Bacon Board Game


The Bacon Board Game is a delicious and fun game for all ages to enjoy. The game revolves around the ever-popular pork product – bacon! Players will compete for the most points by playing and trading with other players. In order to score points, players have to collect as many pieces of bacon as they can, trade them with other players, and answer showbiz questions related to bacon.

This unique board game is simple enough for children and adults alike to understand and play in an enjoyable way. The board is lined with bits of bacon that serve as tokens for each player’s turn. There are also cards featuring popular products such as Bacon-on-a-Stick or piggy banks full of bacon bits that can help you unlock bonus points depending on how many tokens you have collected during the course.

Players can choose a character card from selections such as Big Bacon Bob or sizzling Susie BakedBeans for extra antics during their turn, meant increase excitement during gameplay. Finally, up to 5-6 players can compete against each other in this fast-paced game of trivia (showbiz) and swapping while collecting salty snacks along the way!

Creating the Board

Creating the Bacon Board Game board is an incredibly fun and simple project! The game board consists of nine bacon pieces representing each square, with a starting point in the middle. It can be created with cardboard or construction paper if you want it to look colorful. Once you have your ‘board’ ready, use markers or paint to draw out the nine bacon squares along with a start/finish. Additionally, you could also add small decorative items such as leaves, stars, hearts, etc. to give your board a unique touch (see Diagram 1).

Once everything is all settled and dried up, divide the game into two sides-‘goodies side’ and ‘baddies side’. Give each player a set of 3 pig figurines and decide who will represent which side. Whoever’s set reaches the finishing line first will win the game!

Diagram 1:

*****************Bacon Board Game*******************
| Start +———————————————————–+ Finish |
Pig |————-| | || | || | || |————-| Pig
| // /| / || / // |

Boards Design Ideas

The Bacon Board Game can be customized with a variety of materials to create tiles, draw cards, spaces in and around the board, etc. Using die-cut foam, corkboard, or feltmaker boards for the actual board is a great idea that’s both aesthetically pleasing and allows for easy storage. You can use removable adhesive vinyl sheets to attach images to board pieces too”which would look similar to game tiles. Cardstock paper and printer sticker labels are also easy materials to work with when making simple game tokens, cards, etc. For a truly unique design there are also custom printing services like Zazzle that allow you to print your own designs directly onto things like playing card decks and character pieces. Overall these types of materials will help the Bacon Board Game stand out and make it an enjoyable experience for all players!

Rules and Instructions

The Bacon Board Game is a fun and competitive game for two gamers.

• The game is played on the Bacon Board, which consists of 16 sections divided into 4 evenly spaced rows.
• Each player takes 8 pieces of bacon from their pile, and aligns them in a row in the center of their side of the board. The player with all the bacon pieces arranged completely outside their side of the board loses immediately.
• Players roll a dice to determine who moves first. The player with the highest number starts, then turns rotate between players.
• On each turn, you can move one piece of bacon diagonally by one space to an empty section on your side of the board or take out an opposing player’s piece if it’s diagonally next to yours.
• If you block your opponents bacon completely (in a 2×2 square formation) they must move that set of bacon away from you. Any other remaining pieces will stay in that spot until it’s either moved or taken out by an opponent piece again.
• The goal is to remove all your opponent’s pieces without losing all your bacon first.
• Always plan ahead! While it might be tempting to make snap decisions, thinking ahead can pay off in the long run as it could give you more advantageous placement options later on in the game.
• Be mindful when it comes to where you position your pieces! It’s important to remember how easy it can be for your opponent’s pieces to reach yours if given enough time (cue: diagonal motion!). So try and anticipate what opportunities they would have from different positions and play accordingly!
• Make sure to use up all available moves when possible as well – every turn counts so don’t pass up any chances at taking out opposing pieces if given!!
CHEAT SHEET: Here are some key things to remember when playing Bacon Board Game:
• Make sure all your pieces are aligned outside your side before starting the game – else you lose immediately!
• Use available moves wisely, always anticipating what opportunities may arise from different positions- careful planning will help here! Avoid allowing blocks where 2×2 formations occur on either side- this gives opponents advantage over taking out other pieces quickly!

Playing Card Board Game

Recommended Players

Bacon Board Game is an ideal game for players 3 – 6 years old. As the game player goes around the board, they take turns matching the food cards.

