbered or unable to access vital resources needed for victory. The most successful teams are those who have done their homework evaluating different strategies or card interactions in advance of battle so they are prepared for unexpected twists ensuring that each session results in a fun filled apocalyptic adventure!

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