Board Games That Start With E


Board games that start with E make great entertainment for all ages. From exciting strategy games to classic family-friendly favorites, there’s bound to be something that will keep you playing for hours. Whether it’s Escape Room puzzles, Electronic Arts classics, or card battle games, board games that begin with the letter ‘E’ offer something for everyone. Here’s a glance at some of the most popular and beloved E-named board games.

Some of the most beloved board games that start with E are Escape Room titles. These deviously difficult strategy games involve players working their way through an intricate storyline in order to complete various tasks and challenges. Players often take on the role of a detective-style character who must solve the clues along the way in order to escape the room or complete their mission – all within a set amount of time! Popular escape room titles include Exit: The Game, Enigma and Unlock!.

Electronic Arts is known as one of the leaders in creating captivating video game experiences, and they have produced several top-notch board game versions as well. These reinterpretations of their classic franchises introduce just enough twists and turns so that they don’t feel stale but are still accessible enough to satisfy fans of all levels of play. Titles such as EA’s Monopoly Gamer Edition, Scrabble Blitz and Battleship Galaxies provide hours’ worth of strategic entertainment for novice gamers and veterans alike.

Card battle games are another popular type of game that can be seen under the letter ‘E’. These games allow players to use powerful cards in battles against other players (or computer opponents) in order to win coins, points or items in play. Popular card battle series include Exploding Kittens and Elder Sign: Gates from Beyond from Osprey Games alongside iconic classics Digimon Collectible Card Game from Bandai Namco and Magic: The Gathering from Wizards of the Coast.

Exploring Educational Board Games with E

Educational board games that start with the letter “E” offer plenty of ways to have fun while learning. From Euro-style strategy games to classic favorites, these games help children and adults alike practice their cognitive skills, learn new information, and even develop math or language arts skills. Some of the best options include:

1. Escape Room in a Box ” This game allows players to unlock puzzles with clues to progress through five graded difficulty levels. This game is great for critical thinking and problem-solving skills due to its combination of logic and storytelling.

2. Escape from Colditz ” This WWII prisoner of war game has strategies with objectives like escaping the prison camp, stealing an aircraft, and evading Allied forces. With enough thoughtful planning and communication between players, this game can be quite challenging yet exciting!

3. Eurorails – Developed by Mayfair Games in 1991, Eurorails puts players in charge of a railroad empire across Europe where they must build tracks to expand their routes while also competing against other players’ networks. This game encourages strategic thinking as well as teaches geography in a unique way!

4. emotionOPOLY ” A playful twist on the classic Monopoly game, emotionOPOLY encourages emotional intelligence by tasking players ages 7+ with an exploration through increasing awareness of feelings both within themselves and others around them by playing out scenarios depicted by “emotion cards” throughout each round.

5. Engines & Empires” Set during the industrial revolution this game has plenty of variety for every player type! It involves world building and economy building through card drafting mechanics allowing players create trade routes throughout four distinct factions encompassing different regions from all corners of the world plus naval movement rules should you wish to travel overseas!

Knowing How to Win Strategy Board Games with E

Playing strategy board games that start with the letter “E” can be a great activity for families, friends, or even work colleagues. There are a variety of engaging board games available that require skill and strategy. El Grande is an example of a complex strategy game. This highly interactive game is fought over five provinces in medieval Spain as players strive to become king and dominate the area. Traders & Barbarians of Catan is one of the more popular board games starting with E, featuring characters such as knights, barbarians and traders. In this game, players trade resources while they build roads and cities across the islands of Catan’s landscape. Eclipse”The Galaxy Is Yours is an advanced strategy game which allows you explore space while utilizing diplomacy, science and military strength to compete against other players. Another renowned board game beginning with “E” is Excape: The Curse of the Temple; where players must survive their way out by racing against time whilst solving numerous rooms’ mysteries within 10 minutes in order to escape alive! Learning how to properly strategize these powerful board games can take some time but it’s usually worth it! Practice playing these exciting table top classics with friends or family; everyone will have a lot of fun honing their skills . If you want to get better at playing these strategic games starting with “E” reading up on tips online or playing against veterans will help sharpen your skills dramatically- after all practice makes perfect when it comes to beating your opponents!

