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“I had the pleasure of visiting Board Game Barrister on my recent vacation, and I was extremely impressed by the great customer service and selection of games. From the moment I walked in to the moment I left, I felt like a VIP. The staff were knowledgeable about what each game included and took their time to explain everything clearly. They were also willing to offer suggestions for other games that would meet my interests. All in all, it was an enjoyable experience, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for an excellent board game store.” – Stephanie C.

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Board Game Barrister is an independent gaming retail store offering both new and classic board games and card games. They carry a variety of the newest releases from popular game creators such as Hasbro, Fantasy Flight Games, Asmodee, Mayfair Games, Renegade Game Studios, Red Raven Games, Looney Labs, and much more. Board Game Barrister also offers an array of specialty and retro items for those who are looking for something unique.

Board Game Barrister is not just a place to buy great games; it’s also home to fun events such as trivia nights, miniature painting classes, youth classes for younger gamers, weekly game nights hosted either in-store or at nearby restaurants or bars. It is even possible to rent the entire store for special gatherings such as birthday parties with their extensive selection of party game titles.

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Pictured below is the interior of Board Game Barrister’s location in Milwaukee:

![Interior of Board Game Barrister](

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Board Game Barrister employs a friendly and knowledgeable staff who are passionate about board games. They enjoy introducing new and classic games to customers and helping them find the perfect game for their next gathering. The Board Game Barrister team has over 50 years of combined experience playing, teaching, designing, and selling board games. This vast well of expertise lets us assess customer desires quickly, selecting the right game or product to meet their needs even before they know what it is! Our team also offers amazing personalized experiences with in-store events like Board Game Bar Nights, and Learn & Play clinics where we help customers learn how to play different games and give advice on strategies and offer tips on how to stay ahead in the game. We’re proud of our selection of products, our knowledge of all things gaming, and our commitment to creating the ultimate atmosphere for enjoying this favorite pastime!

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Board Game Barrister provides customers with a rich and diverse gaming experience. It goes beyond typical board game stores by offering a wealth of knowledge and resources along with its selection of modern, classic, strategy and family games.

At Board Game Barrister, customers can learn new strategies to their favorite board games so they can become better players. Expert mentors are always available to provide instructional sessions on a variety of topics such as tactical play, strategy development, trade negotiations and more. With the help of these mentors, customers can master the strategies for any game within minutes.

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In addition to learning strategies for their favorite board games, visiting Board Game Barrister also gives customers the opportunity to build connections with other gamers from all walks of life. People of all ages and backgrounds come together to share their love for board gaming; it’s often said that the more knowledgeable players bring out the best in each other as they develop strong friendships bonded over their shared passion for gaming.

Board Game Barrister is an amazing place for anyone looking to level up their skills in various board games or just connect with likeminded individuals; it provides customers with an unforgettable experience filled with education and entertainment!

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If you’re looking for a fun and entertaining way to spend your evenings and weekends, visit Board Game Barrister! With our amazing selection of board games, expert advice and strategies, and a great social atmosphere for all ages, we make it easy for you to have a great time. So don’t miss out! Come experience the Board Game Barrister difference today by visiting our store location. We guarantee you’ll have a great time!

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