Board Game Storage Inserts

Introduction to Board Game Storage Inserts

Board game storage inserts are an innovative storage solution that can be used to keep your board games organized, protected and accessible. These storage systems offer several advantages over the traditional method of keeping your board games in boxes or just storing them in a jumble on shelves.

First, these inserts provide organization for all of your board games. Containers come with compartments and drawers to store pieces, cards and more separately from the main gameboard. This helps to ensure all of the components are properly stored between uses, preventing them from becoming lost over time. Additionally, it allows for quick set up after taking a break ” no more rummaging through a box trying to find pieces! In addition, some designs feature adjustable dividers that can be tailored to fit different types of components.

Second, board game storage inserts help protect your games against dust and dirt so you can keep playing for years to come without worrying about damage due to mishandling. Most resources are made with an acrylic material that shields against dust particles while still allowing gamers to easily see what’s in the container without opening it up each time they play. Many companies also offer custom designs according to specific dimensions so gamers can get exactly what they need without worrying about finding the right one in stores.

Finally, these inserts give everyone at the gaming table easy access so there will be never any argument as to who gets which pieces or cards first! With their see-through design anyone can quickly scan through the contents making it much easier than lifting lids or boxes out of stacks every time someone has a question. They also make transportation easier if you ever want to join friends at a different location – simply throw everything into the container and head off!

In conclusion, board game storage inserts are an ideal way for gamers to organize their collections while protecting them from damage caused by mishandling or general wear and tear that comes with frequent use. Plus these containers provide accessibility for all players making it easier than ever before during set-up and clean-up times!

Types of Board Game Storage Inserts

Board game storage inserts are designed to make gaming experiences more enjoyable by helping keep one’s game components organized and accessible. The first type of board game storage insert is foam cores, which are made from soft foam that collapses down flat for convenient storage when not in use and can be reconfigured as needed. Foam cores offer protection from any wear and tear caused by frequent handling, making them ideal for traveling. The second type of board game storage insert uses cardboard dividers to separate pieces within the box, allowing for quick and easy organization for faster setup times. A third type of insert popular with gamers is laser-cut plastic inserts which provides an even tighter fit than foam or cardboard substances, ensuring each piece remains securely in its designated space. These versatile storage options can help give board gamers confidence that their games will stay well-organized no matter where they play.

Benefits of Board Game Storage Inserts

Board game storage inserts are an ideal way to keep all the pieces of a board game organized, secure, and protected. By providing dedicated compartments for all the various components in a game, they help to ensure that everything is accounted for and stored properly when the game isn’t in use. This prevents misplacement of components as well as damage from other items, such as dust contamination or scratches from being thrown loosely in a box.

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Furthermore, board game storage inserts provide structured protection for components. While traditional storage methods, such as cardboard boxes and plastic bags can be used to keep components together, these types of materials don’t offer any protection from wear and tear. With an insert specifically designed for your chosen board game, you can rest assured that everything will remain safe until its next use.

Board game storage inserts also help provide better accessibility for players. Rather than having to search through drawers or containers to locate pieces or components needed to play the game (which can take additional time before each match), all the necessary components are readily available and easily accessible in their designated compartment on the insert itself — thus quickening setup time and providing more free time during which actual gameplay can occur. Thus making it easier and more enjoyable to play games with family or friends on a regular basis!

Examples of Popular Board Game Storage Inserts

One of the most popular board game storage inserts on the market is the Broken Token’s Talisman Game Organizer. This storage insert is highly praised for its convenience, durability, and customization options. It has five levels that can be used to store cards, counters, dice, spell books, and various other components that are included in some versions of the game Talisman. Furthermore, it comes with adjustable trays and label strips so users can conveniently store and organize all of their game components.

Another popular board game storage insert is Core 4X by The Broken Token. This insert was created to provide a single solution to store all components related to four popular games: Star Trek Ascendency (2nd Edition); Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition; Eclipse Second Edition; and Battletech Beginner Box Set Games. It contains four separate compartments best suited for each different core game as well as additional slots for expansions for each core game (Star Trek expanders fit within existing spaces). Overall this provides maximum flexibility in terms of storage space and organization.

Finally, the Essentials Mini Euro Game Expansions Insert from The Broken Token would be ideal for those who have multiple gaming pieces which may require specialized sized trays or lid closures.The tray base uses an HDPE material which allows it to be lightweight while still being very durable during transport or use in general over time. Additionally it features an additional tool tray designed specifically to contain components required when playing mini Euro-style games such as ‘Ticket To Ride’ , ‘Stone Age’ or ‘Splendor’ – also allowing players to take these on-the-go without cluttering backpacks or bags.

Important Considerations for Choosing Board Game Storage Inserts

Size – The key consideration when it comes to board game storage inserts is the size of the insert relative to your game. Most manufacturers will list the recommended sizes for their products for best fit, so make sure you check that section before making your purchase. If you’re unsure what size to get, consider purchasing a few different sizes and testing them out with your games. You may even find that some games need a custom-sized storage insert.

Shape – Another important factor in selecting the right board game storage insert is its shape. Different board games have different pieces that require varying levels of protection; from oversized character figures to small turn tokens. Getting an insert specifically designed for each game can help keep everything in place and allows for optimal protection and quick access during game play.

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Material Composition – The material composition of the insert also plays an important role in its functionality and choosing just the right one can make sure it works with your gaming set up without any problems. Specially designed inserts are made up of hard plastic, foam or cardboard depending upon the board size and complexity of pieces as well as other factors like dust tolerance, moisture resistance, etc. Each one will provide a different level of protection corresponding to various gaming needs. For instance, cardboard inserts might be better suited for parents looking to keep their kids’ games safe while foam might work better protecting vintage collectible items against dirt and dust damage.

DIY Board Game Storage Inserts

Board game storage inserts are a great way to keep all your gaming equipment organized. DIY board game storage inserts allow you to customize the design of the inserts and create a look that fits any particular board game. This can be done with some simple materials such as foam core, cardboard, or even wood.

To begin designing your own gaming insert, start out by measuring the size of the game box that your pieces will fit into. If there are multiple boxes in the game set, measure each one separately and make note of the measurements. From here you will want to draw out a template for each piece type – this template should include slots for where each piece of the board game can fit securely when wrapped up inside the insert. As well as noting each piece shape and size, also take into consideration any additional pockets needed for dice or cards associated with gameplay. Finally, cut out your template on foam core or cardboard – depending on what material suits best – and adhere it to the inside of your constructed box using glue or double-sided tape. Now simply fill each pocket with its corresponding component ” ensure secure closure if necessary ” and your DIY board game storage is complete!


Board game storage inserts provide an excellent way to organize board games, making them easily accessible and allowing for more efficient storage. They can help reduce clutter by allowing you to store your board games in one place and can also extend the life of your favorite games. Board game storage inserts give players a chance to customize their setup, offering a unique look and tailored sort options that better fit tradition collections or preference for gameplay. By using these handy tools, you create the perfect space for gaming with friends and family. With board game storage inserts, gamers can arrange pieces neatly and conveniently, creating an environment free from distraction and chaos while they focus on having fun.

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