Who's On First Board Game

Examining Euro-Style Board Games with E

Euro-style board games are innovative games that have grown in popularity over the years. When searching for board games with E, there is an array of exciting and intriguing options.

Specifically, Escape Room The Game requires players to solve mysteries by unlocking secret compartments, discovering hidden objects, and deciphering codes before time runs out.

Eclipse is a space-themed game of area control where players need to explore and expand their cosmic empire through negotiation, technology research, and development. In each turn, this strategy card game enables players to build military power by conquering new planets.

Expedition: Northwest Passage is a unique game in which up to five players navigate a sailboat around rival vessels as they search for a mythical trade route through the Arctic during the nineteenth century. This cooperative game encourages exploration and experimentation as teams manage resources and adapt rapidly to the changing environment.

Exploding Kittens is one of the most popular party card games today”the goal being to avoid exploding by drawing cards that allow you to alter your fate or draw from other player’s decks as needed. Each round proves fast-paced as players strategize on who should be targeted with which cat cards before time runs out!

El Grande is a wonderful competitive game designed for two to five adventurers who strive to become seated atop Castile’s throne by recruiting knights and dominos in the 15th century Grand Spanish court. Everybody starts off equal in this classic mechanism; however, their fate depends on who can accumulate enough points first!

Investigating Party Board Games with E

Escape from Colditz: In this thrilling game, players must work together to plan the daring escape of all prisoners of war from the infamous Colditz Castle during World War II. Players take on roles such as red cross negotiators and spies, in order to devise the ultimate escape route. This game recreates an incredibly exciting atmosphere and requires cunning strategy.

Enchanted Forest: In this whimsical fantasy game, players compete to be first to find the magical item hidden inside the Enchanted Forest. On their adventures through castles and forests, players must use skills such as deduction and map-reading while gathering gold coins and other souvenirs. Combining elements of strategy, memory and luck, Enchanted Forest is a classic family game perfect for adults or children alike.

Epic Spell Wars Of The Battle Wizards: An outrageously hilarious card game whereby wizards battle each other in a chaotic battle of epic spells! Fun components include spell cards that combine colors with words for funny and crazy combinations – one example being Yellow + Sneeze creating Rainbow Snot! Up to six players can join in on the wizardly fun for an evening full of laughs.

Expedition: Players become explorers setting off into uncharted depths in search of treasure. Inspired by Jules Verne’s classic novel Journey to the Center of the Earth, Expedition sets out to recreate captivating storytelling and nerve-wracking obstacles while discovering ancient artifacts along with way, but beware – adversaries lie ahead! A cooperative game with real-time element brings true adventure gaming at home.

Everdell: This award winning board game combines strategy and resource management under a charming spruce theme! Players create their own settlement using worker placement mechanics while also developing it into a thriving forest city by welcoming more critters into its borders. Every round caters exciting decisions around how best use limited resources available such as mushrooms and sticks, so decisions made early on make all difference come late-game scoring phase!

Discovering Challenging Family Board Games with E

1. Escape Room: The Game by ThinkFun is sure to challenge everyone in the family with its innovative design and mysterious puzzles. Players must complete a variety of tricky tasks within a set time limit, all while searching for clues and seeking the final key that will unlock the “escape room.” This game is perfect for some suspenseful family fun – just remember there’s only one way out!

2. Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre from Cryptozoic is an exciting wizard-themed showdown where players create spells by collecting various cards and combining them to form powerful casts. With creative visuals, easy gameplay, and fast damage dealing results it’s perfect for a few rounds of fierce magical competition among adults and kids alike.

3. Evolution from North Star Games allows you to take on the role of nature as each player tries to survive and adapt in prehistoric Earth’s developing landscape by adding species to their board with each turn. Development cards help build up your own species while also watching out for potential predators who could wipe them out in no time at all! It’s a fun and highly strategic game that takes everyone back millions of years ago!

