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Introduction to Board Game Geek

Definition of Board Game Geek:

Board Game Geek, often abbreviated as BGG, is a popular website devoted to board games and card games. It offers rules and information on all types of board games, including chess, role-playing games, classic hobby wargames, and modern collectible card game (CCG) series. It also hosts an online marketplace where bit-by-bit game pieces and rulebooks can be purchased.

Overview of Board Game Geek:
Board Game Geek is an active community founded in 2000 by Scott Alden and Dennis Bishop. What began as a personal reference project has grown into an international fan phenomenon boasting over 2500 registered users from all corners of the world. In 2020, Members from 192 different countries logged in to interact with each other with nearly 20 million page views per month! Thousands of players gather within the Site’s forums or via global events hosted throughout the year. Their massive database contains names and descriptions for thousands of board games from simple two player classics like Checkers to complex multiplayer experiences such as Eclipse.

Board Game Features:
One of the biggest features that makes Board Game Geek successful is its comprehensive search engine which allows members to quickly filter hundreds of thousands of articles discussing various elements related to the gaming industry ranging from reviews & ratings on specific titles by experts & fans alike, discussion forums & blogs exchanging strategies & tactics across a wide variety of genres and platforms, collections which track a player’s progress on specific play goals, rankings that allow one to compare their progress against others globally or locally based on when they started playing or what they prefer to focus on while gaming ” there are many criteria that can be used when building personalized rankings! Other bonus features include both live & asynchronous options for multiplayer tournaments (games such as Catan have been particularly popular) with helpful tracking & analytics stats built right into the interface along with extensive guide notes available covering how basic moves are played correctly according to professional tournament standards ” this greatly helps one practice moves without making errors which will be penalized during competitive matches for real money! Further still regular events/conventions span around as well” these provide chance encounters with industry innovators who share their pioneering insights providing additional competitive edge tools which will aid furthering any gamer’s prowess level in Championships or just friendly family gatherings.

Illustrative Examples & Game Play Videos:
To give potential gamers an idea about what it might look like ‘in action’ for those new to BGG or those looking for good examples check out some suggested videos such as Cameron Cosby’s Pandemic season three playthrough (it showcases multiple layers being used at once ” perfect for understanding how experienced players make use of intricate rulesets), JNils Yeezy gameplay review which covers his strategy when taking advantage specific cards on other opponents turns/rounds combined with Standard Expansion packs introducing NEW aspects into existing game plays (allowing plays up to 4 players), LivingLook Maastricht Diplomacy Walkthrough closely identifying political pressure points & benefit analysis when facing off against other networks (a great toolset prepping players not just towards understanding game mechanics but finding smart solutions depending upon available resources).

History of Board Game Geek Game of Thrones

Board Game Geek Game of Thrones originated with a board game released by Fantasy Flight Games in 2003 based on George R.R. Martin’s best-selling A Song of Ice and Fire novel series and the HBO series Game of Thrones. It quickly established itself as one of the most popular licensed board games ever produced, becoming a mainstay on Board Game Geek’s rankings since its release.

At first, the Board Game Geek website ranking system was divided into two aspects: category (strategy, card game, etc.) and mechanics (dice rolling, resource management, etc.). At this time, any sort of collaboration between fans was minimal ” limited to trading discussion boards and occasional organized play events.

In 2010 an official expansion for the board game was created combining mechanics from the differing editions that had been released up until that point. This allowed players to become immersed into the rules and culture surrounding the world it recreated while mixing different elements they found interesting from each individual version.

The Rules Forum section on BoardGameGeek then became unified under one heading where both developers and players discussed gameplay strategies, rules interpretations and even formed home brewed rules for their own house rules outside of official expansions by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG). This shift consolidated discussion about all aspects of the game in a single place rather than scattered throughout multiple parts of the website.

In 2013 FFG released yet another edition focusing on detailed miniatures with numerous cards needing support from user generated content such as custom house cards or variants to better play out some situations unique to particular game sessions. With massive amounts of support from fan based content through various competition venues it establishe4d itself once again as one of FFGs most successful boards games to date despite all other changes such as rethemes or addition/removal in components allowing it remain ever evolving without losing its original tying points with its core base community on BoardGameGeek’s website.

Today BoardGameGeek’s page around Game Of Thrones continues to combine all aspects of what makes it a fan favorite worldwide including player feedback via their forums section allowing direct discussion with their Dev team in order to suggest changes or benefits that would otherwise be lost without its usage bringing an otherwise foreign concept closer towards those choosing to partake in it helping expand brand recognition comfortability while providing tools not currently available elsewhere making it an invaluable platform for die hard fans alike unaware that questions addressed today may turn into tangible product updating later down the line .

