Best Selling Board Game 2020


The best selling board game of 2020 is a cut above the rest. From accessible mechanics and straightforward objectives, to unique aesthetics and engaging storylines, this game offers a little something for every type of player. With an ever-evolving storyline that players can shape and choose their destiny with each action taken, no two games will ever be the same. The immersive world generated from clever combination of components proves why this board game is a favorite among those who play again and again, creating hours upon hours of enjoyable experiences with friends or family.

How to Choose a Board Game

1. Read reviews: Before purchasing any board game, make sure to read reviews from others who have already played the game. This will help you determine if the game is a good fit for your group or family.

2. Consider difficulty level: If you’re playing with younger children, look for a board game that isn’t too difficult. On the other hand, if some of your players are older or experienced gamers, look for something that offers a challenge. Choose an appropriate difficulty level for the age range and experience level of your players.

3. Consider length: Pay attention to the estimated length of play in each board game’s description or on its box cover. People usually want to play a full game in under two hours, so a 30-45 minute game is ideal for most groups and families. If you want something longer than that, make sure to check it out first if possible before buying it.

4. Keep up with trends: Look for popular or trending games that are popular within different gaming communities online (e.g., Board Game Geek). There are even websites dedicated to finding the best new board games each year so you don’t miss out on anything!

5. Discuss with friends: It’s always helpful to get input from your friends and family members when choosing a board game as they can provide valuable insights into which title may be more enjoyable in terms of style and gameplay features specific to their preferences and experiences with gaming titles in general.

The Best Selling Board Games of 2020

1. Catan:
Catan is a classic board game first released in 1995. It has become one of the most popular modern board games since its release, with over 25 million copies sold worldwide. The goal of the game is to collect resources and build settlements on an island composed of 19 tile hexes. Players must use strategic trading and development skills to gain victory points, increase their number of settlements, and upgrade to cities. Notable features are its versatile player interactions which include trading, production, acquisition, negotiations and battles. Expansions offered by the publisher, Mayfair Games include items such as extra tiles or merchant shipping pieces as well as themes such as Star Trek or Christmas editions to give players more options when playing.

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2. Pandemic:
Pandemic was first released in 2008 and is based on a cooperative play system where players compete against an infectious disease threatening humanity instead of each other. Players take on roles like Scientist, Researcher or Medic to try to save lives in an effort to wipe out all diseases before they spread too far throughout the world. In the game you travel between cities collecting resources to discover cures for infectious diseases around the world with each city having outbreak potentials and epidemic cards that can affect how difficult it is for players to navigate through it during game-play. The notable feature here is its 3 difficulty levels (Rookie, Experienced & Expert) as well as support for two expansion packs that add additional role personalities and locations When played .

3. Wingspan:
Wingspan was released in 2019 originally designed by Dominic Crapuchettes and published by Stonemaier Games known for titles like Viticulture and Scythe. In Wingspan up to five players compete at building their own wildlife preserve areas while attracting birds with unique abilities that help win various objectives which type of habitat they can build providing them bonuses across a range of possible actions they can take during playtime events. Notable features here are concepts such as Mimicry Power which let certain birds copy other birds’s special abilities or Automa which integrated solo play mode into Wingspan’s already engaging environment making it suitable for virtually any group size at the table including group sizes up single players Another interesting thing about this game is they’ve also contributed their time helping conserve wildlife preserves around the world Expansion Pack contents include 150 new cards artwork new end-of-the round goals additional eggartwork types new rule variants plus more surprises

Tips for an Enjoyable Gaming Experience

One of the main ways to enjoy a best selling board game is by making it more interesting. You can do this by introducing unique rules, increasing the stakes, and finding inventive game pieces. Consider setting up different rules like awarding points for completing a task or adding an extra card drawing if an answer to a question is incorrect. Making these modifications can create an element of suspense and surprise which can bring your gaming experience to life. Also, consider introducing real-world rewards such as candy, coins or prizes for being successful during the game. This incentive system can help boost enthusiasm and motivation amongst players. Additionally, you can also look into using additional items like figurines or character avatars in order to give your board game a more vibrant atmosphere. These items may even serve as added props along with the traditional cards and pieces used in the game play. All of these ideas can be great ways to make your gaming night much more enjoyable and memorable!

Best New Family Board Games


Monopoly remains one of the best-selling board games of 2020 and is sure to spark many nostalgic moments among family and friends. With an evergreen set of rules, this classic game captures all the thrills of investing in real estate without any of the risks. Players develop strategies for buying and trading property while making their way around the iconic Monopoly board. As a winner-takes-all competition, Monopoly will have players gripping their cash tightly until they reach victory!

Risk brings gamers together for an exciting battle of wits and strategy. A fan favorite worldwide since its launch in 1959, Risk tests players’ luck and creativity as they aim to conquer as many countries as possible. Fight through battles with dice rolls or embrace negotiations with fellow players to carry out secret alliances; either way, strategy is key in achieving Risk glory.

Exploding Kittens stands out among other popular Board Games with its unique blend of humor and suspense. This card game challenges gamers to defuse lobbed bombs disguised as feline creatures which often leads to outlandish laughter and surprisingly serious playing techniques. Strategically draw cards to gain explosive advantages over other players, but be warned: no one is safe from being eliminated!

The wisdom behind Catan resurfaces yet again with this award-winning venture into uncharted lands on uncharted seas. Trade resources cleverly while engaging in shipbuilding missions across the ocean to acquire new lands…and increase your power! This critically acclaimed strategy game provides endless fun through building empires, acquiring resources, and discovering mysterious islands filled with treasures.

These are just some of the most popular board games now available for your gaming pleasure – Monopoly, Risk, Exploding Kittens, and Catan; each one offering hours upon hours of entertainment that’s sure to satisfy gamers everywhere! For those looking for a fun group activity at home or even on the go, these classics are still highly recommended by fans around the world. Check them out today!

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