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Board games have become a popular party theme over the last few years as people rediscover their love of classic games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, and Chess. From strategic strategy games to exciting trivia games, there’s no shortage of fun for all ages. Board games provide the perfect opportunity for friendly competition and social interaction among players.

The history of board games dates back thousands of years, with some popular titles originating in Ancient Egypt and China. However, modern board game culture is credited to American entrepreneur Charles B. Darrow who created the popular game Monopoly in 1933. Today there are so many different types and styles of board games available with simple mechanics to complex rulesets ” something for everyone!

Hosting a board game themed party makes it easy for guests to access a variety of fun activities that can be enjoyed by people at any age or skill level. With today’s expansive board game library, one can choose from adventure or role-playing focused on Dungeons & Dragons-style games, luck based offerings like Snakes and Ladders, or quiz-style competitions like Trivial Pursuit. Some popular choices of recent times include Betrayal at House on the Hill, Settlers Of Catan, King Of Tokyo and Carcassonne to mention a few! It’s not impossible to find the perfect game for your group that will entertain everyone ” regardless how diverse their interests may be!

To create an extra special atmosphere one could also consider decorations that are inspired by popular board games ” maybe paper cutouts of recognizable elements from Monopoly or Life installed onto decoration walls or adding life size human chess pieces like those found in Harry Potter movies. Music can also be tailored to showcase classic 8bit soundtracks ” typical themes associated with the early days when playing video and computer versions were becoming popularised. Accompanying this themed food selection could also take inspiration from retro treats such as Twinkies or Pop Rocks.. To add even more excitement prizes can be set out beforehand and during team/individual rounds awards provided to participants who perform well or complete challenges quickly and efficiently – thereby providing an additional layer of competitiveness towards longer running events!


One of the most important things to think about when planning a board game themed party is what kind of games would make the best party atmosphere. You should take into consideration the ages, interests, and skill levels of those in attendance. Next, you’ll need to think about the supplies needed to play each game. This includes more than just the actual board games – it can also include any props or special extras that are needed to turn it into an enjoyable activity. Some examples of extras could be mini-prizes for winning a round or game-related costumes and props.

When considering these extras, make sure you also consider how difficult it may be for them to acquire during the party; if people need to run out throughout the night to get supplies, it can usually derail the fun atmosphere of the event. Consider sources like online stores, dollar stores, and thrift shops that carry accessories like dice, markers and hats that match your desired theme in advance and have them on hand when guests arrive. The last step is providing food and drinks (non-alcoholic or alcoholic depending on preference) that fit with your chosen theme ” such as fondue for a movie night-themed get-together ” as well as giving yourself plenty of time to prepare these snacks before everyone arrives! Making sure guests feel engaged in their activities while keeping them fed with delicious treats is key!

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When creating board game themed party invitations, consider using game pieces that match the theme as part of the invitation design. For example, if hosting a classic game night, consider printing an old-fashioned playing card onto cardstock and having each guest’s name printed on the back of the card. Using this idea, you could also print out customized monopoly money with each guest’s name included. Alternatively, for a more modern board game night, create invitations shaped like pieces from popular new games such as Settlers of Catan or Betrayal at House on Haunted Hill. Be sure to include all pertinent information regarding your event (date/time, location etc.), and you’re sure to wow guests with your original inviations!

Decorations & Supplies

One of the best ways to bring a board game themed party to life is by implementing decorations and supplies. Start by hanging custom made posters around the event area that are made with images of some of your favorite classic board games. Hang streamers in boards game colors like black, white, and red, and set up tables with what appear to be giant board games on them for guests to enjoy. If you’re having a larger event, find an inflatable version of a classic board game or make one yourself at home using large sheets of fabric and 3-4×4 inch pieces of wood as frames. You could also use virtual or cardboard versions of popular board games as part of your decorations. Lastly, consider transforming any props you may have into classic board game-related items such as candy pieces for an inter-active feel!

Food & Drinks

The food and drinks at a board game themed party should add to the atmosphere of fun. You can prepare or purchase affordable menu options that match the board game theme that will keep your guests satisfied and in the board game spirit.

For example, for a snack you could offer homemade mini pizzas, cheese dip, chips or crackers with various dip options like hummus, salsa or guacamole. Main course options could include slider sandwiches with different types of meat and veggie toppings, pretzel dogs, loaded nachos bowls, deep-dish macaroni and cheese pies or mini tacos with various toppings. Make sure there are some vegetarian options available as well!

Drinks wise you could serve soda, beer and wine. As a creative twist on an everyday drink like lemonade why not serve ‘game night punch’ made with freshly cut fruit slices such as oranges or lemons dropped in lemon-lime soda? There’s also lots of delicious cocktail ideas available online if you prefer to have something harder than beer or wine as an option for your guests.

You can complete the thematic feel of your party by setting up a dessert station such as making it look like an outdoor game table where guests can choose from their favorite cookies, donuts and cupcakes that all fit into the board game theme – you can even design your own custom labels just for this occasion!

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Choosing the right games for your board game themed party can be tricky. You want a variety of games that will be enjoyable for all your guests. Consider having traditional board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Chess available alongside more modern hits like Catan, Dominoes, and Checkers. Depending on the size of your group and the age range of attendees, choose some lighter party games or social deduction games like Werewolf or Codenames to allow for a bit of silliness. Some tabletop roleplaying games can also add an extra layer of fun.

Once you’ve chosen your core group of board game titles, creating variations on them can keep the evening fresh and energized. Try adding customized rules to longer-play titles that keep things interesting as players move through turns”a game of Ticket to Ride could have teams competing against each other instead of individuals. To speed up play, let guests choose individual challenges such as ‘acquire tokens’ or ‘build three connections’ in Carcassonne before moving to their next turn. Alternatively, create modified versions by playing with just five tiles around a center in Blokus or by introducing new pieces that change how each game is played. Experiment with tiny house rules to discover ways that everyone can enjoy each classic titl

Prizes & Favors

Prizes: Prize ideas should reflect the theme of the party! Consider awarding fun board game themed prizes such as custom made congratulatory certificates with a special message, gift cards to an online gaming site, “token” coins representing each board game played at the party, and miniature versions of popular and classic board games.

Favors: Simple but thoughtful favors that guests can take away bring great value to your board game themed party. Have assorted candy boards and go pieces ready in small drawstring bags, with labels that indicate they are from your event. Miniature score boards, chess pieces or checkers, card decks ” these all make great memorable keepsakes. For each individual favor item you could include a card with trivia about some of the classic board games played at the event.


At the conclusion of your board game themed party, it’s time to recap the day or evening and celebrate its success! Gather everyone together and play some final games or simply gather to reflect on all the wonderful memories you’ve created. Enjoy some snacks and spend some time revisiting happy moments from your games. Take pictures or video of your friends/family playing games so you can look back on them in the future. Give out prizes for any victorious players for extra fun. At the end, express your gratitude for everyone’s participation and involvement, with special thanks given to any hosts who made it all possible. Finally, celebrate a great time had by all at your board game themed party!

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