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Rules, Aims, and Objectives

Board Game Geek Game Of Thrones is a popular strategy game based on the television series of the same name. The goal of the game is for each player to gain control of as much land as possible and ultimately become ruler of Westeros. Players must build alliances, hire their own forces, acquire resources and facilities, and compete against one another over territories in order to reach this goal.

The game starts with each player selecting a House and claiming one Stronghold vassalage. Play begins with a Draft phase where players score points by declaring their armies in certain regions of Westeros. The player then gets to act like Lord or Lady Regent, commanding tactics on the ground while delegating orders from afar. Money is needed to buy anything, ranging from land and castles to spies and mercenaries.

Players can win through military or political might, or by possessing sufficient economic advantages to accomplish whatever task they wish. The endgame goal is for one player”the victor”to emerge with enough power to claim the Iron Throne of Westeros.

Variations for Board Game Geek Game Of Thrones include House Greyjoy having naval forces at its disposal instead of regular land units; Valyrian Steel Orders featuring unique weapons that deliver powerful effects on the battlefield; Valiant Knights supplementing your army roster; alternate (shorter) ruleset allowing quicker games; Fire & Blood expansion which adds further depth & complexity to the Political matrix; A Dance with Dragons updated rules edition focused more on wars & battles than original political objective set forth in first edition.

Different Versions of Board Game Geek Game of Thrones

Board Game Geek Game of Thrones – Classic Edition (Overview):

The Board Game Geek version of the classic fantasy franchise, A Game of Thrones (aka. GoT), is a game for three to six players. Each player takes on the role of one of the major Houses in Westeros, and compete in an attempt to take control of the Iron Throne and become the Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. The game plays out through a series of rounds where players scheme with each other, use their armies to fight wars on multiple fronts, and negotiate political deals to gain standing in Westeros.

Board Game Geek Game Of Thrones – Deluxe Edition (Overview):

The BoardGameGeek deluxe edition features a finely sculpted 3D Iron Throne centerpiece created by famed French artist Caroline Huot. This edition also includes new cards, components and rules specific to this set such as siege engines, backstab gimmicks and special tokens representing various alliances between Houses. Plus, a richly produced rulebook offers engaging history lessons behind the great Houses that plunge deeply into their family dramas during times of war -and peace.

Board Game Geek Game Of Thrones – Customizable Edition (Overview):
In this customizable version it comes with beautiful active-imagination inspired artwork plus parts to construct your own throne figurines. Players can customize their Houses with powerful upgrades to armories, castle gates, walls and more”pieces printed only in this set! In addition sheaves introduce exclusive options like building rooms or gates in rival’s castles while Supply Tents provide extra “bandit” power when on foreign soil; or mischievous Pawns block would-be usurpers from achieving victory too early.

Expansion Packs:
This game features several expansion packs to help enhance gameplay for advanced players or give those just beginning an exciting journey into this famous world endless choices for fun and adventure even after they have mastered their initial strategies. Such expansions include: Inn at Winterfell Expansion Pack which adds new House Tully locations & characters; House Baratheon Expansion Pack adding combat & Siege Combat; Clansmen Expansion Pack introducing clansmen NPC pieces to the game; And many more!

Special Editions:
The BoardGameGeek Special Editions are something else entirely! Ready made boxes come loaded with miniatures overhauling all 6 house’s combat forces wrapped up neat inside movie quality style packaging complete with embiidary patch bankoffling pouches with special enhancements like custom coin sets designed by master sculptors as well as quality trading cards featuring some fan favorite characters: Tyrion Lannister bursting fom its Dragon egg background, Lord Baelish creeping through gardens like spidersilk preciously or Jorah Mormont atop the shoulder offering his bearing storm-commander strength unyielding cape .

Reception of Board Game Geek Game Of Thrones

Board Game Geek’s Game Of Thrones has been positively received, particularly for its depth and complexity which provide a challenging experience for veteran players. Its high level of strategy, detailed art direction and storytelling capabilities have expanded endless ways to create stories and outcomes. The game has also been lauded for its diverse expansion options, as there are numerous expansions available which can help make the game last even longer. On top of this is the fact that multiple players can join in creating truly epic battles.

In terms of critical reception, Board Game Geek’s Game Of Thrones has consistently scored very highly amongst professionals, both from tabletop gaming critics as well as fans of the book series. This includes numerous awards such as a ‘Tabletop of the Year’ award in 2011 by Games Magazine; going on to win ‘Strategy Tabletop Gamer of The Year’ at the 2012 BoardGameGeek Awards as well as being listed amongst Dice Tower’s Top 100 board games – consistently kept up to date list respected by many members within the gaming community.

