Black Mirror Nosedive Board Game


Black Mirror Nosedive Board Game is based on the critically acclaimed Netflix show of the same name. This board game puts players in control of their very own lives, struggling to gain social status as they navigate a variety of risks and obstacles along the way. It features an original storyline involving celebrities, flashy new technologies and a world where everyone is judged by their social score. With every decision you make, you risk losing favor while look for opportunities to boost your rating. Through over 125 cards, players build decks to construct straetgies that will enable them to gain or lose prestige throughout the game. Along with collecting rewards and avoiding penalties, players must learn how to interact other characters in order to move forward up the social ladder. The ultimate goal is to become one of the elite “1%ers” who have achieved top social status. Enjoyable for both long-term strategy fans and casual gamers alike, Black Mirror Nosedive Board Game is sure to be an intense and entertaining ride as you fight for your place at the top!

Themes of the Game

The main themes of the Black Mirror Nosedive Board Game relate to the show in the sense that it explores how warped values and assumptions people hold of each other can affect our relationships. The game simulates a world in which social status is currency, just like in the show. As players race around a map trying to become popular and desirable, they are forced to assess their peers as personas rather than individuals – seeing them as only good or bad depending on what score they receive from either strangers or friends. This allows players to explore how a culture based solely on perception can lead to an unsustainable hierarchy, with those at the lower levels often seen as lacking value and worth. Ultimately, this game allows players to ponder the idea of whether external approval is something we should strive for, and what kind of impact blind trust in ranking systems could have for society as a whole.

Mechanics of the Game

Black Mirror Nosedive Board Game is a game based on the popular Black Mirror episode and revolves around the concept of social ranking systems. The goal of the game is for players to progress through various social rankings by earning points. Players gain points by trying to improve their reputation within the game, buying and using products, completing tasks, engaging in conversations, and playing mini-games.

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Players can move up in the rankings either through their own performance or by winning various random events that occur throughout game play such as random card draws from a set deck and spinning a Reward Wheel which could result in a big win or surprise loss of points. At different levels within the game more features become available such as items and places to visit.

At the end of each round, all players receive rewards based on their point total relative to other players at that time. The highest ranked player at the end of each round wins an additional special reward.


Playability: Black Mirror Nosedive Board Game is a strategy board game, where the players compete to amass the most likes by earning points. It takes approximately 30 minutes to 2 hours to play, depending on the number of players. The game is easy to learn, but difficult to master, as there are many strategies and different moves one can make while playing this game. Players must pay attention not only to their current points but also those of other players, learning how best to interact with them for their own benefit. This can include making complementary calls that give everyone in the game points; hoarding cards if no one else has an excess of it; or punishing attempts from other players who try something particularly bad at your expense by using certain actions you have access to. Victory in this game comes not only through luck but also through strategic use and tactics including anticipating other player’s unrestrained moves.


The Black Mirror Nosedive Board Game is unique in its approach to game play. It uses chance in an innovative way to communicate the show’s themes of social conformity and technology. Players can rate each other as they attempt to navigate a world where how others perceive them matter more than anything else. The game features a rating system which affects players when they interact, with one low rating resulting in losing money or ‘social points’. Moves are determined by rolling dice; if the move brings the player a good result, the points gained will be greater than otherwise. As well as this, there are cards dictated by the show’s background narrative which appear throughout the game and takes nerves, sensitivity and strategic skills to overcome. Finally, scoring is based upon how socially successful players were over their journey, showing that ambition and risk-taking should always be balanced with caution in order to win.

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References to the Show

Black Mirror Nosedive Board Game contains several references to the show that can make playing more enjoyable for fans. Quote cards and other tokens featuring popular characters and situations from the show are included in the game. Players can even replicate their favorite episodes by designing their own paths to get from one end of the board to the other. The list of possible tasks is long and varied, so players have plenty of opportunities to create fun and creative scenarios that mimic various episodes or ones that are completely original. There are also expansion packs released periodically with new character cards, scenery pieces, and task cards for an even richer Black Mirror experience.


Black Mirror Nosedive Board Game is one of the most unique gaming experiences out there. It’s based off the popular show Black Mirror and keeps true to the themes and atmosphere of the show. The game puts you in a real-life “social media connected” world, where players can compete with their friends or strangers online and rate each other on things like appearance, confidence, depth of conversation, even friendliness. Players try to increase their social status by completing missions, building relationships, and carefully maintaining their total score over time. There’s plenty of strategy involved in order to excel at this game as it heavily relies on ratings from others to increase your overall score. As you climb your way up a character ladder each player attempts to become as high-ranking as possible. Each character also has its own backstory which adds more in-depth narrative into the game. All these elements make for a truly unique feel that can’t be found in any other game! So whether you’re looking for an intense immersive experience or simply an entertaining way to pass time with friends then Black Mirror Nosedive Board Game is definitely worth looking into.

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