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Ravensburger is an international German toy and game publisher established in 1883. They are renowned for producing high-quality, educational and fun board games that have become beloved by families all over the world. Ravensburger has a wide variety of award-winning board games that people can enjoy together as a group, some of their most popular titles include Labyrinth, Disney Villainous, Scotland Yard and Puzzle.

People love Ravensburgers board games for many reasons; the visuals are incredibly detailed and fascinating; the rules are simple and come with easy to understand instructions; game play is designed to be entertaining but also educational; math and problem-solving skills can be learned through certain games increasing attentiveness, focus, concentration and strategic thinking; more complex games provide a greater challenge requiring logical reasoning as well longer playtime adding true value for money.

History of Ravensburger

Founded in 1883 by Otto Robert Maier in Ravensburg, Germany, Ravensburger is one of the world’s leading board game companies with more than 500 of its products sold worldwide. Throughout their history, Ravensburger has maintained their commitment to create innovative and high-quality products that bring joy and entertainment to people of all ages.

In the early years, Ravensburger began producing unique puzzle designs and well-crafted jigsaw puzzles out of cardboard. After quickly becoming a household name within the puzzle industry, they began expanding into board games in 1974 starting with Scotland Yard and going on to produce a series of strategy games including La Isla Bountiful and IQ-Blox. With each new product release, the company strived to redefine the concept of classic board games by making them creative yet family friendly.

When digital gaming entered the scene at the start of the 2000s, Ravensburger chose not to abandon their traditional analog game platforms but instead embraced technology and innovation as an opportunity for growth. This resulted in many developments like merging together classic table top experiences with digital game apps to create new experiences for fans as well as creating physical versions of popular online games such as Minecraft Make & Play Edition.

Today, Ravensburger continues to be one of the most recognizable brands in board game industry thanks to their unwavering commitment to providing consistent quality products and service as well as a passion for pushing boundaries when it comes to innovation and design.

Overview of Ravensburger Board Games

Ravensburger Board Games are an iconic brand of tabletop games, ensuring a great evening of family fun. Their range includes classics like Lotti Karotti and Scotland Yard, exciting strategy games Elf Dance and Carcassonne, as well as educational titles such as Labyrinth and Adventure Labyrinth. Ravensburger prides itself on producing boardgames for all ambitions – from preschoolers to adults.

Some of their most popular board games include Pictionary Air, wherein players must draw an assigned topic with their finger in the air while the others must guess it by watch the artist’s finger gestures. Another top seller is Rio Grande Games’ race game Roll Through The Ages: The Bronze Age, which challenges competitors to build a civilization by amassing wealth and achieving development through collecting dice rolls. Another beloved offering is Patchwork ” a two-person puzzler that requires careful maneuvering and strategy in order to win. For those families looking for more traditional board games there is Quoridor ” a classic move-and-block game that pits two players against each other in a battle of wits.

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The vast selection of titles ensures something enjoyable for everyone regardless of age or skill level. Whether you’re looking for an adventure game fit to play with groups large or small or want to practice your medical diagnostic skills with Doctor Panic, Ravensburger has stocked its shelves with plenty of choices.

Compare and Contrast Different Ravensburger Board Games

Ravensburger is a world-renowned board game company that produces games for all ages and interests. For younger players, popular choices include Labyrinthe, an adorable mouse-themed game that tests player’s spatial reasoning and strategy skills to build the best path to victory; Micky Remembers, a Mickey Mouse-themed memory game; and Smarty Party, a hilarious party game where teams race against each other to decipher hidden clues.

For older kids or young adults, Ravensburger offers Catan: Junior, which brings the players of the popular strategy board game Catan on a voyage with captivating Pirate treasure hunt puzzle; Scotland Yard “a cooperative deduction game where one player takes the role of Mr. X and players have to work together in order to capture him; and Adventures on the Red Planet ” an exciting science-fiction themed worker placement game set on Mars.

For grownups and hobbyists, Ravensburger has released sophisticated games such as Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra”a mesmerizing mosaic puzzle for 2-4 players; The Voyages of Marco Polo”a strategic adventure following famous explorer Marco Polo’s journey And Above & Below”narrative story telling adventure full of questing, town building and resource management.

