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The Bloxels Game Board was created to make game creation more interactive and accessible to a wider range of users. Invented in 2013 by Pixel Press, the board revolutionized the idea of game design and allowed inexperienced players to craft their own homemade video games with ease. The board is essentially a blank palette that can be used with both physical blocks and the accompanying Bloxels Builder app. Players are able to physically build levels and characters before scanning them directly into the app, where they can then share it with other gamers around the world.

The benefits of using a Bloxels Game Board are numerous. For starters, it provides an interactive way for users of all ages to create their own unique digital games. With no prior coding experience required, anyone ” from children as young as 8 to professionals ” can quickly learn how to use the board and create their own imaginative worlds. Perhaps most importantly however, is that its use encourages creativity, problem solving skills and technical literacy among those who use it.


The Bloxels Game Board is an innovative and creative tool for children, teenagers, and adults alike to create their own video games. The board is a 13″ x 13″ square with 336 colored blocks in 32 colors. These blocks are used to generate characters and environments for video games. With the aid of the companion app, users can scan the board to create a variety of 8-bit retro-style games which can be modified and enhanced onscreen as needed.

This game board comes as part of two different kits – a Builder’s Kit which contains all the materials required for game development, or an Adventure Kit which provides parts so that you can build physical counterparts to digital elements within your game. The Builder’s Kit includes five colored wall pieces, ten character heads, six character torsos, four windows/doors, seven obstacles, nine items/powerups and four backgrounds while the Adventure Kit features five wall pieces in assorted colors and five collectible figures which serve as playable characters in game development.

The included app also makes it possible to store multiple projects at once. In addition to these features it has extensive guidance videos available on usage of individual tools as well as complete tutorials on making whole new games from scratch with visuals explaining how everything functions together! Whether needing help from basic gameplay mechanics or entire new levels concepts ” this program offers the user support they need throughout all stages of game development!

Creative Possibilities

The possibilities of what you can create with the Bloxels Game Board are truly endless! You can use it to design and make a wide variety of different types of games and experiences, from traditional platformers and puzzle games, to multi-player battle modes, simulations, and racing games. Some of these might also be educational in nature. It is up to your creativity what kind of gaming experience you decide to construct using the Game Board’s colorful blocks. You can also add characters, enemies, power-ups, obstacles, weapons and other elements that will bring your game to life. You can even develop stories behind the game play that help draw users in. For example, if you were making an adventure game, you could weave a tale around the gameplay that would help guide players through each level while giving them motivation to continue playing. The possibilities with Bloxels far exceed those achievable with more traditional gaming platforms. With this innovative tool and all its features at your disposal, there are no boundaries to what you can create!

Step-By-Step Guide

The Bloxels Game Board is an innovative tool for encouraging students to create their own video games. With this device and accompanying app, users can learn the basics of game design by building a simple game using physical blocks. The blocks represent different elements, colors, and characters in your game. Then, snap a picture of your project with the mobile phone’s camera. The Bloxels app automatically transforms the image into a full-fledged digital version of the same game you started building with the blocks! All that remains is for you to add behaviors and actions to make your creation come alive.

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The first step in building a game with Bloxels is to set up your game board. Place the white blocks from the settings panel along the edges of the board and arrange them however you like within the 8×8 grid. This will serve as your world’s boundaries. Place colored blocks within these boundaries to create terrain elements such as trees, walls, or water areas. You are able to mix colors and place multiple bricks side-by-side to create really unique designs too! Next, add characters such as NPCs (non-player characters) and even yourself into your world using special character pieces that represent people or objects in varying playscapes. Take a picture of each new element you implement so they appear digitally in your project – though this isn’t necessary if you don’t wish it to be done automatically (you can also manually insert images directly from your device later). With all this underway its time then for you to start inputting ‘behaviors’ into each aspect that exists on screen through commands built directly into Bloxel’s environment editor feature ” giving them rulesets specific actions on how they should behave when faced with certain situations during playtime; ie what happens when they cross through certain types of landscape tiles or collide with other objects? Playtesting is crucial here too as it allows developers a platform where they can try out their concepts firsthand before introducing them officially in order gain valuable feedback on how well its aspects integrate together while being used: are these environments fun? Is this sequence enjoyable? After making whatever changes are necessary following evaluation its time then for your design cycle please come full circle having now made likely redesigns based upon collected feedback ” making it ready for primetime when launched publicly!

