Babysitters Club Board Game


The Babysitters Club Board Game was first released in 1994 and is based off The Baby-sitters Club, a series of children’s novels created by Ann M. Martin. The game revolves around the lives of the members of The Baby-sitters Club as they embark on various adventures while fulfilling their babysitting duties. Players assume the role of one of the characters in the novel, with each character having their own set of strategies and abilities to help them succeed.

Throughout the game, players take turns choosing tasks for their character to complete, like sitting for local families or attending special events such as baby showers, birthday parties, and school visits. Each task rewards players with money that can be used to purchase items from across town at the Mall Supply Store or Stoneybrook Market. Along their journey, players can earn special tokens from performing various mini-games or earning awards from charity work and volunteering efforts.

Players must also deal with various obstacles such as car problems or weather delays which can prevent them from completing tasks on time and leave them without payment for their services. If anyone manages to become the top performing babysitter at the end of 10 rounds, they will win the game!

Game Board Design

The Babysitters Club Board Game brings all the excitement of the books and TV series to life in a new way. Design-wise, bold colors and images are used to capture the vibrant personalities of the characters, while a simple layout ensures smooth gameplay. The game board itself is divided into four parts: The Living Room, Stoneybrook Elementary School, Up & Away Flying Co., and the BSC office. In addition, there are additional spaces for six babysitting mini-games and for collecting rewards like badges, coupons, Junior Sitter certificates and special items that help players win points along the way. Character images appear throughout the board on designated Postcard Spaces (for when you send postcards to clients), as well as in other game spaces which include Jeopardy!-style questions about babysitting topics. There is also an illustrated Family Tree Space at the center of the board which helps players keep track of their current score or missions. All these design features come together to help create a lively and fun atmosphere that will keep toddlers to teens engaged for hours!

What Makes The Babysitters Club Board Game Unique

The Babysitters Club Board Game is unique in that it allows players to role-play being a babysitter. In the game, players will compete against each other in a variety of challenges and tasks to become the best sitter possible. Players can gain points by taking care of the kids and making sure all their needs are met, as well as through successfully completing minigames. The board game also comes with “Babysitting Bucks” which allow players to buy supplies needed for their job such as diapers and baby food. This adds an economic twist to the traditional board game experience and also adds to the realism of being a babysitter.

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How to Set Up The Babysitters Club Board Game

To set up The Babysitters Club Board Game, gather the board game pieces and the game board. Begin by placing the five central character cards in their respective slots around the round token that reads “The Babysitters Club.” Then, deal out an equal number of job cards to each player. Next, choose a player to start first and provide them with 3 job tokens and 10 money tokens. Each player needs to fill out one Baby Journal with their color and add two name tags to note how many babies are being looked after at each location on the game board. Now, place all of the Baby tokens throughout their respective locations on the board. Once this is done, each player will pick a corresponding Baby Token for a baby they are expected to look after during the course of the game. Finally, each player will roll dice in turn order and move their token according to what number is rolled on each dice. After all players have gone around once, the game begins!

Strategies to Win The Babysitters Club Board Game

The Babysitters Club Board Game challenges players to become the best babysitting business in town. To win the game, players need to strategically earn the most amount of money and points by completing different tasks from the board. Below are several strategies that can be used to ensure victory in this fun board game:

1. Balance your activities: As each task varies in difficulty, it is important for players to balance their actions between smaller tasks that yield smaller rewards and more difficult tasks with higher rewards. This will ensure that a steady stream of points and money are earned to prevent “longer-term” losses near the end of the game due to unbalanced activities from earlier rounds.

2. Aim for difficult tasks first: Whenever possible, aim to complete difficult tasks first while they are still available. This will give players as much time as possible to build up on their earnings and have an easier time when completing lower-level tasks at later stages of the competition.

3. Avoid getting stuck: Always be careful not step too far away from your home square or else you might get stuck doing one activity! If this happens it is important not to spend too much time completing a low-score task as other competitors may earn more points elsewhere during that turn.

4. Use special items: Although optional, utilize any special items found in the board game such as wild cards or jokers which can help strengthen your bank account or give extra points for completed missions. Additionally, if a question box is encountered, try answering it as quickly but also accurately as possible for an extra bonus value!

Creative Alternatives to Play The Babysitters Club Board Game

1. In-Person Game Night — Gather your friends and family for game night, and play the Babysitters Club Board Game! Bring snacks and drinks for everyone to enjoy, and use this as an opportunity to catch up with friends and family.

2. Virtual Zoom or Skype Play — If your group can’t physically come together, why not try out a virtual game night? Set up a Zoom or Skype call, break out laptops and phones, assign each person their own house rules, then it’s time to play!

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3. Make It Educational — Make the game more educational by educating your friends and family about the responsibilities of babysitting. For example: make sure children brush their teeth twice a day; always leave the parents with detailed information of activities done while in charge etc.

4. Create Storylines — Incorporate simple storylines into the game to make it more interesting for everyone involved. Have players create characters with different baby-sitting experiences throughout the game – from looking after a newborn to helping out an older child with his/her schoolwork – to keep them engaged throughout the entire process!

5. Turn It Into A Competition – Each player can be awarded points based on assigned tasks completed within the game, such as successfully attending to all children’s requests before their parents return home. The winner can be presented with a small reward or prize at the end of your gaming session as an added incentive for winning!

How The Babysitters Club Board Game Helps Foster Quality Family Time

The Babysitters Club Board Game allows families to come together and problem solve in a fun setting. Players must work together to complete tasks, customize their characters and win rewards. Throughout the game, family members are able to practice collaboration, communication, decision-making and problem-solving skills. Because the game requires players of all ages working together as a team, it supports healthy family dynamics and fosters quality family time by reinforcing cooperation among family members. Additionally, by allowing everyone equal involvement in game play, the Babysitters Club Board Game helps boost self-esteem amongst children as well as parents. Through competing against each other but ultimately relying on each other to finish the task at hand, everyone experiences feelings of accomplishment regardless of their individual strengths or weaknesses – furthering a sense of solidarity between all members of the family unit. Ultimately, this game is an excellent way for households to spend quality time with each other while also having fun!


The Babysitters Club board game was an incredibly popular game from the 1980s and one that continues to bring joy and entertainment to children and adults alike today. Although the game is well over 30 years old, there are still plenty of ways for it to be further reinvented for contemporary audiences. Themed expansions, such as face-to-face sitters, night-time activities, or emergency checklist levels could bring the game up to date with current technology and trends. In addition, introducing multiplayer options like virtual communities or tournaments would make this timeless classic even more accessible and entertaining in 2020. As we move forward, reimagining classic games like the Babysitters Club board game can be a fun way to keep them relevant – while still maintaining their nostalgia – for all generations to enjoy!

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