The game remains popular today due to its simple yet rewarding gameplay elements; making it suitable for almost any kind of player: From professional gamers looking to expand their understanding of unique war-based strategies, all the way down to casual players wanting a lighthearted experience with friends or family.

Strategies for Winning Board Game Geek Game Of Thrones

Analyzing the Opponent:
In Board Game Geek Game of Thrones, players assume control over different houses in Westeros and must outsmart their adversaries in order to be victorious. Knowing your opponents’ capabilities is a key factor in winning. This means getting familiar with each house’s strengths and weaknesses, such as their armies and special abilities, so that you can use them to your advantage. Staying informed on what decks they are playing or any recent changes or tendencies they might have is also important when trying to understand potential strategies against them.

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Exploring the Map:
Board Game Geek Game Of Thrones utilizes map-based tactics to advance one’s chances of success by controlling different locations on the board. Exploring the map allows players to create an overall strategy for how their forces will interact together and which territory will become part of their domain. When conquering these territories, communicating with other players about trade routes for mutually beneficial agreements can benefit all participants involved. Building supply routes between certain cities or taking advantage of location benefits can offer many tactical opportunities that should be taken advantage of for victory.

Playing Defense:
Learning how to defend your territory is an essential skill for winning Board Game Geek Game Of Thrones. Planning which places are more valuable than others and setting up heavy fortifications around those areas can help protect against higher level attacks while simultaneously providing enough protection should a siege occur. Establishing territorial boundaries within your own faction is also important because it reduces the chances of invaders coming in through unexpected areas or connecting with hostile forces through open landforms nearby. Fortified highways that cover geographical terrain like mountains and forests are also useful measures when attempting to deter attackers from encroaching on a players area of control.

Protecting and Building Strongholds:
Having stout defensive walls backed by sturdy garrisons is just as important as controlling a large portion of the map in this game, if not more so important. Constructing castles near strategic points can provide immense benefits such as better resources management, quicker troop movements, safer havens if needed and better commanding visibility during large scale battles/sieges etc., Properly building strongholds all across Westeros provides them with viable defenses which could come in handy at all times during big confrontations or when under attack by enemy forces alike. Additionally, walling off certain pathways or gateways provides an additional layer against would be opponents who might attempt surprise sieges; perfecting positioning further enhances ones awareness of the environment around them which should always be something taken into account when trying to succeed in this game .

Tips and Tricks from Pro Players:
Getting some tips from experienced professionals helps tremendously when maximising ones tactics whilst playing Board Game Geek Game Of Thrones; figuring out clever ways around particular issues that may arise, creating innovative combinations for different strategies ejct., In addition finding out these tricks online on platforms like Twitch & YouTube allow ambitious gamers to matchup against skilled opponents much more effectively than before plus it allows one access to conversations had between top competitive players who discuss certain rules regarding game mechanicsallowing one overall outlook into game play dynamics would certainly give someone new leverage when playing this game competitively online


Board Game Geek’s Game Of Thrones board game is an intricate and exciting strategy game for a wide range of ages. It combines the classic game of Risk with modern fantasy elements from the popular HBO show. Players are related to one of eight distinct houses vying for ultimate control over Westeros and must search for resources, build military forces, establish alliances, and manipulate their own destiny in order to achieve victory.

Conclusion – Board Game Geek’s Game Of Thrones offers an immersive experience into George R. R. Martin’s famous fantasy world of Westeros. It is an intriguing strategy game that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike as they play as one of eight house leaders, attempting to conquer the entire kingdom through careful trading, warfare tactics, alliance building and other savvy strategies. As players make their way towards claiming the Iron Throne, they will find many nuances that contribute to making this game both satisfyingly difficult and incredibly enjoyable.

Recap of Board Game Geek Game Of Thrones – Board Game Geek’s adaptation of the HBO series has proved to be a cut above all other versions on the market due its attention to detail in terms of characters, plotlines and locations featured within Westeros. The custom-sized map brings the Seven Kingdoms vivid life while allowing a quick setup time so that players can immediately plunge into this world where they must make strategic decisions with dire consequences at every turn in order to win the coveted Iron Throne.

Final Thoughts – Whether you enjoy playing solo or competing against your friends or family members, Board Game Geek’s version of Game Of Thrones provides hours upon hours on entertaining fun guaranteed to bring out everyone’s inner strategist! With innumerable replayability values meshed up with new mechanics added regularly via expansions (such as: The Long Night Bonus Pack), this edition never fails to keep offering fresh content and an engaging game experience year after year!

Discussion on the Future fo Board Game Geek Game Of Thrones – With years solidified as a top favorite among gamers internationally ever since its initial release in 2011 — Board Game Geek’s version stands strong even today as fans around the globe eagerly await any news regarding future updates or additions for this beloved tabletop classic!

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