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Keepin’ It Saxy is a board game for all ages that celebrates the jazzy style of music, from swing to reggae! The game is centered around saxophonists and jazz bands from all over the world. Players travel around the board trying to collect as many jam session cards as they can before time runs out. With each card comes exciting tales about legendary musicians and incredible performances. Along the way, players can pick up some sweet saxophone licks and use their creativity in an amazing solo or ensemble piece”truly recreating what it’s like to be a part of a jazz band! In addition, trivia questions on various musical topics are scattered throughout the game to challenge player’s knowledge of jazz music.

The story behind Keepin’ It Saxy begins with Quinn, a passionate young music enthusiast who was eager to learn more about jazz and her beloved saxophone. Being the creative type she decided that creating a board game would be an amazing way to honor this timeless genre of music and share its history with others. After months of writing, tinkering, and playing with friends, she finally had something special: a fun and entertaining game that celebrates what makes jazz so unique! Today, Keepin’ It Saxy brings together families and friends alike in a lively atmosphere full of jamming tunes and tales that deserve to be remembered.


The Keepin It Saxy Board Game is a fun and interesting way to challenge both your mental and social acumen. This unique board game is designed to improve cognitive development, foster strategic thinking, and boost communication skills.

One of the most beneficial features of this game lies in its ability to help players develop their problem-solving strategies. Through the game, players must make a series of decisions that will require them to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions for the challenges presented. By playing Keepin’ it Saxy Board Game players will be able to strengthen their analytical mindsets as well as increase their confidence in approaching complicated problems.

In addition to developing strategic thinking skills, this game can be an aid towards honing communication abilities. As teammates must give timely responses in order to make progress, they become accustomed to speaking clearly while also having empathy towards each other’s comments and ideas. Furthermore, by playing together teams further strengthen the bonds between them by replacing customary small talk with meaningful conversations about their thoughts on how best to resolve a given challenge.

For those looking for ways to connect deeper with others or want a game that stimulates more than just a laugh over coffee, then the Keepin It Saxy Board Game is a perfect option for you!

Game Review

Pros: The Keepin It Saxy Board Game is an incredibly fun and unique party game that is perfect for those looking for a good time with friends. This game is great for all ages, as it does not contain any overly complicated or challenging elements. The game offers lots of creative play options, from banter and role-playing to rhyming and humor. Furthermore, since the game can be played amongst three to six players, it makes for a very interactive and enjoyable experience regardless of group size.

Cons: One of the largest downsides to this board game is its unclear time limit; while the manufacturer states it should take 30 minutes to an hour to complete a typical game, depending on how many players are involved, it could potentially take over an hour. Additionally, experienced gamers may find this title slightly too simplistic in nature due to its limited range of activities available.

Age Recommendation & Player Count: Keepin It Saxy Board Game is suitable for people aged 8 and up; therefore, while younger children may be able to join in on the fun (6+), they may not understand some of the nuances that go along with the gameplay. Regarding player count, as previously mentioned this game can accommodate anywhere between three to six players at once

Rules and Scoring

Keepin It Saxy Board Game is an exciting twist on a classic strategy game. The object of the game is to be the first player to get all your pieces from Start to Finish.

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Setup: To begin, choose a side of the board that you want to play as. Place your pieces in the corresponding Start space on either side of the board. Shuffle and place the Community cards face down in the middle of the board.

Playing: At each turn, move one piece forward by any number of spaces along its lane until it reaches Finish. If two pieces are ever in the same lane, occupying two or more consecutive spaces from one another, then you’ve created a “saxophone.” Every saxophone you create allows you to draw an extra card from the Community stack which can affect your own piece or other players’ pieces on your turn (e.g., moving them back or further forward). When drawing an extra Community card due to creating a saxophone, draw the first card (had not been previously drawn) and then continue with your normal turn. You may only move your own piece unless advised otherwise by a Community card; if another players’ piece is blocking yours then they must move their piece before you can progress any further. Keep progressing until there are no more spaces left or someone obtains their pieces atFinish!

Endgame and Scoring: Once someone has achieved getting all their pieces fromStartto Finish with their desired music level (bronze, silver gold), the game is over! All players receive 10 points for achieving gold music level and 0 for bronze music level. Add up all individual score totals earned during game-play along with any bonuses received through obtaining particular Community cards; whoever has racked up the highest total points wins!


Q: What is the Keepin It Saxy Board Game?
A: The Keepin It Saxy Board Game is an interactive party game for adults featuring true and false questions and challenging puzzles that bring out everyone’s inner jazz musician. Players will draw cards, answer questions, and put their knowledge of music styles, instruments, solos, and more to the test as they compete to be the first one to reach Home Base.

