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If you like the Walking Dead and are looking for more related board games, the zombies-themed game “Munchkin Zombies” is a good choice. It requires players to overcome hordes of Zombies while using bizarre items such as chainsaws and giant brains. More classic zombie-themed board games include “Zombies!!!” and “Arkham Horror: The Return of Sulphur Falls”.

Also available are Walking Dead-inspired card games such as “The Walking Dead – Crossbow Card Game” and “Dead Insurrection” where players must use strategy and skill to survive zombie attacks. Apps such as “The Walking Dead: Road to Survival” allow fans of the show to experience the world for themselves. There are also other activities that fans of The Walking Dead can enjoy such as paintball, archery or laser tag with a zombie apocalypse twist! If you want something a little less active, there are also many merchandise items available such as books, figurines and even zombie plushies!


The Walking Dead Board Game is a classic tabletop strategy game that was released by Cryptozoic Entertainment in 2011 and has since become a cult classic amongst fans of the show, comic book series, and board gaming. Based on the popular AMC television series of the same name, The Walking Dead Board Game puts players in charge of a group of survivors striving to make their way through a post-apocalyptic landscape rife with zombies and other dangers. During each turn of the game, players must balance gathering resources, building up infrastructure, clearing out zombies, and scavenging for weapons while trying to survive zombie attacks, supply runs gone wrong, illness, injuries and more. Players must also manage morale levels among their characters as they try to keep their group as safe as possible while searching for salvation. As they progress through the game, players will encounter iconic characters from both seasons of the show and comics as well as scenarios that either draw inspiration or closely mimic some of the story arcs seen in prior issues. Throughout this journey lies plenty of tense moments perfect for those seeking an intense adventure.

Use Cases

The Best Walking Dead board game can be employed in a variety of classroom and game-based learning activities. For instance, teachers can use the game to introduce students to strategic planning. Students have to plan their zombie survival route by making decisions about factors such as whether to risk travelling through a dangerous area or heading for a safe haven and how many resources should be sacrificed in order to acquire certain items. The game also provides an opportunity for students to discuss the morale and ethical implications of their decisions, encouraging discussions about human behaviour in times of crisis from a safe and fun environment.

Alternatively, teachers can turn the game into an assignment by asking student teams to plan out strategies for surviving in the game world and share them with the class. This activity encourages collaboration amongst team members and teaches practical problem solving skills that students can transfer into other aspects of their lives. Finally, teachers can use the Best Walking Dead Board Game for purely recreational purposes, maximizing its entertainment value whilst exposing students to collective gaming experiences that promote bonding between group members.

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Setup Tips

Before starting a game of The Walking Dead Board Game, it is important to make sure that the pieces are all set up correctly and ready to go. First, you will want to pick out your characters for the game, depending on how many players there are. Each character should have their respective miniature pieces placed on the game board. Once all characters are in place, you can then begin to set up cards for each of the players which represent different weapons and scenarios found in the world of The Walking Dead. The goal of the game is to survive as fellow survivors make their way across treacherous roads and abandoned towns filled with menacing zombies.

Next, you will want to establish any rules that the group wishes to adhere to while playing the game. These can include any sort of limits or conditions that everyone agrees upon before starting play. Once those rules have been established, it is then time to move onto setting up designated entry points on the game board based on where your group wants their journey to begin from. After this has been done, it is then time for someone within your party to take charge in how orders are conducted during gameplay – who is lead at what times and what instructions are given when needed. Finally, it’s almost go-time! Everyone should be familiar with their characters movesets . It is also key that everyone understands what happens when they encounter zombies during gameplay as well as other fellow survivors they may come across along the way. All these aspects must be understood prior to beginning The Walking Dead Board Game so that everyone is comfortable and aware of what lies ahead in this gripping survival journey!


When looking to enhance the board game experience, players have many different options when it comes to accessories. Some popular items include themed dice, special edition cards and figures, extra maps and tiles, custom tokens or meeples, counters, individual player boards, 3-D structures and terrain pieces (such as trees and buildings) as well as tools to keep track of character stats. Each of these items can be used to add flavor and excitement to a game play experience. With custom token sets for each character or combination of characters, for example, players can easily keep track of whose moves belong to who in complicated games with lots of characters. 3-D objects like terrain pieces can also give the board game a more realistic feel, and even allow for more strategic elements such as blocking off certain areas with trees or walls. Special edition cards give gamers an opportunity to obtain rare items or complete quests not available in the base game. Whatever accessory you choose to purchase for your Best Walking Dead Board Game experience should be chosen carefully since each one adds a distinct element that will alter the overall game play in some way.

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Multiplayer Options

Playing the game of The Walking Dead with more than two players can be an incredibly rewarding experience for all parties involved. One great idea for playing the game with larger groups is through teams. If you have four or more players, you can divide them into two equal-sized teams. Each team should be responsible for controlling two survivors each, allowing each player to use a single survivor, while keeping the action flowing faster. Additionally, one or multiple teams can challenge one another in tournaments by competing against each other with their own survivor group and results tracked round-by-round, or in a head-to-head fashion where both sides battle over different rounds and outcomes are weighed in the end.

Another fun way to play The Walking Dead Board Game with a larger group is to allow some players to take on additional roles outside of controlling survivors themselves. For instance, one player could act as a zombie commander, controlling hordes of zombies and leading them towards survivors throughout the game, while another might become a ‘boss’ character who shows up at random points throughout the game and challenges players to complete unique tasks in order to survive! All these options make for an incredibly immersive experience that brings people together and encourages team play.


Adapting the Walking Dead board game to different settings can be done by making a few simple changes. For example, you can use the board game as the basis of a live-action version of the game. This would involve each player representing one of the characters from the series, using math and reasoning to figure out which moves they should make in order to survive. An additional layer of creativity can be added to this by including props (used to represent equipment and items) that must be used throughout the game in order for characters to successfully reach their goals. Furthermore, another adaptation of this board game could be adding new elements like unique cards or character scenarios so that it will always feel like a fresh experience each time it is played!

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