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In the last decade, board games have evolved significantly. Board game sales have experienced a surge in popularity due to the proliferation of new and innovative game designs that appeal to a range of audiences from casual gamers to more serious players looking for intricate gameplay mechanics. Many of these games are designed specifically for two or more participants, enabling gamers around the world to engage with each other through the joy of playing games together. This has expanded the development and sale of board games, revitalizing not just an iconic past-time but also creating new social bonding experiences.

From family games like Catan and Ticket to Ride, both which have earned Game of the Year awards, to complex strategy based games such as Gloomhaven and Scythe, there is something for everyone when it comes to board games available today. As game technology improves and game development becomes even more accessible, expect even more exciting innovations to emerge in this decade that will reinvent how we play our favorite classic titles as well as introducing us to brand new concepts. The sheer variety of gaming styles and experiences available make this decade the best era for board games yet!


The 1980s saw an explosion of classic board games that have endured to today. Clue and Monopoly were widely popular during this decade, as they remain to this day. Risk was also a popular strategic game that players enjoyed. In it, up to six players take turns attacking and defending land to ultimately control the world map. The game is still widely played today. Other timeless games like Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble also debuted in the 80s, and both are still beloved by many people around the world.

Other unique games like Electronic Battleship brought new ways of playing with military strategy elements. Players used an electronic console with moveable pegs on its face representing their ships while scanning the board for hidden vessels belonging to the enemy. Dungeon! featured role-play elements similar to those found in Dungeons & Dragons where characters battle monsters while traversing levels of different terrain in search of treasures. Connect Four was another classic game involving two players taking turns trying to place four circles in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal pattern on a 7×6 game grid. Finally, Operation become an instant hit as people attempted to remove various ailments from Cavity Sam using his tweezers without setting off his buzzer – or else!


The 90s were an iconic decade for popular board games, with many entertaining classics making their debut. Many of these beloved games still remain just as popular today.

One such title is Trivial Pursuit, which players can use to test their knowledge by answering questions in different categories such as Science and Nature, Entertainment, Sports and Leisure, History, and Arts and Literature. This game was created back in 1979 but was seen its peak of popularity during the 1990s. Another classic game from the 90s that remains just as cherished today is Monopoly. Players take on the role of property tycoons, buying and trading properties all across the United States in an effort to become the wealthiest player by accumulating fines from other players who land on their owned spaces. In 1996 another classic game made its debut: The Game of Life which teaches players important life lessons about family, career choice and budgeting while also allowing them to make some exciting choices along their journey as they experience twists and surprises along the way. All three of these iconic games provide hours of fun challenge ” regardless of how advanced technology has become since then!

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The 2000s saw a major shift in the board game industry, with an influx of newer, more complex games entering the retail market. These new games incorporated greater levels of strategy and opened up the realm of possibilities for gameplay that had never been witnessed before. Titles like Catan, Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne offered both educational benefits as well as creative challenges to their players, providing a new level of engagement that was distinct from traditional board games. Monopoly was still popular but these titles were captivating minds and accumulating awards for their innovative approaches. In addition to the aforementioned, grand strategy games such as Risk, Axis & Allies and Twilight Imperium made impressive gains in popularity during this time period as well. It wasn’t until this era that we started seeing designer-driven game companies emerge with elaborate set ups to create vivid stories that educated us while entertaining us all at once. As video gaming rose in prominence, there was still something special about the kind of gathering that only tabletop gaming could offer folks; this sentiment kept hope alive for innumerable fans while they explored new avenues through different themed games. The 2000’s provided an incredible jumpstart to what would later become one of today’s most beloved hobbies: tabletop gaming.


The past decade has seen an explosion in the popularity of tabletop gaming, with countless unique and inventive board games appearing over the years. Some of the most noteworthy bestsellers from this era include offerings such as Catan, a strategy game that challenges players to use clever tactics to gain resources and build settlements on an ever-changing landscape; Gloomhaven, an expansive co-op adventure game where players take on the roles of mercenaries as they battle mysterious monsters in a town shrouded in death and mystery; and Pandemic Legacy Season 1, the groundbreaking story-driven game where each session offers new surprises inspired by real world events. Findings from market research firms show that these board games have taken off due to their combination of replayability and immersive storytelling ” some titles offer several hundred hours of play time through multiple playthroughs, while others offer branching narratives that change depending on decisions made during interactions with other players or non-player characters. Indeed, as our appreciation for depth and diversity has grown in recent years, these titles have become increasingly popular all around the world.

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The best board games of each decade have changed drastically throughout the years, not only in themes, but also in style and mechanics. From World War II-themed Monopoly to the hand-crafted aesthetics of Settlers of Catan, today’s board games have become much more sophisticated, strategic, visually appealing, and complex. Each of these iconic titles has made its own significant contribution to this constantly evolving industry.

Since the 1940s, game enthusiasts have been captivated by the unique features that these classic board games offer. Through decades of redesigns and technological advancements, modern iterations of beloved classics allow players to explore different fantasy worlds and complicated scenarios. Whether it’s manipulating stock market prices in Monopoly or building settlements across a hexagonal landscape in Settlers of Catan, playing board games is no longer just about rolling dice and moving pieces around a flat surface ” it’s an engaging experience with endless potential for fun and learning.

From introducing new ideas with vibrant visuals to employing innovative components such as character cards and technology-based augmented reality pieces, these popular titles continue to capture the imaginations of players all around the world. Through their creative approaches to traditional tabletop gaming experiences these amazing board games are redefining what it means to play a game together”reminding us why we can never grow tired of time-tested favorites from past decades or modern designs from today’s leading experts.


Q: What are some of the best board games to come out in the 1960s?

A: Some of the most popular board games to come out of the 1960’s include Monopoly, Sorry!, Uno, Clue, Risk and Stratego. These classic board games have remained popular with players of all ages over the years and continue to be enjoyed by people around the world today. Other popular board games from this time period include Aggravation, Outlaw, Boggle and Life.

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