Reviewing Timeless Board Games with E

The following are some timeless board games that start with the letter “E”:

• Erratic: Erratic is a two-player game designed to be both a strategy and luck game. Each player has four pawns, the goal is to move them around the playing field and create an erratic shape. Pawns can be moved diagonally, horizontally and vertically, but no two pieces can be in the same spot at once. Once a player completes their shape, they win!

American Trivia Board Game

• EXIT: The Game: Unravel mysterious stories using clues as you solve puzzles within sixty-minute time limit. This exit game requires cooperation between players as each individual must work out what needs to happen in order to complete their challenge. With stages ranging from ‘easy’ to ‘expert’, Exit offers hours of fun puzzles along with exciting stories.

• Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment: Players assume roles such as “Doctor”, “Scientist” or “Journalist” as they attempt to uncover the dark secrets of an experiment gone wrong in 1920s Germany. Working together within a sixty minute time limit, teams must gather materials, discover hidden messages and defeat infamous werewolf before it’s too late!

• EPIC Team Adventure ” The Sandbox Challenge Game: EPIC Team Adventure is perfect for groups of four players or more who love solving mystery challenges. Adventure starts with players creating characters together then working together to beat levels by finding clues and messaging the team for hints if needed. This addicting game play is packed with twists and turns that leave players wanting more!

Playing Cooperative Board Games with E

Eclipse: Eclipse is a two-to-six-player strategy board game. It is set in space, where players expand their empires via colony ships and towers. Every player must work together to build a galactic civilization and defend it from alien attacks. The game features cards with various abilities and modular boards of various shapes and sizes, allowing for dynamic and interesting gameplay every time.

Escape From 100 Million B.C.: Escape From 100 Million B.C. is a cooperative board game where players are tasked with helping prehistoric creatures survive in an ever-changing prehistoric world! In this game, everyone plays as a team, working together to outwit the dinosaur predators while they also search for food and resources in the wilds of Mesozoic Earth. Each turn, you choose which activities you’ll pursue, whether that’s gathering fruit or fighting off carnivorous enemies! Throughout the game, you must manage your resources carefully so that none of your creatures go extinct before the end of the round!

Exploring the Benefits of Board Games with E

Board games that start with the letter ‘E’ can be an enjoyable and educational way for individuals, families, or friends to have fun together. Here are some of the benefits of board games that start with E:

1. Engagement: Board games provide a great opportunity for all involved to become immersed in the activity and connect with each other. This engagement allows both adults and kids to feel like they can truly bond over an activity, while also having a lot of fun along the way.

2. Education: Many board games will feature some form of education as part of the rules or setup. For example, playing a game like Euroqlipse requires players to think strategically while also educating them on geography, probability and chance. This form of learning through play seems easier than many traditional methods and can help build participants’ knowledgebase.

3. Exercise: As mind-body activities, board games offer exercise for both physical and mental skillsets. Even though you may not go outside to move your pieces around a board game, it does require concentration and commitment from its players which will undeniably help exercise their problem-solving abilities! When played by more than one person this can lead to healthy debates about the best move possible which further boosts their cognitive skillset.

4. Entertainment : Board games provide excellent entertainment opportunities without needing access to screens or electricity ! From puzzles or dice rolling challenges to strategy-based operations, these social activities do not cost much upfront but produce incredibly valuable memories forever among those who participate in them!


When looking for a board game that starts with the letter E, there are many options to consider. From card games such as Euchre and Earthquake to classic board games like Escape or Expedition, players of all ages and styles of play can find something to spark their interest. Those looking for something that emphasizes strategy and careful planning might opt for Empire Builder or Evolution, while those looking for something more fast-paced may enjoy exploring the world of El Grande or Kemet: Blood and Sand. Alternatively, there are party-style games such as Elder Sign or Exit, which focus on cooperative gameplay between players. Ultimately, whichever board game that starts with E you choose is up to you as it will depend on your personal preferences.

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