Overall, Ravensburger has something for everyone – no matter what age you are or what your interests are! With a vast selection of styles, complexities, themes and artwork available you can create unforgettable moments filled with entertainment as you explore their catalog together as a family or team.

Pros and Cons of Playing Ravensburger Board Games


• Educationally valuable: Ravensburger board games are designed to help players develop academic skills such as mathematics and reading comprehension. Many of the games have lessons that can be used in school or to give students an edge on tests.

• Creative development: Ravensburger board games can help promote creative thinking and problem solving by involving players in creating strategies and developing tactics.
• Enhancing social skills: Ravensburger board games provide a way for families, friends, and classmates to interact with each other in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Not only do these games entertain, but also enhance communication and interpersonal skills.
• Good quality: Ravensburger offers high-quality products that are durable, well-designed, colorful, entertaining, and challenge players of all ages to think critically while enjoying the game.

• Expensive: While the quality is generally good enough for regular play, many Ravensburger board game pieces can be costly which may not be ideal for those on a tighter budget.
• Limited accessibility: With some board games being quite complex in structure or ruleset it can make them harder for people with certain learning disabilities or physical impairments to participate in. Additionally the small pieces may pose a choking hazard for younger kids.

Latest Updates and Trends in Ravensburger Board Games

Ravensburger has been creating family friendly board games for over 130 years. This experience, as well as its passion for innovation, make Ravensburger a leader in the industry. Recently, the company had a record breaking year with many of their titles finding their way onto the top ten list of board game bestsellers worldwide.

One of the most notable recent developments from Ravensburger is the inclusion of new digital components to many of their titles. For example, their classic strategy title Catan was recently reinvented with an app-backed version which combines both physical and digital play elements. Other examples include Labyrinth and Scotland Yard ” two popular kids puzzle game titles that also feature augmented reality options via mobile devices.

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Besides innovations in digital board games, Ravensburger has also developed collaborations with major companies such as Disney Princesses which launched in late 2020; Harry Potter editions; Thcala Island Adventurers which ties in with National Geographic; and Boom Blast Stix from Hasbro Gaming family favorite Battleship . These partnerships allow Ravensburger to create exciting new experiences for fans to enjoy together or solo, both in physical and virtual realms.

In addition to developing sequels and expansions for some of its best selling lines such as Magic Maze and Ghost Stories, Ravensuburger has also maintained focus on unique new formulas when it comes to existing genres like card games with bridge like titles like Hamilton 2020 and Azul: Stained Glass of Signora. Just recently they released Ramses Revenge ” a brand new 3D tile-stacking game set in ancient Egypt themes that support from 2 to 4 players per session.

The Impact of Ravensburger Board Games on Society

Ravensburger Board Games is an incredibly popular brand of board games. It has been producing excellent board games for over 130 years, and the quality of the games it produces has only improved with time. These board games are beloved by all age ranges, from young children to adults, and everyone in between. It is a wholesome experience that allows people to engage with each other in a fun and friendly way.

The impact that Ravensburger Board Games have had on society is immeasurable. These games have brought families together throughout the generations, creating precious memories around them, as well as providing teachers with extra tools to help educate their students in an entertaining way. With their high-quality components and creative game design, they have helped foster social interaction while also teaching game mechanics such as strategy and problem-solving skills.

Looking forward into the future, Ravensburger Board Games will likely continue to excitingly entertain players of all ages across multiple generations through new designs and digital versions of their classic titles. Not only do these games bring people closer together, but they also provide important lessons on critical thinking and problem-solving which can help people succeed in life; not just during playtime. Ravensburger Board Games are helping to shape our society because through their unique brand of entertainment we are learning vital skills that will allow us to understand difficult situations better, which can lead us towards healthier and more prosperous futures for everyone involved.


In conclusion, Ravensburger Board Games are an excellent source of fun and entertainment for both adults and children alike. They provide hours of immersive and engaging play that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. These games have been popular for decades, deploying sophisticated game mechanics and creative storylines that stand the test of time. By playing together, you can also strengthen bonds between family members or friends while building your skills in strategy or problem-solving. So why not gather everyone around the table for a round of Ravensburger Board Game? Take some time for yourself to enjoy these timeless classics today!

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