Best Board Games To Sell On Ebay

Introduction to Board Games on eBay

With the resurgence of board games in recent years, eBay has become a great platform for sellers to get into the market. You can access new and vintage games from popular eras as well as have access to a wide selection from a variety of genres like strategy, fantasy, mystery and more. With eBay’s expansive marketplace you are able to buy low-priced bulk items direct from manufacturers or resell one-of-a-kind collectible sets. Additionally, you can offer international customers the convenience of buying via their currency and enjoy a range of payment options such as PayPal and Credit Card. Many game companies are now using eBay as an outlet so it often possible to acquire new games at discounted prices before they even hit retail shelves.

Now that you know what sells best on eBay when it comes to board games, there are some additional considerations before launching your business:

Source Quality Products – When thinking about what specific titles you should add to your inventory research each game’s popularity and reviews. This will give you an indication of demand but also make sure that any items you source are in good condition. Packaging condition is especially important for collectors for whom the box can be just as valuable as the content inside! You may also want to source rarer items that don’t appeal too much to traditional buyers (the type who flock when there’s “limited edition” text involved). Look out for older editions, reprints or outdated disclaimers printed on obsolete packaging too!

Shipping & Fulfillment – Sellers who offer the combination of free shipping or flat rate shipping often experience higher customer satisfaction than those who charge per item. Make sure all orders have tracking information attached so customers stay informed throughout the journey from purchase through delivery so this reduces post-sale customer service queries or requests for refunds for lost items considerably therefore reducing negative feedback ratings. When packing shipments ensure boxes and/or envelopes offer enough protection with bubble wrap too or consider sourcing better packaging options online like cardboard postal boxes which are generally cheaper than traditional product packaging such as ones supplied by game manufacturers ” this works especially well if you deal with multiples copies of any particular title!

Marketing & Promotion – Once operational, promotional activity is key in order to reach out to new customers. Taking advantage of Google groups, Reddit threads and blogs dedicated to gaming hobbyist communities is a great way spark conversations with passionate buyers who may not venture onto eBay itself very often. As most listings share similar backgrounds work on creating interesting descriptions that highlight features like personal anecdotes, comedy skits or edited videos reviews all help refresh listing pages (which often lack originality) keeping prospective buyers interested in seeing more stories around your products rather than scrolling right past them boredom due technical language found elsewhere…

Factors to Consider Before Selling Board Games on eBay

When selling board games on eBay, it is important to understand the popularity trends in the gaming industry. Knowing which types of games are currently popular among gamers will give you a better idea of what to stock and how to market them. Furthermore, understanding price-points can help you determine how to maximize profits while still offering competitive prices. Branding opportunities should also be considered when selecting board games to sell. Crafting a unique story behind your company can draw potential customers in and make them more willing to invest. Additionally, assessing inventory management is essential for preventing potential losses due to overstocking or low demand for certain titles; setting limits and utilizing analytics can help sellers stay on top of their store’s stock levels. Finally, understanding who your buyer personas are will allow you to tailor promotions that appeal directly to those most likely to purchase from your store. Utilizing these tips and factors before selling board on eBay will ensure greater success with selling desired items at the ideal prices.

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Popular Board Games to Sell on eBay

Popular board games to sell on eBay can include everything from classic favorites such as Chess, Checkers and Scrabble to more modern games like Catan, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride. When looking for board games to list on eBay you should look for those that are in good condition with all pieces present. Specific requests from buyers should also be taken into account. Try searching online auction sites like Craigslist and OfferUP or check local thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets for used board games. If a seller is hesitant about listing a used game, it might be possible to buy it at a discounted rate from sellers who are happy to get rid of it without having to go through the listing process. Additionally there are wholesalers and resellers who offer bulk pricing or factory-sealed products that can improve chances for maximizing profits with each sale. Finally it is important to keep an eye out for any upcoming new releases since this often generates a great interest that can lead to quick sales depending on availability

Pricing Board Games on eBay

When pricing a board game on eBay, it is important to consider the age and condition of the product as well as its popularity. The item should be priced according to what other similar products are selling for, but at a lower cost if possible. Good research can help you determine an accurate market price.

It is also important to take into consideration shipping costs when pricing board games for sale on eBay. Depending on the weight and size of the game, the cost of shipping may affect how much customers are willing to spend. If possible, add the cost of shipping directly into the overall price of the product so that buyers don’t have extra expenses they weren’t anticipating.

Generating sales on eBay isn’t just about having attractive prices – it’s also about providing good customer service, marketing your products effectively, creating attractive and informative listings, and offering promotions or discounts every once in a while. Run promotional campaigns during peak shopping seasons such as Christmas or during special events related to board games (such as conventions). Additionally, make sure your product descriptions include all relevant information about a given game ” including factors such as players count- so that buyers can make more informed decisions when purchasing board games from you.

Listing Board Games on eBay

When creating listings for board games on eBay, it’s important to make sure you stand out from the competition. Start by using the right keywords and search terms that buyers are likely to use – This can include game titles, type of player (for instance, “2-4 players”), age range for players, genre of game (i.e., science fiction, strategy, family), brand name of publisher or manufacturer, etc.

Make sure you also use appropriate images in your listing. Showing a picture of the box art is common but you should try to add more detailed images as well – such as a photo of the actual pieces or components in the game so people can see what they are getting. These additional images can help potential buyers appreciate what they will be purchasing when they buy your board games.

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It is also a good idea to include some information about the board game itself in your listing like a brief overview or explanation of how it is played, making sure you keep it concise but informative enough so that potential buyers get an idea of what they are paying for.

Finally, try to offer something unique with your board game listings; perhaps provide helpful tips and tricks for playing the game or share personal experiences about specific games if you have them. This helps set your listing apart from others who may be offering similar items and helps create an amazing shopping experience for potential buyers!

Tips for Maximizing Sales of Board Games on eBay

1. Offer Competitive Prices: Make sure that the prices you offer on eBay are competitive with other sellers. Shop around to compare prices and keep your listings updated to ensure they remain attractive and up-to-date.

2. Write Effective Descriptions: Crafting an enticing description of your board game can help attract buyers. Give a detailed overview of the game, its special features, and why it’s fun to play. You can also use keywords that will help shoppers find your listing in searches.

3. Put Your Best Foot Forward: Be sure to describe the condition of the board game accurately, as this will help win customer trust. Use quality images in your descriptions, incorporating different angles and views so potential buyers know exactly what they will be receiving if they purchase from you.

4. Pack Items Securely: When sending items off make sure they are safely packed and secure inside a box or envelope with padding material included if necessary. This can increase customer satisfaction, encourage repeat customers, and boost your overall ratings on eBay.

5. Utilize Shipping Tools & Options: eBay offers several tools for shipping items quickly, efficiently, and affordably within the United States as well as internationally. Take advantage of these tools so you can provide quick delivery times for customers!


In conclusion, the best board games to sell on eBay are those that offer something unique and appeal to a broad audience. There is so much choice on eBay for board game fans with all types of themes, manufacturers, and price ranges. As an eBay seller, you should think about creating differentiated products, developing niche markets, and providing great customer service. By doing this, you can be sure that customers who purchase your board games will be satisfied with their experience and more likely to return in the future. Furthermore, the potential revenue opportunities of selling board games on eBay are great, as it is a platform visited by millions of people each day. To take advantage of these opportunities even further try exploring Dropshipping or becoming a PowerSeller on eBay- both of which can lead to an increased number of sales and higher profits.

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