For younger age groups (3-4 year olds) the game should be made simpler by having fewer cards to match and removing some of the more challenging tasks such as counting to 10 or saying the alphabet before advancing their marker around the board. To increase difficulty levels for these younger players, flashcards could be added to practice counting or shapes identification as part of their journey around the board.

For older age groups (5-6 year olds) slightly more difficult tasks can be added such as identifying colours or a simple sequence of numbers before being able to advance on their turn. At this stage players can also have slightly harder cards to match and they could identify which option matches a given statement. Additionally, opponents could use strategy against each other by cutting off other players’ paths and progress around the board.

Benefits of Bacon Board Game

The Bacon Board Game provides a plethora of benefits for players of all ages. Physically, playing board games like bacon board can help build motor skills such as hand-eye coordination, as well as agility and balance. Additionally, the game encourages social interaction which helps build communication and negotiation skills. Mental exercise is also essential when engaging in the game as it exercises logical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Creativity is encouraged when playing board games like bacon board. Making creative decisions during gameplay sparks imagination and quick thinking abilities which can transfer to a player’s everyday life. Finally, educational benefits are key to young players. By engaging in games like bacon board they can learn life lessons and develop their number counting or letter recognition skills if need be.

Card Types

The Bacon Board Game has several different types of cards.

Character Cards: These are used to move around the game board and play certain actions. Each character card features a unique character that changes how you can interact with the game. For example, some characters might move faster than others while other characters could provide bonus items or special action opportunities such as teleportation or bonus dice rolls.

Action Cards: These cards let players take specific actions depending on the situation. It can include buying property, zapping opponents, promoting your own character and more! These cards also offer a variety of strategic choices for players to make in order to gain an advantage during the game.

Property Cards: These represent properties that a player can purchase and improve upon throughout the course of the game by buying Action and Character Cards. Each Property Card is represented by a particular item from bacon-themed items such as bacon chips, and comes with its own unique benefits when played during the game.

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Objective Cards: These cards represent objectives that each player has to complete in order to win the game. This adds an additional element of strategy as players have to strategize exactly which objectives they should try to achieve throughout the course of the game in order to give themselves an edge over their opposition.

Bonus Tokens: Bonus tokens are special tokens earned by completing certain tasks within the game; this could include areas like collecting specific kinds of Bacon Items or solving puzzles put forward by one’s competitors. Bonus tokens can be used later in most cases either to acquire more property on the board or get additional points towards securing victory at the end of it all!

To make things even more interesting, there are several tools available that allow groups playing Bacon Board Game to create their own scenarios, modify existing ones and even create new versions with brand new rulesets – letting them create completely unique experiences each time they decide to pick up this classic board game!


The Bacon Board Game can be customized in a variety of ways to make it a fresh and fun experience for all players. One such variation is to allow players to choose their own set of rules. For example, instead of playing according to the conventional rules, players could create and assign individual points for specific tasks that are completed throughout the game and keep score accordingly. This way, each player’s unique strategy and creative approach can be rewarded with points.

In addition, the board could also be used for different types of challenges or competitions as well. For example, different challenges can be set up around the board where each team or individual has to complete tasks within a certain time limit. Some possible challenges could include building structures out of bacon strips or sculpting figures with them while competing against other teams or time itself.

Moreover, if the game is adapted towards younger players, different variations made specifically for them such as themed costume challenges and treasure hunts could also add an extra bit of excitement to the game. The possibilities really are endless so have fun exploring new versions and sharing them with your family and friends!


Overall, the bacon board game is an intriguing and unique way to involve bacon in family game night. The game’s design makes it easy for both children and adults to learn and understand. There are a variety of strategies to employ throughout the game, making it the perfect challenge for players of all ages. The game is also visually appealing, giving your group an entertaining optical experience as you play together. Through its components, objectives, and alternative rules variants, bacon board game delivers tons of fun while providing quality time with friends and family at home.

The many advantages of playing the bacon board game include allowing players of any age to join in on the fun. Moreover, there are various rule variations so each game doesn’t have to be predictable or dull! Players also get to use their imagination and strategize in order to come out victorious–improving problem solving skills along the way. Finally, playing can be a great bonding experience with loved ones!

In conclusion, this bacon board game is well-suited family activities that can bring you hours of enjoyment while testing yourself mentally and connecting with one another over some tasty food theme. With its simple yet challenging rules and components, it can provide memorable moments together sharing laughs as you compete for victory!

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