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Comparison to Other Games

Who Should We Eat Board Game is a unique twist on the classic board game genre. It takes the concept that players are competing to eat all of the food in an ever-shrinking play area and combines it with puzzle-style solving items and tongue-in-cheek humor. The player who eats their way through is the winner. What sets Who Should We Eat apart from other similar games is its ability to bring people together and have them collaboratively tackle puzzles and tasks, rather than relying solely on luck for victory. Additionally, Who Should We Eat’s light-hearted and comical approach encourages more friendly competition ” friendships become strengthened rather than destroyed in a race to get across the board first. The game’s zany elements not only make it more enjoyable to play but also ensure that no two games will ever be quite the same, thus providing new levels of entertainment every time you break it out!

History of the Game

Who Should We Eat is a strategic board game that was created by two friends, Ryan and Thomas, in 2017. The concept for the game first came about when the two discussed their boredom with traditional board games on a road trip. After returning home, Ryan and Thomas spent several months developing Who Should We Eat?, an innovative board game with exciting new features. The goal of the game is to be the last amongst up to seven players left in the race to survive a deserted island full of hungry monsters. Using strategy elements such as luck, resource management and decision-making, players must navigate their way around deadly traps while avoiding monster attacks and searching for precious resources to ensure they are the last remaining survivor. It was first released in 2018 exclusively on eBay before eventually becoming available at retail stores.

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User Reviews

The Who Should We Eat board game on eBay has been receiving numerous positive reviews from buyers. One user, who purchased the game as a gift for their children said, “My kids absolutely loved playing this game! It was so much fun for all of us and kept us entertained for hours. The pieces are very colourful and well made, too.” Another reviewer said, “This game was great with all our family members – whether it was adults or younger teens. We had a lot of laughs and we felt like we were actually making decisions together.” A third user added, “This board game is perfect for anyone who likes to think outside the box. You use strategy while building teams to decide which characters you should eat first in order to survive! It’s one of the most fun and interactive games I’ve ever played with my friends.” Finally, one customer said, “The quality of this game is amazing! Everything is done extremely well – from the artwork to the cards. My whole family loves playing it and we find ourselves playing it every day now! Highly recommend.” With such outstanding reviews from satisfied customers, it’s no wonder that the Who Should We Eat board game on eBay is one of the most popular games around today!


Possibilities for additional accessories include cards, dice, tokens, coins, or chips to represent each player’s turns or actions. Other add-ons could include custom figures to represent the characters in the game, colorful dry erase boards used as score trackers and recipes with ingredients that players can use to craft their own in-game dishes. Additionally, music CDs or soundtracks could be used to create a themed environment while playing the game.

Expansion Packs

The Who Should We Eat Board Game can be expanded with several expansion packs. The “Snatch & Strike” expansion pack allows players to steal and take weapons from other cannibals, as well as the ability to move around the game board quickly by playing cards that allow for shortcuts in the game. The “Bubble Breath” expansion adds more complexity to the game by creating hazards in otherwise safe surroundings with its unique bubble-breath power ups. The “Cannibalism” expansion offers a competitive twist by allowing players to battle each other over resources, while also introducing new enemy mutant cannibals that must be defeated. Finally, an upcoming expansion called “Brutal Banquet” will bring even more content going forward, allowing players to hunt creatures that are far bigger than they are.

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Social Interaction

Who Should We Eat Board Game Ebay is a great game to play with friends, family and colleagues. It provides a fun, interactive way for players to build relationships and practice their problem-solving skills. The game requires players to choose who they should consume as dinner out of five people available as dinner cards. Players must use their logic, discussion and negotiation skills to reach consensus on who they will ultimately eat. This creates a collaborative atmosphere where everyone works together in order to make sure that the team makes the best decision possible! The strategies used during this game can help build teamwork skills, foster better communication and increase group bonding.

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