Board Game Pick Up Lines


A board game pick up line is a clever quip used with the intention of sparking romantic interest in another person. These pick up lines are intended to lightheartedly break the ice and show someone your interest in them.

Some classic examples include, “Can I roll you like dice?”, “Do you want to play a game of chess? It doesn’t make a difference if you win or lose as long as I’m with you.”, or “I bet my heart can beat yours in dominoes.” These lines, when delivered with charm, will help ease into conversation with a potential partner.

The History of Board Games and Pick Up Lines

Pre-History of Board Games (5000 BC – 1500 BC)

The earliest record of board games date back to Sumerian and Egyptian cultures, with signs pointing towards them having been played as early as 5000 BC. Archaeological evidence of various types of carved and sculpted game pieces as well as pebble-like pieces have been found in numerous sites throughout the ancient world.

Ancient Egypt (1500BC ” 31BC)

The Egyptians are thought to one of the first to introduce board gaming culture. Ancient board games such as Senet, Mehen, and Aseb were widely popular among lower classes, with even some pharaohs joining in on the fun from time to time.

Classical Period (800 AD ” 1300 AD)

Board games gradually spread eastward from Egypt into Europe during the Medieval Ages. Popular new entries included Chess, Backgammon and Alquerque which have since become staples in most European households over centuries.

Introduction of Pick Up Lines (1800s)
By the 1800s pickup lines had emerged as a means for anonymous strangers to express their romantic intentions without risking verbal rebuff from whoever they approached. These classic “cheesy” lines are still used today in much the same way they had originally intended.

Popular Types of Board Game Pick Up Lines

One type of board game pick up line is simply an off-the-cuff comment or joke. This includes remarks such as, “Looks like you have a good strategy – let me know if you need any help!” or, “Nice moves! Can I join you in playing this game?” These types of pickup lines are great for light-hearted flirting and can add an element of fun to the night.

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Another popular type of board game pickup line is rooted in the rules and structure of the game itself. Whether they’re pre-designed or creatively built by the players involved, these kinds of lines bring out the competitive nature of the activity and can be used to break the ice. For example, if someone lands on your spot in a game like Monopoly and you want to spark a conversation, it could be as simple as saying “Well, that property just got more valuable now that I own it.”

Finally, pickup lines can also incorporate puns related to popular board games. This can work especially well at parties when hundreds of people are playing various different types of games all around you. Try puns like “Let’s play something; your choice” for more subtle advances or more outlandish ones such as “You look cool enough to roll with my dice” for bigger laughs.

Benefits of Using Board Game Pick Up Lines

Board game pick up lines can be a great way to break the ice in social situations and help start conversations. Commonly used in bars, nightclubs, and parties, these clever lines get right to the point and offer a unique way of flirting with someone. Used properly, they can showcase wit, charm, and indicate interest in another person.

Using board game pick up lines can be beneficial as they provide an immediate conversation starter between two people who may not otherwise be inclined to strike up a conversation on their own. They communicate your intentions quickly while still being fun and lighthearted. Plus, having knowledge of board games is an interesting quirk to share, making it easier for you to stand out from the crowd.

Board game pick up lines also give strangers an excuse or opportunity to get closer without seeming too forward or invasive which helps set the stage for a potential relationship or meaningful connection. Additionally, when combined with knowledge of classic board games like Scrabble or Battleship, using one of these pick-up lines shows that you’re genuinely interested in getting to know somebody on a deeper level rather than just indulging in small talk about the weather or whatnot.

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Tips on Crafting Your Own Board Game Pick Up Lines

1. Be specific: Trying to be as specific and creative as possible with pick up lines can grab your person’s attention in a positive way. For example, “I have a feeling you could win my heart like you could win a game of Monopoly.”

2. Play off the game: Use details from the board game to customize your line. This is perfect for when you’re talking about a particular board game or playing one together. For instance, “Do you want to go for a Chess run or should we try something else?”

3. Try using popular phrases: Have some fun with popular phrases and tweak them for the board game situation. Such as “Let me be your knight in shining armor and take this round of Checkers from me!”

4. Add hints of playfulness: Don’t forget that it is still a pick up line so adding hints of playfulness when crafting these lines will make them all more catchy and memorable. For example, “You must roll high on the dice if you want to pass Go”


The board game pick up lines provided in this post are a great way to break the ice at social events and bring some humour into the conversation. Not only do these lines help create a connection between people, but they allow players to learn more about each other and engage in meaningful conversations. Board games aren’t just for kids anymore – from classic family favourites to new indie releases, there’s something for everyone. With the right words, board game pick up lines can make any person feel knowledgeable about their favourite game and maybe even leave them wanting to play it with you! For anyone who wants to explore more unconventional pick up lines, there are plenty of helpful online resources that will provide more ideas and inspiration.

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