Best Family Board Games For 6 Players


Playing family board games can be a great way to create lasting experiences and develop a strong sense of family culture. Board games, in particular, are an excellent way for extended family members and friends to easily connect and interact attentively with each other in a safe and familiar environment. Playing with 6 players provides opportunities for conversations, friendly competitions, exploration, problem-solving, laughter, and get-togethers of groups that share different ages and backgrounds. Additionally, they can help teach valuable skills while naturally connecting people in meaningful ways. Moreover, playing together as a family unit creates moments that will linger in the memory long after the game has ended.

Comparable Options For Different Player Counts

Game Players Features

Monopoly 2-6 Classic game, features property trading and banking mechanic.
Scrabble 2-6 Build words by matching crossword tiles, score the most points to win.
Uno 2-10 Match colored cards with matching number or color to play.
Pictionary 3-7 Draw a clue and have teammates guess the word before time runs out.
Risk 2-6 Conquer countries by forming armies and gaining territories.
Khet 2-2 Use laser beams, reflectors, and mirrors to remove opposite players pieces from the board.
Taboo 4-8 Race against each other to identify the correct word using descriptions that cannot include any of the taboo words listed on the card.

The Benefits Of Playing Family Board Games For 6 Players

Playing family board games for 6 players can be a great way to strengthen the bonds between family members. Board games can promote conversation, encourage cooperation, and develop problem-solving skills among family members. Additionally, playing board games together as a family creates positive memories that can last a lifetime.

Families with 6 players will benefit from choosing cooperative or team-based board games which challenge each player to contribute equally towards winning. By engaging in this interactive shared experience, family members learn to work together and support each other’s ideas and perspectives. These types of activities have been found to foster social connections amongst those who play them together.

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Studies have also shown that board games for 6 players have helped improve communication between parents and children. Various details about language skills, listening abilities, creative thinking, cooperation and attention span are positively affected by regularly playing board games as a family at home. Parents may also appreciate teaching children good sportsmanship through playing these kinds of games together as well!

Top 5 Best Family Board Games For 6 Players

1. Ticket To Ride ” This classic board game is perfect for families to enjoy together. Players score points by reaching various cities in turn. The detailed maps will keep 6 players engaged as each person tries to complete their set of ticket objectives, while also taking steps to block the other players from completing theirs.

2. Pandemic ” In this fun and interactive gambling game all 6 players work cooperatively to save the world from 4 deadly diseases before time runs out and catastrophe strikes! The game has won multiple awards, and plays out differently every time, making it an exciting challenge for any family member over 8 years old looking for an intriguing strategy game.

3. Carcassonne ” This tile-placement board game combines luck and skill into a delightful challenge that’s suitable for younger children (7+) as well as more experienced gamers. Players attempt to build cities, roads, and farms across the southern French countryside, while simultaneously blocking the paths of other players in order to maximize their own potential advantages.

4. Codenames” Developed by award-winning artist Vlaada Chvatil, this simple yet stimulating board game can have up to 8 players combining forces in a thrilling battle of wits! Players take turns guessing one word clues which refer to other words on the grid ” and must also avoid words associated with their opponents which are hidden nearby! A great choice for all diferent ages from age 10 up oryounger with parental guidance

5. Munchkin – Join 6 heroes trying to beat monsters wandering around dungeons filled with treasure! Players get stronger by killing monsters using quirky weapons found throughout their adventures, but beware of traps laid in wait around every corner!. With simple rules that allow even young children from age 6+ or younger with parental guidance the ability jump right into play this fast-paced card game is sure to bring lots of laughs around your family’s gaming table.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for board games to play as a family, here are some great options for groups of 6 players: Taboo, Chutes and Ladders, Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk, and Trivial Pursuit.

When choosing the best family board games for your group, it’s important to consider the size and age range of those playing. For smaller groups or those with younger kids, simpler game mechanics are often preferable. Games like Sequence or Apples to Apples can provide a lot of fun without requiring lengthy interpretation of rules or tremendous attention span. Card games like Uno or Go Fish can also be engaging for smaller groups and allow for more flexibility in game length.

For families with children who are older than eight or nine years old (or if you just have a larger party), more involved board games such as Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride will offer up an exciting challenge. Additionally, role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons can help bring imagination alive while exercising problem-solving and cooperative prowess.

Family-friendly spaces that foster creative play are essential in empowering children’s development now and into their future. By mostly avoiding competitive games that may create jealousy amongst siblings or giving every player an active role in the game’s proceedings (for example human charades or Pictionary), parents can offer up invaluable experiences that will boost creativity and social capabilities while reinforcing positive values along the way!

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