Examples of User-Created Games

Bloxels Game Board is a great platform for both children and adults to create their own video games. With its easy-to-use building blocks, users can make worlds, characters, objects and many more aspects in their game. Some of the most popular user-created games include classics like Mario Bros. and Supermario World. Other popular titles include classic side-scrollers such as Sonic the Hedgehog and the Legend of Zelda.

More unique creations have also been made using the Bloxels Game Board. For example, some people have used the board to create realistic football simulators or even spinoffs on popular TV shows such as Parkour gameplay based on The Office. People can even create interactive stories with the Bloxels Game Board that tell tales of exploration and adventure, much like an old-school 8 bit video game! No matter what kind of game you’d like to make, Bloxels has something for everyone.

The Role of Bloxels in Education

The Bloxels game board is a powerful tool for teachers to use in their classrooms. Through this game board, students’ creativity and problem-solving abilities are nurtured and developed. The game also allows teachers to cover various topics within the curriculum in an engaging way.

Using the Bloxels game board, students can learn by creating video games that stimulate their imagination and help them apply logic and computational thinking. Not only does the board require students to work together to solve challenges, but it encourages curiosity, exploration and organization skills, as well as helps them practice 21st-century digital tools such as computers, R&Ds and coding.

Furthermore, the positive effects of using the Bloxels game board are not only educational but also social. It enables a dialogue between students by allowing them to brainstorm ideas using different visual mediums like LEGO or construction blocks. Furthermore, it motivates collaboration and cooperation while working on projects with other classmates since they have to work together towards one goal: completing a project successfully. Such teamwork boosts not only communication skills but also self-esteem levels by valuing group activities over individual efforts.

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Overall, the benefits of incorporating this technology into education is clear: it encourages creative expression; develops problem-solving strategies; fosters teamwork; provides meaningful interaction in learning contexts; stimulates interest in STEM fields; provides opportunities for self-expression; increases project-based learning opportunities; encourages critical thinking ;and makes cross curricular links possible with subjects such as programming languages or coding techniques. Ultimately, these advantages make Bloxels an invaluable tool for promoting learning in modern classrooms everywhere.

Tips and Tricks

The Bloxels Game Board is a fantastic way to make your own video games without having to know any coding. To maximize your gaming experience, it’s important to take some time to plan out the basics of your game before you start adding blocks. Knowing how you want to progress through a game can help inform decisions on the type of blocks and boards you need, as well as what kind of challenges you want to give your players.

Once you have an idea for the concept behind your game, it’s time to start playing with different block combinations and levels. As you create more and more levels and customize them with interlocking shapes, color palettes, landscapes, and elements from other games that you like, think about the natural progressions in the game: do players move up in level when they beat something? How do they get rewarded when they master a tough challenge? Experimenting with different foundations of gameplay can be fun while also inspiring solutions later once you’ve outlined the basics.

You can also use other people’s experiences to help shape your own within Bloxels. Looking at some of the professional-level games available can give you ideas on what types of tricks and cheats work best in differing scenarios, or unusual ways that experienced gamers tackle obstacles”which can give insight into how brand-new players will approach these problems too. Reading user reviews or trying out content similar to yours can provide even more strategies or tips outside of simply playing around with blocks. Even copying sections from someone else’s game”with credit given”can be useful if experimenting isn’t going as quickly as desired for a particular sequence! It’s important to remember that there are no wrong answers here – just try things out until you’re happy with how it looks and plays!

Final Thoughts

The Bloxels Game Board has been an incredible development for game developers and gamers alike. Its flexibility has made it one of the most popular game design tools on the market today, and its potential for growth is immense. The introduction of new features such as AI-driven pathfinding and game design cloud-hosting capabilities have only further demonstrated its practicality and advantages over other options. With more updates coming from Bloxels in the future, we can only anticipate that it will continue to be an invaluable tool for creating imaginative worlds. From powerful software integration to unparalleled customization options, there are endless opportunities awaiting those who choose to make use of the Bloxels Game Board platform. As technology advances, this platform is sure to benefit from these developments in order to become an even more effective design tool. Ultimately, the Bloxels Game Board provides a great base upon which creators of all kinds can create amazing games and experiences, making it a great choice for gamers of all ages and skill levels.

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