Q: How many players can play at once?
A: The Keepin It Saxy Board Game has been designed for 2-6 people to play at once. Each player takes a turn drawing a card and answering questions or attempting puzzles.

Q: How long will it take to complete a game?
A: The length of each game can vary depending on how quickly the players are able to answer the questions or complete the puzzles. Generally speaking, games typically last between 30 minutes to an hour.

Q: What type of content does the board game feature?
A: The board game includes true/false questions about jazz music history and topics such as famous musicians, instruments, composition techniques, song types, solos, improvisation tricks and more! Additionally, in order to mix up the fun there are also puzzles that involve memory work and riddles that must be solved in order for players to successfully make it around their board and back to Home Base.


Keepin It Saxy has been widely praised for its unique and engaging approach to the classic board game. In 2019, it was voted Best of the Year by Parents Magazine, noting its ability to bring music to life while family “musicizes” together. Additionally, Keepin It Saxy received a Parent’s Choice Award as well as received accolades from many gaming pundits in 2020. Beyond industry recognition, the game has developed a cult following with die-hard fans citing its addictively immersive nature as one of its best qualities. In particular, many have pointed out that it encourages creative thinking outside the box and active collaboration in order to win.

Special Features

Keepin It Saxy Board Game is a fun and challenging game that brings the spirit of jazz music to your next family game night. This game features several elements that make the experience truly unique.

The main goal of the game is to earn as many saxophone solos as possible. Players competing against each other must prove their skill at playing classic jazz tunes by flipping over tiles and placing each one just-right on the board, or you’ll miss out on your chance to solo! The first player to get all their tiles out of the box and onto the board wins. As an added twist, tiles can be duplicated, so you’ll need to strategize carefully if you want to win big!

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The game also includes cards which provide players with different styles of music from various decades: disco, swing, funk, rock and more. When a player flips over a card, they have to complete their solo using specific notes in that particular style of music. This adds another layer of complexity that makes Keepin It Saxy Board Game much more than just a typical memory matching game.

In addition, Keepin It Saxy Board Game comes with four sets of specially designed jazz instruments for extra fun ” two trumpets and two saxophones ” as well as 4 custom designed stages which add dimension and depth to the overall gaming experience. All pieces are made out of high-quality materials meaning they’ll last longer than regular playing cards or die rolls. Finally, there is even included a mobile app version which allows players to practice their skills while they wait for friends or family members joining them at home.

Buyers Guide

The Keepin It Saxy Board Game comes in two different versions–the Standard version and the Deluxe version. The Standard version is a great choice for those looking to introduce their family and friends to an exciting new game. It includes the board, four saxophone playing pieces, three decks of cards, a handmade score board, and rules. With this version, you can play at home or take it on the go!

The Deluxe version builds on the features of the Standard Edition and introduces even more ways to play. It comes with larger playing pieces for hours of fun and features various bonus challenges that add some challenge to your game. You also get illuminated score sheets so you can keep track of your progress no matter what time of day it is. Additionally, it comes with expansion modules that allow even more variety in play strategies and strategies for advanced players who are looking for more challenge while they play. This edition also includes an updated rule book to make sure everyone knows how to play!

Final Thoughts

For those looking to get the most from the Keepin It Saxy board game, here are a few tailored tips and recommendations to help you understand the rules and lead an engaging game. Firstly, become familiar with all the pieces and rules of the game in order to best be able to prepare any strategies or tactics going forward. Before every game, take a few moments to explain how it works and what part each player will have throughout the evening.

When playing, it’s important that everyone is on the same page; coordinate and establish any house rules prior to beginning so that everyone has a clear understanding of which pieces they can move and when they must wait their turn. This way, no one will be confused halfway through a round due to extra pieces entering or leaving play too early.

Pay close attention when strategizing; think taller and wider than just pushing up against opponents from one side or cornering them on another. Keep your line formation responsive to opponent’s moves – remember it doesn’t need to stay rigid! Allowing for changes and adaptation as needed will keep both you and your opponents engaged throughout each round.

In addition to traditional gameplay, Keepin It Saxy can also double as a great tool for team building activities! Look for ways your team can communicate better during times of adversity by introducing goals or points-based scenarios when testing skills such as problem solving or decision making; utilizing street corners, diagonal lines, spacing techniques – there are even several options available for how best timing should be allocated between turns in order to ensure fairness within all games played. Ultimately, this type of creativity lends itself not only towards creative thinking but also provides incentive against distraction while remaining focused on teamwork execution overall!

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