Best Board Games For 8 Or More Players


Board games are a great way to bring family, friends, and colleagues together. They provide the platform for a fun night in with many chances to laugh, learn new skills, and collaborate. Whether it’s your monthly game night or a family reunion, here is a list of our favorite board games for 8 players or more.

Pandemic: Depending on which version you choose, Pandemic can have up to 4-7 players working cooperatively to battle viruses and save humanity. It’s an excellent choice if you like puzzles and strategy games.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf: This classic game demands quick thinking from players who must guess who the werewolf amongst them is without any clues. The gameplay is fast-paced and entertaining with up to 10 players plus additional roles thrown into the mix.

Ticket to Ride: Even though some versions of this game allow up to 5 people, Ticket to Ride Europe (a spinoff) allows 2-5 people in each team or 6-10 people total when playing all together. That means you get all the thrill of travel-themed train building but with much larger numbers involved!

Lost Cities: If you’re looking for something more casual but tactical at the same time, Lost Cities might just be your favorite choice for larger groups as it can hold up 10 people playing individually against one another in competition mode or teams of 2 in cooperative play!

Bang!: As an old fashioned Wild West shootout-style card game, Bang! can host up to 8 players fighting for survival. In addition to being exciting and stomach clenching, it’s also surprisingly strategic with unique combinations that can grant hidden advantages over opponents.

These crowd favorites will surely create unforgettable experiences amongst your group of friends – whether they want intense tactical play or just want a thrilling showdown against their peers that requires little thought and plenty of fun! No matter how big your gathering is, these board games are sure to entertain everyone involved with immersive gameplay mechanics that require quick wits and timeless strategy tactics coming together as one!


Monopoly is an iconic board game that can be enjoyed by 8 or more players. The classic property trading game challenges you and your friends to buy, sell and rent properties, build houses and hotels in an effort to bankrupt your opponents, who must pay rent for landing on your property. Monopoly also provides opportunities to strategize via the purchasing of railroads, utilities and chance cards. This game has entertained millions of people since its creation nearly 100 years ago, ensuring it will remain a part of gaming culture for many generations to come. Other features include a vibrant design with token pieces reflective of its origin in the early 1900s. Additionally, there are multiple versions of the game with unique themes including nostalgic choices like Star Wars Monopoly or updated tastes such as Cheaters Edition Monopoly. The suggested age range is 8+.


Puzzler-Mania is an excellent choice for large groups of 8 or more players. It allows you to experience a unique form of puzzle-solving while delving into a colorful world of characters, music and story. Divided into three sections – Adventure, Logic and Strategy – Puzzler-Mania provides puzzles that offer something for everyone. The Adventure portion gives players the chance to explore different worlds and find clues to progress through levels, using items collected along the way to complete objectives. The Logic section engages your brain with challenging logic puzzles requiring problem-solving skills such as deduction, reflection and analysis. Lastly, the Strategy section allows players to design their own solutions for tasks by experimenting with different strategies before coming up with solutions that work best in each situation. Players can also create their own games by combining different elements from all three sections! With its beautifully crafted graphics and complex storylines, Puzzler-Mania is perfect for those who prefer an immersive gaming experience.

Captain Hook Board Game

Family Fun

If you have eight or more players around the table, it’s time to get out some board games. Group board games are a great way to make memories with friends and family. Enjoy something light-hearted like Apples to Apples or Charades; challenge your wits with something strategic like Trivial Pursuit or Codenames; or add a hint of competition with Monopoly or Ticket To Ride. There are classic options as well as brand new flavors for all ages ” so you can find something for the younger kids and the adults long after lights out. Some of the best board games for large groups also double as drinking games when suitable.

No matter if you’re hosting an adult game night, kid sleepover, larger family reunion, teambuilding event, bridal shower, church fundraiser…or just a game day at home, selecting one of these top large group boardgames is sure to bring your crowd together in laughter and exciting challenges. So pick up one that suits your style and let the fun begin!


