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Board Game Bar Dallas is an exciting and unique bar located in the heart of the city of Dallas. It’s a perfect stop for those looking for something different than the average bar experience since it has more than 500 board games, each with its own theme and rules. Whether you are into classic strategy games such as chess, Monopoly, and checkers or more modern adventure games such as Dungeons & Dragons and Catan, there’s something here that will whet everyone’s appetite.

Board Game Bar Dallas is not just about drinking either – to complete the experience every table features specialty drinks tailor made to match the particular game being played. The bar also serves snacks alongside craft beers, ciders, wines, meads and cask ale for those who want a bite or sip along the way. The friendly staff are able to recommend specific pairs based on your mood and game type so no matter what flavor palette you prefer there will be something to fit your taste.

What separates this place from other bars in the area though? Every night offers a variety of events including competitive tournaments for familiar classics like Scrabble and poker nights for more daring gamers; all with great rewards so participating is worth the challenge. Additionally there are special events featuring guest speakers such as authors talking about their books or consultants helping younger guests learn tips about board game design workflows – essentially anyone wanting to make their mark in board game development can find a resource here. Finally Board Game Bar Dallas also offers themed parties whereby competitive players can come together and form groups to play certain selections together in order to win prizes which increase in value each time they compete with one another.

Setting The Scene

Board Game Bar Dallas is the perfect spot for a great game night experience. With an intimate, relaxed atmosphere, you can enjoy a night out playing games with your friends and family. The bar offers an extensive selection of classic and modern board games to choose from ” everything from Monopoly and Checkers to Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride. A unique collection of interactive titles such as Captain Sonar, Spyfall, and Codenames will keep everyone engaged while having fun. With rotating game nights hosted throughout the month at this bar, there will always be new experiences on hand each time you visit. There’s nothing else like it – come join in on the fun today!

Experiencing The Fun

Board Game Bar Dallas is a unique establishment that combines the best aspects of a traditional bar setting with an extensive selection of classic and modern board games. From favorite classics like Monopoly to contemporary titles like Elder Sign, you can find something to suit your unique tastes. They have over 500 board games to choose from, so no matter what type of game you’re looking for ” strategy title, family friendly dice game, party-style set ” Board Game Bar Dallas likely has it. Whether you are a seasoned board gamer or just want a new way to socialize and play some relaxing games, this bar provides hours of entertainment in a communal atmosphere. You don’t need to be an expert in any one game either — their friendly staff will be happy to explain rules and offer suggestions. It’s all about having fun, so let go of stress as you enjoy drinks, snacks, and exciting rounds of gaming with other locals. Needing your own copy or want to try out a new one? You can even purchase games from them! Come take advantage of the variety at Board Game Bar Dallas and escape into a night filled with geekery and joy!

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Food And Drinks

Board Game Bar Dallas serves up delicious dishes from an eclectic menu. Diners can enjoy classic game-inspired snacks like Fried Chicken and Waffles and Nacho Supreme, both served with a side of hot buffalo sauce that packs a flavorful punch. There are also heartier entrees, such as the popular BEEF Souvlaki, a marinated and grilled beef skewer cooked on an open flame, served with tzatziki sauce, Greek salad and warm pita bread. For something sweet, opt for the decadent Rum-Caramel Brownies.

Drinks wise, Board Game Bar Dallas has something to satisfy all taste buds. There are 8 rotating craft beers on tap, alongside refreshing cocktails ranging from mojitos and margaritas to fruity frozen drinks like the Strawberry Daiquiri or Mango Colada. The bar even has an extensive wine list available by the bottle or glass.

Board game fans will be pleased to know that Board Game Bar Dallas offers a variety of irresistible combos including their Classic Cheese & Beer Board, which combines five different artisanal cheeses with two beers of choice; and their Artist/Noble/Game Combo; pairing a wine selection with one of their eight house gose beers along with your favorite game from their library of over 1000 titles.

Extra Fun

Board Game Bar Dallas provides an unique experience to its patrons. Not only is it a great place to enjoy a good drink, delicious food, and wonderful board games, they also provide additional fun through special offers and promotions. One of the most interesting promotions they host are Bar Crawl nights, which take customers around some of the best bars in Dallas. Other events regularly hosted include themed trivia nights, cosplay parties, geek-themed art & music events and gaming tournaments. Additionally, Board Game Bar Dallas often releases discount vouchers during holidays or other special occasions. Offers often include discounts on food or a certain number of free drinks for a group that visits the bar together. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for these specials if you have plans to visit soon!

Rewards Program

Board Game Bar Dallas is proud to present its rewards program! Our customer rewards program is designed to give back to you for your continued loyalty and support. Earn points for every purchase you make at Board Game Bar Dallas, and redeem those points for discounts, exclusive offers, and more.

Simply sign up by providing us with your name and contact information when you visit one of our retail locations or make a purchase online. Earning points is easy”you’ll automatically receive 10 points per order just for opting in. Plus, you can earn up to an additional 20 points for each dollar spent on food, drinks, and board game rentals!

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Redeeming rewards is also simple. Just refer friends and family members to join the Board Game Bar Dallas Rewards Program and earn extra bonus points. Receive 25 bonus points on their first order”and once they hit 100 points, they’ll get a $10 credit.

Plus, be on the lookout for double-point days where customers can earn double the number of points for purchases in-store or online; special events featuring guest authors, celebrities, and more; plus holiday bonuses such as 50 bonus points when customers visit during the Thanksgiving holiday season or 200 bonus points when they celebrate their birthday with us!

Our Rewards Program isn’t limited solely to receiving bonus offers”it’s part of our mission to invest in our customers and build long-term relationships. Once customers collect 600 reward point over two years of being enrolled in the Rewards Program they’ll receive a special gift box filled with exclusive merchandise just for them! Don’t wait – join our Board Game Bar Dallas Rewards Program today!

Location And Contact Details

Board Game Bar Dallas is located at 2623 McKinney Avenue in the heart of the historic Deep Ellum neighborhood. The bar may be reached by phone at (214) 902-6154 or via email at [email protected]. For directions and transportation needs, customers can request pick up or delivery to anywhere within 10 miles of the location and pay a nominal fee. Uber and Lyft rides are also available from the location, both of which accept debit cards and other forms of online payment. Additionally, customers can take advantage of several on-site parking spaces provided by the bar.


If you’re looking for an alternative way to spend the evening with family and friends, you should definitely visit Board Game Bar Dallas. With a wide selection of both modern and classic board games, this bar is perfect for all ages. From traditional favorites like Monopoly, Clue, Risk, and Scrabble to retro selections like Pictionary and Battleship, there is literally something for everyone. Plus weekly specials featuring different games.

Not only does Board Game Bar Dallas offer delicious food and drinks, but they also have various activities for when your game night ends. From trivia nights to karaoke competitions and even video game tournaments – it’s always a great time! And if your stomach can handle it after a whole night of gaming fun – dessert is available too! So don’t miss out on these exciting activities at Board Game Bar Dallas – grab some friends or family members and head on over for a memorable evening full of laughs and games!

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