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Buy Village Board Game is a family-oriented strategy game that has been popular since it was released in 2013. The game involves buying, selling and trading 90 unique wooden villages to create the largest and most profitable village by the end of the game. Players are able to build up their village and increase its value by constructing buildings and upgrades, employing villagers with different professions, developing markets and factories, and producing goods from local resources. The prices fluctuate based on supply and demand, giving an unpredictable twist to the game. Buy Village Board Game helps teach basic economic principles in a fun, interactive way, which is why it has become so popular among families, teachers and educators alike.

Who Created Buy Village Board Game and What Inspired Them

Buy Village is a board game created by Maker Press, a family-run business founded by father and son team Robert and Jason Beaudoin. The two were inspired to create the game after being unable to find any existing tabletop games that allowed them to play cooperatively. They wanted a game experience that would allow families to work together towards a shared goal of success. With Buy Village, players assume the roles of village leaders looking to create the most prosperous village possible via careful resource management. They roll dice in order to determine what resources they must harvest from their supply zone. As the game progresses, decisions must be made on how those resources can used to build up villages and gain control of valuable points throughout the map. Through strategic thought and planning, it is possible for players to achieve victory by building the most successful village possible before anyone else has time.

What Makes Buy Village Board Game Unique and Engaging

Buy Village Board Game is an exciting, engaging and unique board game. Players take on the role of village merchants, competing to get their goods to market and make a profit. The game features an interesting blend of economic strategy and luck ” which gives each game its own unique flavor. Players are able to build their villages on the board, negotiate for resources and outcompete their opponents as they look for more efficient ways to make money in the markets. What’s more, multiple players can join in a session of Buy Village Board Game at once; up to five can safely join in on the same table! With its reach card feature, the game offers players an unprecedented level of creativity too; they can enact special actions to maximize potential profits. This fun and challenging twist on an old-fashioned classic encourages communication between players as they work together toward a common goal ” making a quick buck! The replayability factor is also high due to large number of variables that can come into play during any given playthrough. All these elements combine to create a truly unique experience that will have you coming back for more.

How To Set Up and Play Buy Village Board Game

Before starting the game, each of the players needs to pick a color and take all components for that specific color. Then find a place to set up the board in the middle of all players, with the supply shop side facing up. Each player should wrap their coins in paper or cloth and place it by the side of their chairs so they can easily access it during play.

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To start Buy Village Board Game, each player will roll the six-sided dice and whoever gets the highest number goes first. During their turn, they use the dice to move their colored pawn along any of the twelve houses on either supplies side of the board. When they reach another house they can buy items such as land, lumber, masonry material, tiles, mortar and more! Either with coins or bartering with other players that have extra items. After purchasing an item, players must follow building rules for that piece in order to erect a village building. Once built, those buildings can be added up to earn an end bonus score at game’s end.

Once all pieces are played and buildings constructed and bonuses awarded then each player counts how many coins they earned during gameplay! The player who has gathered most coins is declared winner of Buy Village Board Game!

Rules and Strategies for Mastering Buy Village Board Game

The object of Buy Village Board Game is to be the first player to accumulate 10 or more victory points by purchasing, trading and selling in the village market. The game is for two to four players and requires money, a board game and cards.

The first step to playing Buy Village Board Game is setting up. Each player will select a figure representing a business owner from the game box and place it on its specific corresponding tile on the game board. Then each player will choose 6 product cards from their draw pile and place them face-up on their own tableau section of the board. Players are then given an equal amount of in-game currency, called coins, which must be visible at all times so others know how much you have left. It’s now time to begin trading!

The start card begins with each turn having two phases – action phase and purchase phase. During action phase, players can initiate trades with other players by making offers that may include coins or cards. They then draw one card from the central market”this card can either be a resource, action or establishment card”and add it to their hand of cards.

Entering purchase phase, players are able to buy up establishments in the village with in-game currency by buying off other players for resale items or exchanging coins for goods directly from the central market pool distributing resources such as grain, wood and stone throughout town. This allows players access to coveted victory points through strategic buying decisions while simultaneously blocking opponents from acquiring similar items by buying off auctioneers or merchants before they can send their set of goods out onto the block up for sale again. Additionally, judicious use of special action cards against competitors can extend potential opportunities which would otherwise not appear available due to marketplace surges or fluctuations in supply costs impossible to predict beforehand!

In this way, Buy Village Board Game examines methods of risk management amidst a competitive economy filled with fluctuating prices and limited resources”utilizing simple but effective strategies aimed at outmaneuvering foes around every corner! With luck and careful consideration though there may come a day when customers line up outside your door instead of another’s; that’s when winning becomes inevitable “becoming most wealthiest merchant in all of Europe!

Helpful Tips and Tricks for Enhancing Your Gameplay Experience

1. Familiarize Yourself with the Rules: Before your first game, be sure to take time to familiarize yourself with how the game is played, including all of its different components and all of the rules that you must abide by. Understanding these beforehand will help keep gameplay smooth and efficient as you progress through each round.

2. Gather Supplies: You’ll need several different items in order to play Village Board Game, such as a flat surface to spread out your pieces, pens/pencils for taking notes, dice, chips and coins for keeping track of points and resources, as well as separate pieces like player boards or cards. Making sure you have everything ready before you start the game will save time when trying to set up later on.

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3. Strategize Your Decisions: This game requires strategic thinking while planning out your moves ” think carefully and come up with a plan that helps increase your chances of success! Calculate possible outcomes and consider how others may act depending on their strategies prior to making decisions that can affect other players and the progression of the game in general.

4. Adapt to Changes: The path to victory in this game often involves some form of adaptation from start to finish because a lot will change over the course of each round. Be prepared for sudden events or turn-of-events involving other players which could benefit or affect you directly so make sure you’re constantly re-evaluating every decision that’s made throughout the game!

5. Utilize Strategy Cards: Each player is allowed a hand of strategy cards which must be utilized throughout the game in order to further increase chances of success or thwart opponents’ strategies at certain points ” make sure use them wisely! These cards can help give an advantage if used correctly but can also be easily wasted if not planned out properly so remember that pressure always follows points made via card usage.

Who Will Benefit the Most From Playing Buy Village Board Game

The most direct beneficiaries of Buy Village Board Game are those players who enjoy strategic thinking and social interaction. It is good for groups of any size ” especially three to six participants. Players who are good at recognizing patterns and grasping the bigger picture will appreciate the challenge of piecing together the various elements within Buy Village Board Game; while those who enjoy a game of chance, strategy, and luck will be equally intrigued by its mechanics. At the same time, it is also suitable for younger players, encouraging mathematical problem solving and creative decision-making. In addition to these individual benefits, Buy Village Board Game also boosts team spirit by fostering healthy competition among participants. With everyone playing against each other in their own village environment, friendly rivalry often results in positive outcomes due to the way that rewards are shared among competitors – making this an ideal game for family entertainment or after-school bonding activity.


Buy Village Board Game is a great adventure-filled game that provides an immersive experience for anyone who plays it. It’s a perfect group activity and includes lots of strategic planning and negotiation. The board is beautifully and intricately designed, with each area providing players with unique objectives and challenges. This game emphasizes playing cooperatively which adds to the fun and excitement. The game also requires careful resource management, having players collect resources in order to build up their village in order to win the overall game. All in all, Buy Village Board Game is incredibly fun and engaging, making it a great way to get family and friends together to bond over an exciting game night.

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