Charades, the classic party game, is perfect for a group of 8 or more players. To amp up your experience, there are a number of ways to level up the game and create an unforgettable night.

First, you can purchase dedicated Charades decks that include hundreds of different clues for your group to act out. The cards come already divided into themed categories like movies and sayings so it’ll be easier than writing your own prompts.

Next, you can make sure everyone has plenty of materials to act with by providing prop boxes filled with costumes, puppets and other improvisational items such as hats and scarves. Encourage creativity in the acting challenge by allowing certain players the option of using their newly acquired props while others may stick to their acting abilities alone. It’s sure to add an extra level of fun that will separate this gathering from all past Charades nights!

Finally, mix up the rules and spice things up by creating custom directions each round. For example, one round could be performed as an organized dance routine while another round could start with one person offering hints but finish with two people enacting an entire scene together! With these customized tweaks it’ll keep everyone engaged and make even returning players discover something new about this beloved classic game!

Cooperative Games

One of the best board games for 8 or more players is a cooperative game. In these types of games, all the players work together as a team to reach a common goal. There is no competition between individual players as everyone shares in the victory or defeat of the group. Cooperative games involve strategy and working together to find ways to overcome challenges and reach a winning strategy. Each person must think strategically and use their specific skills to help further the team’s progress. Some popular cooperative board games include Carcassonne, Pandemic, Forbidden Island, and Forbidden Desert. They’re easy to learn, but they can also offer hours of fun and challenge different types of problem-solving skills. They are perfect for large groups who want to work together towards a common purpose!

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Escape Games

Escape games are great for groups of 8 or more people! They involve working as a team to beat the clock, and use strategy, observation, and deduction skills to unravel puzzles. Housed in story-driven themes like bank heists, ancient curses, and post-apocalyptic wastelands, these thrilling experiences get everyone out of their comfort zone by tackling tasks together with creative problem-solving. Whether it’s an escape room or escape themed board game, this type of entertainment is sure to bring lots of fun and engage your friends and family. You may be surprised to find your teammates going above and beyond”from building models out of LEGO blocks in record time to setting up electrical components perfectly in order to turn the lights back on. The competition between teams only gets fiercer as they race against the clock while trying to solve puzzles faster and gain the most points (or loot). Moreover, being able to tell whether you have won or lost within one hour gives immense satisfaction when no one can agree on a board game that lasts longer than five hours!

Trivia Games

Trivia games are great for larger groups of players because they only require trivia cards, making them easy to manage. Trivia games come in many forms, from all-encompassing pop culture versions like The Big Bang Theory Trivia Game or Geek Out! to more specialized versions, like Disney Villainous, which focuses on iconic movie antagonists. Most trivia games are designed to keep everyone involved throughout with quick rounds and the opportunity to participate even if you’re not necessarily the champion at general knowledge. Some board game versions also contain progressive elements that challenge teams of players over multiple turns as they work together to solve puzzles or score more points than their opponents. Other popular themed trivia games include Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit and The Amazon Interactive Adventure Board Game. All these board games bring up ideas centered around pop culture while also providing an interactive environment filled with exciting questions.


A board game night with 8 or more players is like nothing else. Not only can you enjoy the thrill of playing a multi-player game, but you also get to share ina long tradition of uninterrupted fun with your friends or family. Whether it’s a competitive spirit that sparks up the night or the hilarious moments that come from playing together, one thing is for certain – You’ll discover something special when partaking in the best board games for 8 or more players.

From strategy titles to luck-based experiments, these board games make great additions to any game night with a crowd. Regardless of genre preference, each of these selections specializes in long lasting entertainment – Ensuring your evening lasts far more than just an hour. With rulesets tailored around a round of eight participants and beyond, each listed title is perfect for social gatherings that juggle various ages and skill levels. So break out the chips and dip and prepare yourself for a night to remember!

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